WWE Podcast - Week of 9/20/17

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Wednesday, September 20th
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler share their WWE No Mercy picks as the Raw exclusive Pay Per View takes place Sunday, September 24th. Perhaps the biggest match of the night is Braun Strowman challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. Cody and Bart each have a different take on the outcome of the match.

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Welcome men and 1057 up and the sand WW podcast I am Cody grants along stymied bar wing clerk. Both working on the chuck and went their show Bart of course has your co host I am your producer also known as Cody Rhodes who finished four wrestling for new Japan pro wrestling former. WWE. Superstar he will not be on a cart this Sunday went. Demi to be invades the staples center for no mercy to thirteenth. Installment unknown mercy by the way saw. Raw paper view supply he has talent of course on the card. We just take a look down his card out one more match added. On raw between. Benedict continental championship amazing Jason Jordan plenty more to look forward to it bribes from a and Brock Lesnar. Of course just you know a moment rains. And a few more on the list which one you wanna get started with here. Go right down and all lists him for a united I'll say well the cruiser weight championship I don't know how many people are looking forward to this one it's noble and Enzo Moret. It's not time Enzo is a cruiser weight. Because he is a cruiser weights. Immediate but he can't wrestle no he can't and all these cruiser weights can wrestle. And the cruiser weight division has not been shown much on raw the last few weeks ever since and so. Kind of jumped in there and did the start I mean. He's UVs again beat up week after week and so you would think. That that should continue or mammals should be him but. This VW WD and I almost see them putting the belt on and Zell. Well there's a saying with the crew is a great division there's no characters and a division except for double. And that's why she used to Chandler got ahead by its people. I character. He's got the umbrella. Jack Gallagher yeah. He really good talker is eve I processed or I don't know like I mean fit I don't serve morals anymore I'm not saying they seized not good at what he does split. They don't give them a stage two. Be calm these interesting characters except for double he's really the only guy that is interest in. At least in my opinion and the crews are great division how ads are more like him or disliked him his interest saying. I don't like day exists. And finally there's a whole other division had no idol did either I mean if you wanted to cruiser weight title. I don't even I don't like dad and I do I don't like it I don't like it every. It's 205 now right it's that's a weight class that's why it's 205 live used to be 220. Was a weight class but now you had guys like Dana Brian Hearst to seventeen wrestling for the world heavyweight title or CO pomp. All right guys I have one of these is a good enough to win I just I don't. Like there's something completely separate from the main show it feels. Like it suffer from the main show so I'll Lotta times I do fast forward and if try to do things her they've at least giving you recognizable guys I mean even as. Low on the totem pole as tight as O'Neal. Managing whatever his name is get a shot up on our show this morning as weird. But. I just I don't give into it and now they act I do feel like they're going to put the belt on Enzo. I don't know I don't think so I think it's gonna stay when noble. And then ends are those in chase mode yes. Nobody wants to see him win nobody likes him. Maybe he doesn't win a bit it anyway. A second so that they want more time nobody likes some who likes Enzo I'm not saying it be like some who likes Roman rains. They put a title on hand. What people like Roman ring both kids and moms that's who likes Kenzo. He led pretend it's still an XT Tony fourteen many. So you think they're gonna put the tent on hands off. I do I do think they would say it say it's a novel. But it's going to be a sloppy finish. A disqualification and something like that where noble keeps a title but as a still has a reason to get a rematch. Now I feel elated and I mean yeah and so okay while he's allies he backstage red. I think for as much as their bearing and so. There also bearing the crews are division all that's been known for sense that started selling my resolve him as a do two things together. In defense of the belt I don't I dies don't even I mean like this exist. So during a talking a moment. I want to move on for us. Get out of the crews are division were never talk about it again I didn't I don't watch and I don't like you know that's okay I'm not disagreeing with you on that still got a lot on an actress I wish I guess I should like you know wrong not to like it I don't think it's. Says anything about the aggressors in the cruiser weight division I think it's just the way. They are staged. Has a side attraction to rock you know they have raw which is the main show an innate. Cut out of it and say does the cruiser weight division to a five live. And it feels like they're telling us all this is just a sideshow from Gaza already too long dad and Libby if you had an XT Aaron. And they had their own show but once we do as an XT mention Enron that's stupid. Ass move and on ten dollar Everest re Wyatt. Does anybody care about this rivalry anymore it's called commanders man match at a satellite because they're not demons. Yeah well Brett why it's company sees a demon of Aziz. Normally he has some sort of idea. This