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Saturday, November 25th
Youth Sports Show - Hear all about the upcoming Holiday Toy Drive for Children's Hospital taking place at Blaine's Farm and Fleet in Oak Creek 

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Southeast Wisconsin has some of the best high school and college athletes in the country how did they get their start yeah. Their journey it's time to talk about some of the best do you sports programs in the area. It's time. For the youth sports show with the fans high school insider. Mike giver. A walk amid complaints farm and fleet youth sports show on sports Radio One 057 app from the fan. I'm Mike giver and we're going a little bit different direction today. Our eleventh annual toy drive to benefit Children's Hospital. Is next week 6 AM to 6 PM at the plays firm fleet and 4501. West Ross an avenue in Oak Creek. And you go to our website 1057 F from the fan but the events page. And you can get involved that way you can get all the details on it but this is our eleventh annual toy drive. And look at last show I think to on time main volt story or renovations. And number of my clients that are involved in this. First and foremost pleats farm fleet. And I wanted to make everybody up there Doug Kent to the people that do great shot. I had just a big fan of Doug's and in the people in Janesville that it believed in this eleven years ago. And said you know what let's give it a shot that first year I think we raised just and very thousand dollars of the toys for Children's Hospital. And we thought what this is really good well last year. We raised over a 100000 dollars and in toys and money and gift cards to benefit. Children's Hospital in the kids in the family says that have to go there and in today's show. Joining me studio Doria Roberts who's the appearing events coordinator for planes farm fleet. Amory a TARP to hurt rock that the entire hour. But at 915 a friend of mine who really good friend in my Mike Busch in his grandson Eden know first hand in his for personal. The first hand what a creature of Children's Hospital. On the what how they do now we talked to Mike in Aden and 915930. Other vice president of donor engagement for Children's Hospital Christie's gonna join us she's in Denver. Forward talk to her a little bit about this about the how big this event has gotten in how many people have gotten involved in. Hey when you talk about Children's Hospital. C everybody knows somebody if you have been touched by Children's Hospital because your kids haven't had to go there you're lucky. But you know somebody who was he hasn't benefited from what the creates Children's Hospital in the country right here in our backyard. And idea the people are pleased firth we've been such great partners for us with this day Astoria Roberts. Two coming from Janesville and she said of course I'll do that. It's nice to reach to a person or you think you for having me yet I really appreciate your willingness to suspend the time. VA and as we talked you said look who you know what plays part of freed understands the importance this is your first year be involved in this. What you read it perfectly clear to me that you understood the importance of it not only for the Oak Creek store but for plays firm thing general. Yes exactly we all know somebody that's been affected. That have to be in a hospital even children and they write such a good cause to bring some light into the hospital from toys. And just really put a smile on their face yeah I. I agree with that tour we are really doing any inner right I've been around since day one on this thing and I remember I would. I was coaching back then it at tucked calvary Baptist. In the nominee falls. And we would have played game on Friday night and then we would get into. Cars in a truck. And we come and we bring the toys Joseph says we can't do that you work. This thing has got to be that I can't bring a little basketball team over to get shot to get all the toys. Delivered. And the other part on this way I'm really proud of is children's house was so look you give us enough toys for the year. So then we start doing some gift card to some of the cashed in to give to some of the families and have to spend extended time their. And then we still have toys left over so there is. An organization that I really believe and called the running rebels in the city Milwaukee Victor burn that. Com his mission for the city is incredible so we give some of the toys that we've left over to them there's a mission of Milwaukee. On that young expresses really involved with and John Young. You know benefits for Children's Hospital has now grown. You know really big in the city Milwaukee and not sure we you do without please farm fleet and how I tied into the plains firm free use sports show. Is he young man like Eden who's sitting on the couch. But these guys Franklin football Jersey on that yeah this thing he'd like that weasel of a sportsman he was tackle everywhere he wanted here read. He get rich he's a lot stronger than he was. The when I saw him a few months ago. I introduced him to a pro wrestler. And she was really good look at and you're like hey are you enjoyed it she was like over your boyhood state a pitcher. On but he you know what this young man I saw pictures you get to play baseball Wilbon again this year. And that's what if we can get kids if we could make your state Children's Hospital just a little bit