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Saturday, December 2nd
Youth Sports Show - AAYFL

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Southeast Wisconsin has some of the best high school and college athletes in the country how did they get their starts. And their journey it's time to talk about some of the best do you sports programs in the area. It's time. For the youth sports show with the fans high school insider. Mike giver. A walk commended the police firstly you sports show on sports Radio One 057 from the fans. Four give you the char one thing plays firm sleep for the toy drive to benefit Children's Hospital yet another record. I I've got to tell you guys. 1112 years ago we started this thing I think we did 8000 dollars total toys. And and cash and that got madness that's really bait that's awesome. Yesterday we went over a 130000. Dollars which is just unbelievable to me all to benefit the children. In this area especially at Childers hospital. And it just was a great week the weather was great and I I am always. I guess I'm shocked but never surprised. At at how much people are willing to give. Because they've everybody's been touch which owns us one way or another and to think about kids around Christmas or throughout the entire year. That have to spend time at Children's Hospital. If they get the smile because he get to walk in ruler pick any toy they want. Men let's go ahead and do that so I want to thank our friends of plays firm for not only for sponsoring the show but for that toy drive. Today and as the youth sports show we're talking about the all American youth football league the eight YFL as most people know what and we got a number of Geist joining us. After the first segment Mike per rug no longtime it's a commissioner Gary were from annoyed Aardsma today he's a jerk your contents and social media. The odd story idea I had you can see you know what I had that Jason who's the president brought west sit at that Mike limits have period there. And he's director of content social media and my Cooper Mike got. Skewed to see get it seeing it going yeah I've known you for a really long time he started ref and bask walking news how many years ago. When nineteen years on the force world both the first year we had met the back when you're Dominican yet that today is a long time you're not rest anymore though by retired at the last season that will could few you're an awfully good refereed. Let's talk about what it takes to be the commissioner of the EYFL. Well so first is a little background EA YFO began in 19770. With four teams bossi to regress did not want the n.'s bill. Home and sought bill which is in the Port Washington area. And big group is grown now to over 200 teams between fifth or between first street greed actually in all 4040. Plus communities. So the structure. That we have now when we go from first rate always through eighth period it's. It's just amazing how in that room you can sit there and you have all these people 4050 people who. Make the decisions. For. All their organizations both locally but then also on a macro level there really drives the sport of football model only just in southeast Wisconsin. But overall throughout the state. I mean this is a in this area this is the week. This is Bali this is though league there are leaks and I've talked to guys is different different leagues and and and different organizations. But this is the big boy. This is the one that I think when you talk about youth football in that. The Syrian state Wisconsin this is where a lot of kids have not only our plane now but it played and gone through on to AA YFL. A teary what you're the church her contents social media let's talk a little bit about your position with that with the the week. So. Look for fulfilling for governor Mike. A couple years ago I'd had an opportunity to talk to. Mister brewer and produce him before my role with a while fellow of the president McCollum watch your football OK and in our organization we have done a lot around social media. Particularly FaceBook Twitter. Answer and both took things. To really. Help promote our program in our community. And we ripped up to a thousand followers than just a couple of years whisper column walked at that the big number you bet. And I took the idea to to my concluded I think we can expand this to all of our clubs our program and really help promote belief and so. You know together we kind of built the structure of a that. Allow our clubs to promote what's going on went down and also often a league level. Activities that the league is doing. We were put all the online and are our following is just exploded this year we have that we have such a huge interest. From parents and coaches and the kids in the community on what we're doing. We actually started a ranking system for its great football this year and we talk about political been rude comments all the time like. How dare you put deals so and so is number two wouldn't be so until I mean it it's. And you know it may sound you know silly for eighth grade but in a really the whole point of this was. Two because football. Have a lot of competition with the other sports. We really wanted to look for opportunities to go promote the game and what we're doing and it's been extremely successful. You know I think that some. Especially kids that is his high school. With with sports and and and did dot net it's been you know that Mark Miller does a great charge Travis is a great job and yeah before absolutely and you know burden. People golden that. Constantly guys like me guys like you on short order that. Well as a model and we look what Travis does for awhile ports of the deal let's let's try as the best we can to replicate that on youth level so it's really a testament to what those guys do. Real sport really Smart and you're and you might take attempt plate that really works and and and they're good at it. They and what they're different from where they work ten years ago. Only ten years ago there trying to figure out where you go there now it's it's it's outstanding he Mike when Gary brought this idea Tia out of some first of all. Arm when I talked about the toy drive