doesn't doing for me there and I told you last week on the season valor in the bullet club team up. Now as AJ styles all that is Indo gulf it's they were both in the bowl club and I AJ styles since Manuel Johnson is on smackdown and ten dollar was the original leader. Yeah or club. Thought I mean embrace not gonna win this anyway so here added this is another thing that is done. Not the real pessimistic the brave why it's character is bad when the last time bring Wyatt won a high profile feud dean Ambrose. I'm two years ago. I don't know I mean an injury and I have seen ever joined the universal chase again because he was your first championed these are guys rematch either right so. The last thing you want the guy need to do is lose 20 is now risen by ray is not losing to pray but so what's braised point two what are. Now the purpose of brazen robber the burglar as people over the purpose of brain why it is too. Whenever you have a big name star that doesn't mean do you finally break pretty much will then it's a waste my time. One guy hey Russ three and a half hours right it's three asphalt three hours twenty minutes. Three and a half hour. How is goes over there's an old. And I don't I don't have that much time. Suspending my life. I'm brave why it's. Ryan Loney washes paper view. Lobby at Lambeau. And now it's a football on I can't watch I'll watch it on. Monday. You since the thirteenth numbers thirteenth no mercy why don't even have names. Ever unanimous Wendy's got paid the paper view. Well idols and you like Bart I don't know I just good marketing strategy by art if you just said hey it's a paper view. I'm Mary CU that hey it's a paper via. What was the one that was so stupid ball a lot of them are so stupid to see you read great balls of fire bass line. All of them. Aslan more like a slow and terrible joke. Next. Idol I was all right John C universe Roman rains. Now I like Drummond rains he did promo on Monday. Lot of guys that off Monday you could tell I think. Senior was gone and brave basically turn operate brawler and basically did the promo that John dead. I kicked off the Iraq John seeing a few. So he played clips on the promo. On Jan CNET talking about how the rock is not here. And then Roman Raines did the same thing did a little salute flip of a Mike to the camera. Said woods scene is sad I thought that rains looked different this week he seemed more comfortable. Giving. WW style promo. And I can like them or because of it I think day you have to have Roman rains. Wing here in less standards. Don't just say don't look at it is the next step look at it is. If rains and winds is because this is going to happen next. Or if rains loses it's because we have a plan a storyline and we wanna tell don't just have this had a year and you putting your two biggest guys. Against each other. And a thing called no mercy in September against the NFL. I don't know why they're hot shouting this program. So they're gonna do that at least at the right outcome. And I think because Raines is there he needs to be normal win a what. Happens if ranged losers. I don't see the judge during the shield or John scene is leaving to local film bumblebee. Again another. Rip off of not rip off another installment of transformers. So he's not gonna be around for awhile. So Roman Raines is going to win this match I mean I don't think I'd ever Ben. As share in my life analyst John seen as they'll lose a match in let's see no winds. Flew key and then they re duty unit wrestle mania and Abby. I don't scene after gonna do it wrestle mania and use that as the first match. Don't do that as a match that came. In September. And wait all the way until April. They did with the whole. Triple H turning on Seth Rollins when he pedigree to Anand had terminal ones when they universal championship that triple H laughed and took an eight month vacation. You lose heats if you do that to a rivalry writing cancel idol I guess there's no way you can do that again or any. Installment like that Roman Raines is gonna win this match its icons that Jan seen anarchy and saying that well it's not the same John CNET and this is. Part time job Sina. He'd put over shin-soo Nakamura. Even looked last year he put over AJ styles twice. You and I mean you guys have been sick man likes. He will let's beat John Sina. Added I think Marines tasked to intuit. I wouldn't put any money it was a good way to tell. Where each superstar. Stands in the eyes of the Superman. By how many days they kick out of if Johnson gives you an 88 and pins you. You have no chance. In John CNET gives you an AA. And you kick outs when he gives you one more. And he beats you. It pretty good to be kicked out two days or more. District commander may likes you you're pretty much made. But it did your super made if you beat supersede not and that's is gonna happen with Roman reigns yet because I got a thirty finishers. At a minimum. I got out take rings to win but I'm when memories are assuring is sensing. So double and and so you have and so I have now whole thin dollar pepper spray a wider revolt hats and and then giants universe Roman rains people have Roman rent smacked it OK moving on sue Deane Ambrose and Seth Rollins. He brought tag team champions there's a Seamus answers sorrow. I don't think there's any way Seamus is RO win this match. And you rebels signed the former she'll brother answered our frantic offer a way now on the bill for those two guys who were together were so high. Access for all these here panel watches tape mentions. It's the same match over and over or you have a chance Bruce Allen and losses are asked not my call him lord I don't wanna watch from the other great wrestlers I don't know what does I think. That I do expect much from wrestling may be why it has to be greater now launching. We look back in lake. Let history of wrestling and you go back to. Times. Where the attitude era was going on when they're facing WCW. You'd hear all the streets often happen in those. 