easier just a little. And then when they get out of wing get the back and the fielder back and the court because of the great worker Children's Hospital. That's how we tie that into the boys firm that you sports show exactly makes. It it does when when we started this thing. Tori I I don't know if anybody understood even at planes. Or here. To what extent we could we can get it but everybody has been that. So involved in that our show is viewed it with the morning show the bill Michael's. Bard in and chuckle biewer and then bill Michaels is there than the after and new show with will Roy and Kyrie and Sparky Rami. And what happens is is Geist from meant. So guys like John Henson from the box. Tom will get we will get current console for the first. Egg guys at that level just keeps style. And then what happens is the for you know fire department from frequent. We'll call up the fire department from Oak Creek could say would you got. You've got to think month. You wanna you wanna play so then they come on Wednesday and they have three card falls. And then the boys from wall Kris say the 83 purples are we got four and so that's that's how we get the level that or at. It's incredible eleven years and 125000. Right last year is incredible it is his of people down at the Oak Creek on Matt who is a store manager Don there has been really good to work with. He understands how important it is. And he's been willing to do I called the San need this new York stock. And it's April we want to movies here he goes five. When you want us to do it nice to a weakened you know will do it went to Wendy. He he's been incredible for us and I know that after packed Friday you know the heat I'm the last guy he wants to hear from. But we need more fox is met he goes I'll have monster in ten minutes. So they understand it and it's been just a wonderful experts that think for for everybody story can we talk a little bit before going further your background. Are you grow from Burlington. Yes yes I did as did my I did my homework tonight well Tony Romo as people would say yes he and I went to school at UW plant will trigger culture education. And then I got into blames as an assistant manager trainee. I was on track to be an assistant manager actually at the Oak Creek store. But then they pulled me into blames on the corporate office and I started as a teacher trainer which trains the store associates now and in January of this year I got put into this position idea like yeah I'd love it we do know it's. I different every day I get all the company and do fun things like this sure. On help our communities and help the people and communities. I would highly. Highly recommend that next week at least once any peaking grabbed but that can turn anybody else from for corporate. Two big bring them down dug spend they're a lot. On he comes down at least once every year and we try to get him on the year he heats before that. But it easy it needs to be so we need to say thank you to him. And two people a corporate. For doing this. It Geoeye. I think Tony Roma that's a big teal and April in an orange crush is bigger. The jazz band how are you think you like to move up. I was can I tell you wrote Chris reported to break I would doubt it has got a basketball game at Burlington. And it. You know I got through midway through JV game got a little popcorn and who's gonna scout the varsity game and it looked off the left there's a band. And I thought well this pretty cool because I'm so tired of hearing you know this this he did the warm up music at most schools use. And so this is goodwill uses. And there's just smaller girl kind of walking around tonight. Watched her for a little bit and she looked a little bit and comfortable and at about what she's helping people set up their equipment whatever. And the band started playing 25 or six to four for Chicago. And this little girl who would look up grab the microphone inserted singing. And that wipe you and she was unbelievable. Golf and I sat there with hard spun I thought how. She got done the game started I got out of my chair walked across. And I watch worst he sat. And it went introduce myself less that want to have you on one of my chose. And she's sick and IBM can station has said no UKS are beyond the sports station she said really nice and yet. And she's let me ask my parents and mom and dad said sure and then she's sick we talked to the guy who runs the orange crush of band and I suggest the patent. And he said I know yeah argue whatever are they said that was still fun for me he said yeah let's do that so we had her studio choose really good. It and that's my fear or are about Atlanta. He went on when you guys day in I know that cleans does a toy. Drive on their own and we benefit from from that but corporately you guys do quite a bit of stuff. Yes what's our kids helping kids program and each of our stores participates. And each store has a different organizations that they give to use at Oak Creek store. Our toys that are donated. On from toy days through Christmas goes to the Children's Hospital. On and then blamed actually matches 200000 dollars with the toys through Al all of our stores so that is incredible as well. When you got when you start working their planes to rejoinder stand the impact that they haven't communities. All over the say it was Jackson's yes. I'm not only Wisconsin Illinois and Iowa we'd like to be community based we live in the communities that we work cell. We we