will first started it I got a text from buddy of ours that who played Santa Claus there yesterday. And down might push. Who has a lot of guys does that mean as I said good morning to Mike and Mike and yo Z. More than anybody I know he's a really good friend of mine he knows the importance of Children's Hospital yes and he decided that he would c'mon again now this your place Santa Claus from two to five. Yesterday and did really well by kids showed up and die he's one of the good ones yes he has he's got a article. He that I really does yeah he he he really does so when Kiri came to Hewitt said hey what's out let's let's look at the social side of of this. You'll you'll understand the importance of that. I do now again I am free forty years old still even though I've been in the league for almost thirty years. A home there are some people on the other side of that hill who. Bush's sales met with a little bit of consternation a little push back because shore it's a generational thing you bet I agree with that and we had to basically convince the rest of people my room payola. This is the group that this is what's going to help drug kids back into football. Verse is all the negative that their parents are hearing on TV and all this kind of stuff and make them. Actually want to be yet I mean. Gary gears very humble Maine doesn't tell the story of it he original cover game. On FaceBook like for you walking Hartford late in the season this year. And the lucky kids swarmed him because he had made a prediction which all all fund. And one they're gonna lose violate a touchdown next thing you know their chance and the score that he predicted. Even the only be Hartford. That's why don't predict much you can utilize either that the I got to go watch these gyms studio in these fields and and I let that might cast predictors right here carried out. Iowa doing that look you talked about the age difference and an end in I'm on the back I'm on that site were I would've probably push back on this. I definitely would push back in the ranking MP3 to even though I don't know that I would have really pushed back and that what really hard. Just because I think there's the you know what there's the too much of that they're too young I think it at that to understand it but. One of the things that we also did bite this year is restarted its live streaming our youth football game so we would pick a game of the week every week. And at that almost because you became very political all I've got another bad way I I who's to say. You know it was very good healthy competition from clubs promoting thing hey we should be the game of the week and here's why but. The feedback that we got from I can't tell you how many methods as I got from. Parents and community members saying hey. My son's grandfather is a nursing home and couldn't watch this fund has grandson play football we're looked like a tablet sure I'm. And put that in front of them and you watch the grass and play or apparently with out of town for work and economists are some seem. And I got a message from a father's thing I had a North Dakota for work at flicked. Was heartbroken I missed my son's game you have David voted to watch my son's game on the line. And they love you talked about the. Political side that and the silent reporter for the Thursday relates high school football game and wait for the most part except for. One of the gas arena next segment of sitting on the couch whose I don't need to name but he's a black coach in Oak Creek anymore that Jack who turned us down this here. Most teams are calling us saying hey. Hot how do we get on thirst highlights how do we how are we one of the teams can we can you come to our area can you. Look we're gonna be really good and we wished you'd covered this game and it's not as easy as you know OK because we get trucks come from Indiana. Earth for a yep from Indiana and all that but you know we knew we sit down and do that that scheduled the first year we know anybody. Calling us. It's easy for up to my thought and I was two ipads like I I was gonna ask you who's standing behind you quickness and their physical. This is your son back up here of lives by Sunday and he's he does he's all of my sound and and and video for me and what's he doing here so he's here just to just to capture this law actually take clip for the for put on our our fifth repeatedly and we have such. Even in the off season I cannot believe the amount of interest on and on activity that we get our social media pages from them ways to. About what's going on youth football and in November and December so the one point two million dollar fee that I charged for this do you think that we're moving on to say little bottled water. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm writing regularly downloaded a thousand yeah. 340 clumsy and stupid as everybody all the guys find in your pocket it will only get a good book well you go to a OK Michael you've been the commissioner of the AYFO. I have a commissioner two years but as an aside bill apart Elise and those nine years old so welcome pre date myself a little bit asserted her fifth grade playing him nominee falls. And then I. My dad god rest his soul he purchased the number falls franchise and we ran for number years and then became an official league their crew chief than the secretary really. Mel's from a dozen years and I schedule the officials aunts and Gary nineteen mope on scheduling the games and now you know last two years have been commissioner. So nobody can say you look cute you walked in off the street don't only by the early peek I don't know they still I don't know what legal and up to getting told no they tell you know nobody here they know. If they did I wouldn't tell you look at parliament but UC you know every part of the sect yet been a part of other than make him the popcorn. You pretty much done everything pretty much yeah I mean that the league's been part of my life. It is warm and into the that were Kelly you know we talked about the officiating aspect it's warm and into the pat ya. Dual arm what keeps you up at night as a commissioner like what what what what are the issues in the recent