567 years. You don't look at all the bad stuff that happened to. There's a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of bad stuff that happened in those years of great calls the greatest error of wrestling but there's still a lot of bad. I don't think irascible ever come to a point where. You seat for. Let's say six months time. 5050 good that I think it's gonna always be. At most 35% good 65%. Yeah old when I'm watching now is wait for the band gig good son Justin now watched. But you can't just turn it off as fast forward to its line bush front stroman. On trains and seemed tock. When's the last time bronze Truman's been bad though he's been. Our fighter has lasting several months since I watch him not gonna sit through a Tony time minute tape matched. Man I don't watch it that's fair so he got dean Ambrose is not browns yeah OK okay as I know. Now an intimate about her now you can make wrestling that suck I can't do that. And did you send your resume and the WB at nine do AM Irish economic. And so is my idea it's the ms. first Jason Jordan or Kurt angle son. Bothersome to build this on then just show with senator around it I'm not. On Monday. I would like to me is to retain. Acting did anything Avery and do this and Jason join you got to put a bell dynamo at some point. If you're trying to build on the face during against them is is a good avenue. I don't think they'll do it this weekend but ultimately if the ms. loses his belt. Who probably view Jason Jordan. I think Jason Jordan. Is the right guy for me is to lose too but not this week in either I think do you. You spent so long on this feud to build it up I don't want to see it just and would Jordan when in the bow on the first try. Especially with the miss tribes there you have to use those guys they're gonna be involved in the finish. And Jason joins had his troubles with them. The last few weeks sending ms. retains spa I think Jason Jordan chase system as well. I'd like to see a two and three match between the minister eyes. Jason Jordan incurring. Wrestle mania. Whenever raid ms. in ms. intake as many shots of them more occurred indians' Jason Jordan. There's a lot of speculation with member when ms. was taken on a shot to Dan O'Brien and and people thought. Maybe Daniel Bryan will come back. And wrestled the man is Wilson amused Abrams right Erica was back he's wrestling the news and Kurt angle as a guide to that is. Probably doesn't have a lot of Mac slap to meet you wanna see one of his last match is teaming with his son against the ms. on the ms. trash all you gotta have a reason from the yeah I re Amy's reason that doesn't when terrorism highway via okay so you have the ms. when in this one there. OPEC so we have aid. Five person now was for. It's now five has a certain diva or women's wrestler is back earnings Bailey yeah I don't know how did she come back as fast forward and she walked out. And she looked at nine jacks in the ring. And then she got into the ring and then Sasha banks and Alexa blessed and daily alt tackled. I jacks and pushed around the ring. And then. Bailey gave the out. Elie to belly on looks a place. Neither has got to win at some point doesn't see they built her up to be is unstoppable forests and she's pretty much like the bribes from an of the woman's division. But not she has there's nothing that tells me she's gonna win the sound. I don't know what it is like I feel like she should be one of the centerpieces of the woman's division. Not have our stuff from an XT coming up and she's going to be. Probably a centerpiece elements of visions I don't know what this does for night Jackson she is on the show where you think dodge accident a minute tour. I mean a lot of news on minding our sub lists. Retains. I used in the gives an Iowa. He had not yet okay now signal excellence. Means is one more match. I know only match that I'm looking for a two of the outs in the sun and 930 they have brown stroman vs Brock Lesnar for the universal championship. Brought needs a win Liza. You don't have bronze from and lose at this point. He's your guy. He's a new Brock Lesnar. Brock can afford a loss to Brian. I don't know how much Brian even knows to Brack. They've drawn to it Brian gets in these high profile matches and loses. Well then whose turn into. Recessed. Russa of brain. On these guys. Brought means doing this match. I'm Sheridan. And I don't know if you well I'll take him to. I'd easier easier scripting this out. LeBron needs to be Brock Lesnar. I just can't see a way that they go with LeBron because. I feel their source sent and there are ways. They won't change it. Because they seem Roman reigns as a top face of Debbie Debbie eat they're gonna have and beat John CNET and an app rob lose to Brock. Mechanics say. Logan Brock he's run through everybody. Who can beat rock. And Roman will be regarded doesn't finally we're Samoa Joseph Ben. I'm always on and seen him and I didn't come egg for earnings for some. Yeah brown loses. I'm not gonna be happy but I don't think he's going to win I just don't Santa day again brown what we're if kids this is below now he's amid Carter now. They relegated him to the mink I mean he's fighting guys like. A liar Sampson. So then do battle Royale Finn wins zero in the top cardigan. It's like a battle royal offer to be in the top guard. I just need a title that I mean that's on gender gap there. Him when the batter oil where he