know the importance and we know that there's a need out there and we we tried to address those. Mean you handled that three states are you Wisconsin only three states close to your travel. Suggests travel into where Iowa where else Illinois new Wisconsin's of Bethea was got to trust me a bad day there's no doubt here we're gonna get to break other says the break. We continue to talk with Torre Roberts she's the PR and events coordinator. For plays firm fleet. And we're highlighting promoting the celebrating the eleventh annual toy drive. To benefit Children's Hospital. Next week 6 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday. At sadly the Oak Creek store and that were going to be in Waukesha. On Tuesday. And Thursday from seven non sort from four to six. Tuesday and Thursday 46 squad meets chuck Freeman part we clerk and if so if you're live out west and you can't make it to Oak Creek. We give you second option to get involved the Waukesha store. It is our right off like east Moreland boulevard. On and it's 2310 console road in Waukesha. It cheesy Thursday's. 4 PM to 6 PM. Arm again go on C bark and see chuck. If you wanna you know tell them that their show was on summer if you wanna ask them that to arguable that it Friday yet and they do that really really well. Other side of the break we're gonna have Mike Busch in Aden bush his grandson. Join us on the air we're gonna talk to them. About tepid and again Children's Hospital we may break a story about Santa clause common to the toy drive on Friday I know him. You you. Oh yeah just I don't there's got to be that could give you wavered he sit pretty close your right now this is simply fades are typically used sports show. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. A. It's. News. Welcome back to the police earthly use sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might mature averted and bad look at this island that young boys age span. We are joined in studio Doria Roberts the pure event coordinator ways firm fleet. And my friend Mike Busch in his grants and aid and push it emits so good to see you young men how you'd better. Now I know you could talk say hello Dwight. Don't quote. Well club. So door this is why we do this I let you know nowadays my hosts don't shoot yeah. Eighty can talk all he wants to. So in Mikey how we can talk he had brain tumor can. Yeah that's Cabrera and viewers at ciller's hostel for hall want he was period. Could you about it for three months she knows he remembers the three months is a long time man or tool. 22 or three much wanted to do I know that I cute to see you a couple times eight new river the cookie I gave you EU eight that cookie and under four seconds. Of course if you just shocked that big talent. Mike when you when we do benefit. It's for Childers top vote in it it certainly touches your heart you said look I don't wanna commend Mike is. This is going to be heartbeat talk and understand that I do but you know white. You who you saw firsthand how great this hospital as men of people that worked there and if were able to. To add to just give toys for these kids to play with when they're there so least we can do. Oh man. Last year. We had Christmas at Children's Hospital. I hope nobody ever has them prisoners at Children's Hospital. I had that. Glad I mean I I he will he our turn now dual one. Yeah. Yeah they do let. You let that boy talk. Bush you what you and I get the talk all the time if this boy wants to talk today. And shape a whole lot of second why is it that your bucket near feet we don't like it he this Cusick that it gives you could. More. Beers. You've got to beat them did you you get to meet the buccaneer players. Yeah that was awesome. Mikey blessed last Christmas was a difficult year for you guys led season for you. And down but you know I've been friends for a really long time I love your wife boy love your dog you know I just haven't whose cadence. On speicher I called them forever Arnold don't we see it go by spike in borrowing is going to be an attitude an ocean or Kevin and I don't want you mad at me. But this is the reason that this this benefit. That we do you meet so much to tell it to a lot of people. Yeah. It was in there for quite awhile while we had Thanksgiving and and and Christmas time to an. A new bugs as toy drive for Renault when you Mike McGee of it and and them weaknesses speed and never thought that migrants on would be on the receiving end. But he was. And you know my heart I had ever in Baghdad is often but farmers affiliate W assist you radio. And legacy and I hope nobody ever has to a tune hospital. But have you doom her it's absolutely the best it's. One thing we noticed when we were first and it was so many people. Would ask where your from. And that struck me it would mean for home from here. But we were wanted to rare few Buddha where energy from Wisconsin and only a couple miles away. And and and people I can tell you how blessed have tumors are slow right here. Easy to get through. The greatest hospital. And maybe not only the country but perhaps the world and again living proof right next to me. He had it easy and you know what. Who wrote Mike he's active man. You go he's the II this warms my heart like few carefully I don't richer holding them to step up for me. To see the smile and to see him hugged me that we when he walked in and almost put me in my backside which is hard to do. You know what he looks good he sounds good OT how is he been fearless. Really good. And if I think I've made in my made giveaways are about the country dale elementary school in Franklin to thumb for believe and and they it and and now given a bunt him. He was naughty a few times and school lets out this all came about. And they're patient like I've never seen before. And a coach John Walters. Just you know have enough Franklin youth that the Peewee football program. We're overdue in this Damon. They've made it in the captain is here and he's when his Jersey. Well. And dad to to do beating cab didn't do the break down and call a couple plays. We're not sure if no camera play football again. We're opens over rated and I hope and so. Now I think you will aid and I think he's you know play again and I think it's QB the guy and it's. You know player whatever position I'll tell you this tape Kadant. They aid and look at me. Hey the way you block to me would you watch the end. Yeah you blocked me pretty hard you can block UB might my right tackle. And you block for re anytime man I tell ya sure if you were if you hit me I he kind of lost the wind a little bit. Paid what so what do you hope for for Christmas she got any ideas would you what do you want. Yeah. You want. Robin the new. Hone your something none of them you know you're 10 or urged. And oh. Go on Nintendo. There you go Nintendo that's that's better than a horse. Thing. Time. You do really doesn't. Guys look this is if if if I could FaceBook live if I knew how to do that night don't I would FaceBook live this this scene that we have going on and understand it next week. Friday afternoon looks like Santa Claus. I mean skewed Viet says children's hospital for the big show. There were you that all sides situated but any time from sixteen to 6 PM. You wanna come out. The eleventh annual toy drive to benefit children's hospital and help guys like in and help guy said that look he doesn't have to be in the hospital now. But lesser for Thanksgiving and Christmas when he was there. Was really difficult it was difficult for him it was typical first family. And what we do for this benefit again through blades firm of fleas we try to help. These guys just a little bit. I and we know that given a toy isn't that big of a deal on two of them are for honest but for them for it probably us. And so give us give us some help. You don't man you look good Michael Miller could you would you. Yeah the bush fairly I'd look at Ford's 2018. Men. Oh boy apparently over definitely over the everybody and is on the my voice please ms. meg does a better year. I know is getting bigger and better every year but. Let's zoom Regan they get up a little bit now and I believe it wanted to say something to it and and one of them don't. Yeah this or any. It adds thoughts of pain. Me. The age that's played. Lanes department put the blades Carmen fleet in Oak Creek is what he's saying 501 quest for us and I have to do. And next week 6 AM to 6 PM Aden is kids see a Merry Christmas body. There me her ads. And I TT. Our whole. EU rule. May cut man there he then. What she is on cash. Although I do is make one. Just make year's event and if it's the ten don't know worries that got that covered guys really get your break might face for come and their Brothers. See you have a my pleasure and they do Harmon flutes and yeah let's make music radio guys the that some might push and I agree with him let's get to break this is the place firma fleet use sports show. I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Use. Welcome back to the police permits police use sports show wants port 31057. Up from the fans. Doria Roberts PR of escorted her voice firm flee you understand now your organs while even bush. And he is a handful Mel what I'm so happy but I know. Got Mike's like lower keys you know. But it's so good for me to see him squirrelly and and and pushing me and fights with Adrian. You know it warms my heart and talk radio talk it on the radio sound he did V he almost everybody he has a million wishes yeah. Well if the children's hospital for for people like with the bush family have bent it's been an unbelievable. Place for them. And like Mike said they spent Thanksgiving and Christmas their laster than that and have to do this here but this toy dried to benefit Children's Hospital. Again eleventh annual is really important and it's important for number of reasons. And were gonna talk with Christina baron now Keith who's the vice president donor aid engagement Children's Hospital right now Christine thanks for column as she. I'm sorry you. And while thinking you know you that happy face giving you your family think you're in Colorado right now correct. And I am so enjoying a really nice unseasonably warm weather and some. That saw some. Kate we we've taken this show and end this is the plays firm free youth sports show we talk about youth sports from nine to ten every Saturday. With the with the show. And I thought this week what we would do is bring a Doria Roberts who's appearing events coroner for plays firm freed in and we were talking about. Children's Hospital how what we're trying to do is is. Make sure that we have enough toys and gift cards for chose stressful for 2018. But the idea is to get these kids. I did a hospital in get them back on the field or the court depending on their sport of choice. Absolutely we are just so grateful presents and needless to attract or keep that at eleventh lunar rocks and when you look at Children's