went. In a motel rally when the Russell made under the giant no gender all all he had that that song on smackdown. Okay. You referencing the under the giant battle royal. Where grotto I don't know I don't ever represent that's stupid to waste of time. Yeah it's to get everybody on the car I mean I'm a real tour right now I'm not wrong about much I'm not saying you're wrong line anything I just don't see bronze winning. I think dead I think that he would you Shiite I'm going to take into it and taken in ISI have brought diesel bronze in. Today is it they've built that sort of drama wins right to have a day. Yeah you're not wrong about that but I just don't. I don't think they're gonna go against her original plan I don't think that. They want brawn as senate champion beating Brock I think a lot Roman beating Brock and that's only thing that's. Keep me away from. Sang all I actually think from a win this match. They've done crazier things in the past they've done things better I'm going to be on the rack Grumman would be fighting Brack. Emil looking for different. Avenue four and drama be fighting CNET. Prime despite Sina. I remember I am I wrong that's it cost well that would be a feud he too. They want to died this on the they pair these days together in an amber Ron moves. Really don't I hope not. So last week what does that do for brawn. It kills all of his momentum if he loses to Brock some there's no reason to believe the heat. Shouldn't beat Brock I just don't think you will because I think Vince Sosa and his ways but he wants Roman to be the face of the company. And he's trying to find a way to get Roman and putting American star like Sina maybe that's his idea that. All from a BCM maybe fans will like him because he beat John Sina but I don't see that happening either. By the way they wanna build Roman in my eyes is having Brock runs through the roster. NB all the top guys until wrestle mania where Roman. Peace Brock and Robert can say. I retired the undertaker and I Cochran the beast. And he needs then hand them. Return the undertaker have a particular old. He retired the undertaker I don't think he's retired and he's come back again. An Emmy too which is sad I don't wanna see happen. I'm surprised are dead center you are I'm Roman having to be Brack I'm not like I don't want to believe it I just. I mean that's been my prediction for a while now and don't see it changing as I don't think that. We've seen it for two years dollar Roman rates. They keep shoving him down the throats of the fans. Of the WWE. As much as we boo him as much as we say we don't want him to beat a top guy. He continues to be in a major story line. They'll continue to do that but we're talking about stroman Lesnar and all you can mention is Roman rains and whose fault is that you all heard positive my fault here is that the but I'm gonna win this match I don't I don't. Just don't see you have elected Ron whizzes match. I'll be happy don't change my opinion. Well yes I say I hope stake. You finally doing easily right there and finally moving on from Roman remains yes but if it's rock wins this match. Human range is not in the match Cody I know that I notice. Taken rocked. Dig him brownie. Brian Brohm Brian rock right in Brock. Big brown. LeBron then instrument named Brock who plays and united raiders. Washington all right I'll talk to sign an end there he is a raiders and Redskins. Kirk cousins tournament past. No one cares or your fancy too him. Only you. You're right you're right about that only you're absolutely right about that nobody cares about my tennis team nobody cares I Europe as a team nobody cares about anybody's as teams have their own. The creatures are your dreams. And he cares what your fantasy team. I don't care feeding did JJ Nelson. Is you've got them right now I did in town hall I was that was a different league. Now. Citing brown okay. If you had the first pick. In the WWE fantasy league would you take. What's the scoring scoring is match wins. Titles. Airtime and I'll dig broad bronzed face the company. Easily deal. Even you cheered or booed oh he doesn't get booed. You're right you're not delude but he still represented as a deal. So stone cold. Yeah I know when he was wrestling answer man he was doing the tactics. People Ali ranil Romans now they do you're right I LeBron stroman. Mr. Russert on raw right now. William your interest and and and I hope he doesn't win. I want to thank you very happy I'll catch announcer got a about. Mom Bobbi yen passed away I didn't watch I can't. I can't end them writes that he is. He's the greatest manager of all time that's no that's that's all I can say unfortunately Ares I don't watch and a time either I've seen. YouTube videos of him and seen him. As a commentator as a gorilla monsoon. Need to be in the old do we DBS back in the late eighties but that's about it I mean. My fair managers tell Paul Raman 'cause I've seen him but Bobby even is. Widely renowned as the greatest. Wrestling manager of all time we wrestled. Even manage all the hall of famers under the giant you even managed Ric Flair. Match. Mr. perfect. Several other guys that are in the hall of fame right now. Stepping on a reasonable time. I wish I could have more to say Nigeria I area. That's are no mercy pick jumps. Ed O'Brien. Jack I hope he does win I'm not disagreeing with you on that. No mercy this Sunday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on the WWE network. I'm giving them free advertising. Give attackers Amber's free advertising no apparent answer that sparkling clear. Co host of each are going to show on Cody grants producer that you can link or show this is our WW podcast episode three 1057 FM the fan.