Hospital on its history we were found about a community. And we still rely on our owners on our volunteers. And that at advocates and liquor I'd I'm patiently in care so I think you so much. You that Christie when you work there. Did it in I'm sure prior to working their you wonder stood. The importance of children's hostile to our community not only to people that live in this community. But like Mike Busch's said look when they were there they meant a lot of people from what you know all over the country. That come to Children's Hospital because it's known as is maybe the best Children's Hospital. In the country when you work inside that bubble. I hope you never take that for granted it. My hat I don't annual what you describe is exactly my experience that and children a little over a year and a half. The work that was done. But yeah Mac and seeing everything insists it's palpable all what is done and what these kids how strongly kits action. And what care that's provided by the physicians it's really me. This this young man that was in studio where this Christine. He had to a brain tumor and he was in use. Got tight end in. And so they went got to look at and he immediately went to chose hostel has spent three years three and half months there. And I went over there a couple of times. And I was just amazed. At the care. And that the people in in that facility care so much about the patients and families. That there there it he really was an incredible eye opening experience for me. I'm to be able gold there and and obviously this family did not want to be there. They would they would prefer to be home and I have eaten you go back to where he was. Prior to this. But this was the best possible choice for them and that they care that they got from from the people your facility was incredible so thank you for that. And that's are some really really and we try to provide avid state that passed medical care possible. But it goes far beyond that we have right resource that we services are really wrapped around me and I'm so glad to hear that that was the stealing him. You bet we're talking with Christine burnout key issues the vice president donor impeachment. For Children's Hospital. I'm Christine what's this what's as the vice president donor engagement what does that what does that mean what you do. Well I think and the pastor. Other I am responsible for all of our event. Our unwritten and that cultivation stewardship are in annual fund programs marketing communication which. And then making sure that our donors and volunteers are stored at properly so it's it's a great job. Yeah. That job. The aid that really has occurred job which when you call when fuel and and once say that look I am for Children's Hospital. I bet most people wanna talk to your current. Definitely definitely an ax and everyone has an experience whether it's permanent family. Or at the name birds are relatives but. I'm so happy. To be part of the stealing and that's your topic great Abu work as stand in the hospital Candiotti. We have a large community service that's program a while and that's what. Says that the at the key to attract really support to their community services area. I'm glad I got the care Foster care child abuse prevention and services so go to while behind app for a lot to the hospital. Yet there's no doubt about that where you get a chance to come down the toy drive you think next week. I am at least Thursday. A gut you know just said if for people that aren't completely familiar with the with the toy drive again it's 501 west Ross an avenue. In Oak Creek or go to 1057 FM the fan. Slash. Events toy drive and you can donate money right on line in what we normally don't do it the end of the week is have the guys on air. Take the cash that's been donated and will either bite gift carts. Four at least foreign athletes so if families are staying at children's hospital for an extended stay. Would you if they need to go on its house in new clothes are you anyplace firstly yes sell just about everything right yeah if you can't I have a farm actually really good. Yeah she really broke all the while player I go video grape nuts election a lot of good nuts. Which you can go over there than in utilize a gift card or that toys that we bring the Children's Hospital. If if these kids is that if that puts a smile on their face for a couple of minutes during a bad time men it's worth that and I would highly recommend come down. I know the Christine said she'll be there on Thursday a couple of people that are scheduled to appear Craig Counsell. More cuper general Eric did not cuper manager the general manager David Stern's gonna be either Brian Anderson. Walk you Bucs Jon Hansen a couple of WWE people Tommy dreamer he would be their Trevor shot. The verse third baseman and know that he personally found out about Children's Hospital. On this last season and he scheduled do appears wall if you knock it down to the Oak Creek location. A much in Monday through Friday 6 AM to 6 PM. On Tuesday and Thursday night chuck you end up barred from our morning show will be active plays firm defeat in walk shop from 4 PM to six. And again that's November 20 and November 30 Tuesday and Thursday plays firm of fleet in walk shock you wanna get involved. He Christine thank you so much for the partnership on this you guys do great job and you've been wonderful partner and Stewart's it to this Torre dropped. Thank you so much we so appreciate all of your grade Abu work an app starts in an hour which. I think you adapter being such a great partners while. You've Bechtel she is Christine burnout she is the vice president donor gauge for you get to break others had to break. We'll continue our conversation at Torrey Roberts she's appear events coordinator for planes farm and fleet. This is the place trophy you sports show on sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. And the service. It's. News. All welcome back to the place firm earthly use torture on sports Radio One 057 up from the fans. I'm Mike we giver and and we are talking about the toy drive eleventh annual toy drive to benefit Children's Hospital coming up next week. 501 west Ross and the Oak Creek coal seam Matt Helm at the store manager Mike McKee ever like she. He's really cute I met he desecrate job. On their long with the people in Janesville. Doug Kenton and Torrey proper she's in studio through right now. Again carry events coordinator for place Parma beat three states to at least Wisconsin that she's it she said trust me. And afterward talking with Christine he talked to with my Canadian push. You know I I can't wait too good on their two moral on Monday excuse me and and donates money. And then do every year my wife and I am in. I've three grandsons. And eminent highly recommend that my daughter and son a law I Johnny Katie Bonner. Come bring key in the low him back at and and so that they can understand pick auditory or two and and toning it. And find out you know the importance of of giving back in and so that they can have that that feeling during the break we tart. There is some might not be Childrens Hospital big you personally certainly understand the importance of self like this so. He no idea I. I know that side you're going you guys are going through will be the stuff at at with you with your family and I wish you well with the with all of that obviously. Army hey. Plates are a fleet. They they community aspect concessions to around Christmas this is twelve months here that you guys. Believe in a whole community and anyways it's funny possessed kind of a cell line now all week leaving your bags community you guys have been doing this for fifteen years. Yeah we've been we have always been Finley own did we've been in existence for 62 years right sell Burton Claude blamed. They founded complaints farm and fleet. 62 years ago our flagship store in Janesville and it's grown ever sensor which have we have 38 stores throughout the tristate area. And each of those stores do something different. To get involved in their communities with Fitz on their youth sports in the area have they sponsored the jerseys there or. FSA or our kids helping kids. A program which raised a yearly thing that. Customers can donate new unwrapped toys to the store and we donate that bright back to the community. You know when when I went up its Janesville and talked to Doug about sponsoring these youth sports show. I don't think fifteen seconds went past he goes yeah I'd win I that fits exactly our model and that's what we'd like to do and if I can highlight. Some some youth sports teams I don't know Pete he fully figured out what those who need to with the shell. Because he's a big baseball basketball football that Alia. And I winning and we re done wrestling and I've dent piceance what you try and we have done hockey. We've done and all we've done at all. And Enders more to come in 2018 a couple of girls volleyball idea I don't know a lot of put some of those sports but we have highlighted. Promoted you celebrated. You know the use ports all over the state Wisconsin. They are just. They are the lifeblood of the communities as well is there going to be the future leaders and they're going to be the future brains of the country and I'm given in sports and can and then yeah I think you're involved in that and grown up yeah I was a swimmer actually in the world. So did well this one become a dead and I again I don't I asked the guy who was in charge what keeps you up at night. And he said finding enough pools team to keep our kids act then he said that's who keeps you up at night. And and he said look my job is to make sure that every kid that wants to swim it's a chance to swim. The problem is there might appear in a fool for kids that. That want a sweat so I learned a lot and I think plates are replete because without them without you guys. Could not to shows like Tess just couldn't do it so I think it's important that that I think dug in in everybody at. At the corporate office in Janesville. For caring enough about what we're doing here and Joaquin southeast Wisconsin. Two spots of the U sports show. And hopefully that'll continue 2018. He by fierce cross and Qaeda you know what if I walk out the right gets Jane volunteer personally on get that that all done. Hey Tom how many time do you'll come down GO day you'll be done that this towards our next week I'm open Monday or Tuesday okay. You know. From world was eminent if he if you let me know or you know be there Amaechi down their. When a priest of pictures of what it was through four years ago couldn't because we attempt. And it would get so cold and we have heaters in the tents and if somebody who's walking in the air and zip which is long enough for somebody command. Well we now have a summer. A little output of a sun room last couple of years. And it's been awesome it's been really awesome isn't and so there's no issues with you know guys are like Kate needs to in the heat Thelma. So those days of us roughly that order out there mama did you do don't happen anymore in that we have great sponsors the people in Abra auto body class. Opera and his stance is she's out there the whole week and she hopes as she goes out to watch on how says. If she basically is there when cars drive up to click the toys to hand out information on and the stuff that we're doing she was he gets guys coffee. Hum Allstate agents come in one day a week and they standout third trip to collect toys. And and it always gets to be about. Wednesday mid day Wednesday we circuit nervous like are we knocked in a topple we did the year before. And then our boys start talking about it and that's when it all starts to kick it soared to we have favored this year if your plan and act comments come on early. So yes ties these guys are not so getting too nervous. Hey what other events indeed you have your event calendar set up for 2018. With plays firm theaters it is in a working dog. Man it's a working document on each store is a little bit different and the communities they serve. It it really varies from state to state as well especially when we have a stored down in Decatur Illinois which is three and a half hours from here at the right there may be different turn their activities are a little different so but at the core of of of who. All of these stores are as it is the same like you said 62 years ago and this stores when it started and if I would tell. Any community you're in the chief CU plays firm if we store look a little deeper. Look at the look at the youth football team really youth basketball team or youth baseball team and look at what patches on their sleeve. He unity they are probably sponsored by that by that storing that organization. What Saddam what keeps you up and now what's tough about your job that's is a tough thing. A lot of people happy sell when I when I don't. We've all that then that keeps me up at nights yeah. Well and I think that's yeah that's tough to do your job against the allies stores yes to keep happy at all times for an event like hours then. You know I know your comedy duo are showing your gonna show up. The I would hope that you guys utilized this. As something that you can say to other communities he looked this sports station in Milwaukee look at degree work they're doing for their Children's Hospital there. We have a hospital here in this market if we can never put this temp played together for you and show you how we started that. And where we've gone and I'd love to you'll do that for the screen. It's good. So again next week guys you gotta Kamal eleventh annual. You heard Aden bush and it bush said donate now yes he said a couple other bigs but he's got a hold Kate. Now and I agree with it and bush he knows better than many of us. Any of us adults that are Lewis and he knows. Really well. The other sponsors that that their clients of mine telling Tony rush from raises six fundraising and leadership development. Refuses sponsors wall. And when I sent Tim the invite to say mutually get involved in this a proposal. He said that they slept pull in my heart strings of course I'll be involved in that but those are the kind of guys. That that you know our our clients of mine that that say when I say Likud could you wanna get involved in this is gonna help these kids. The tent Tommy Angel who was walking out when you're walking in with his two daughters he says of course. Gigi contractors and other one of my they're gonna listen with her toward their get a match. 4 to 5 o'clock every day. Every dollar that comes and they're gonna match it well so we bring in 15100 bucks there and Tony 15100 dollars more credible yeah. And and he's got daughters of his own he said Jason said look I'll be down there. And -- teach my kids you know they were with me last year which they're now gonna go win take some money that they've burned to. By a toy in and donate to toys and and what it what a great lesson to be taught to these kids so it is good stuff on. Love it you've done radio before I yeah you're. Let's face her radio and go to you're all I talked to a lot of really. Shoot a hole retired people who sent that to me no you're very comfortable and very gifted and in I appreciate. You come into in this. I look forward to seeing out there next week. And you yup and give you all the 501 west Ross an avenue. In Oak Creek it's the eleventh annual toy drive to benefit Children's Hospital. You can go up their boring go to walk shut Tuesday night Thursday night meet chuck Freeman apart wing clerk. At the plays firm of speed in March 0:4 PM to 6 PM. So pure and in the west Syria. And you keep it till creek because your work and which you could get to walk shall we would ask for your help. Come on out to walk shot right up the east Moreland road at 2310. On I think it's counsel wrote hail SS OW wrote. I've that their botched times it's really easy get to and again I Tuesday Thursday 4 PM to 6 PM go see united chuck. And to Bart. During thanks it's to meet you. Merry Christmas to you can only hope yet agreed to a Thanksgiving. Base for listen this is the police farm fleet you sports show and again 501 west Ross an avenue next week. You go to 1057 FM the fan dot com. As Jeff would say that counts and donate some cash and give more information on this toy drive Ahmad and give recipient. In this is a plays firm for you sports show. Odds were treaty 1057 FM the fan.