real quick the reason the show started. Is because. I would get calls from guys and in Iowa's uses example somebody a call and say frequent youth football hot. How to they have all these kids they have all this money they have all these volunteers hunt they do it in icy wall widened to call them what we can. But how did they do it a go how what I know right now and they're calling me for this. And Seoul where it wouldn't happen what we have frankly you're football in the first week long and I asked somebody here what keeps you up and she says I can't find volunteers. She said 5% of people do 90% of the work it's like church. That's what happens at church. Ed. I did the person who called me about them said. I was so happy to hear that they actually every she's as well because I thought it was just us. So getting back to that question might as the commissioner of the EYFL what kept keeps Europe and a. Well for accuse me open it really is how the sport full Baum landscape is going these days you know all. People are inundated with the negativity. And everything like that and not realizing you know what. It really is the greatest sport that there is. Are not nearly as it teaches young men. A home life skills and other sports simply cannot do. And that's one thing that keeps me up is seeing some of the programs you know. New brought my eyes are your we have a good friend met Kern who used to run and realize our generals but he still. There's a very very integral part of that nice take coaches Eisenhower high school. And discussing the numbers fall meant in that vein and yelled it. Accuse me of is making sure the league is vibrant. Because surely keeps growing into different communities which are we we can touch him within the hour we will and and really just getting the sport back two or reasonable. Level participation. And confidence right and soul. Making sure we have the right people with the Ricky morrow and replace them if their new. Making sure they're trained and making sure that they understand he'll look you're not just doing something for Oak Creek or you're not just doing something for Oshkosh for cedar grove. You have EG the bigger purpose here to make sure this league drives right and make sure also the game football thrives because as we go. So goals are friends and everybody else that's around staples counts. And and show goes to high school pro capsule will have little in out a little surprise you broke New Berlin Eisner since our next guest is. Present earlier was that the youth football wolf I doubt that retarded Jason might Bartholomew. On the other side and in. Make sure Jason knows it wasn't meego product Eisenhower it was the commissioner Mike Everett if it were talking about the AYFL. It's the all American youth football week. Go to EYFL dot org for more. Information this is the place farm fleet you sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I and weeks. It's. Back to the planes permits please use sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. My big giver here and we're talking about. It is our youth football man and it is the league in and when you save the league in in Wisconsin it is the AYFL. We're joined the microphone right now might Bartholomew former head coach at Oak Creek inn and adjacent lowest. President of Perot and west youth football he Mike we're talking during the break about these the health of youth football. And where it is and numbers are are are hurt a will be right now and in I don't know is as long as you've been doing this to your dad was doing this. Is this normal world we kind of go on this roller coasters is something that's scaring you. Our ticket cyclical but I think is dirtier seeing a decline. In football because of the concussion issues. The commitment issues. You know I think there's a number of reasons. And were kind of falling into a perfect storm right now and that's where. The people if they wire fell. And we worked very hard in Oak Creek to get into that lead to years ago. Hoping for a benefit of the competitiveness in the and that cult and to create a better culture within our football program all the way through. Now a sappy for second what made you. You were on the outside looking at the stuff that that town my aching Geary everybody at Daley was doing said that's what we need to be a part of capsule. And I was that was an eleven year process that know what my tenure process tenure prost why did he take that long. To get the right leadership and though Oak Creek youth football to make the joke okay that's what a loss. It is number I'm on leave and in six months and yet you can't ambiguity he amazed that no I don't well liked is certainly did that surprise you took Campbell yes capsule. One lead redeemed prior. We are actually a couple leagues who's in numerals for awhile. Which who really wasn't productive. And then we are cut and I get to other leagues but they. You know they way I felt like Mike said is the Lee rhetoric creates competition. It create you know were able to play Franklin now at the youth we play whiskey go. You know you just get bulls rivalries that your gonna get at the high school level. Right it I just don't make there's no downside. To. The play in the best week Peter McCutcheon once told me that and it was this your last year he said look I complaint against some of these kids. On these other teams since fourth greet absolutely. Fourth grade and you know what they're shaking didn't mean I'm sick of them hit me but it's really fun but that statement from Peter recover and I take it as. Peter's been playing with his teammates yes it's fourth grade cracked that is. The biggest thing right is that. You know and you look at Franklin who's been in that I played fur. In the Vince Lombardi league back in 1976. I believe. Which ended up. Franklin ended up the team I play for ended up ending up to be the Franklin you football okay located in the salsa and walking. Lost right. But those those kids grow up together and that creates that bond. That now they're playing for each other they're playing for the community right. And I don't know of the key is nothing gets in on girls but I you don't get that. They'll you don't get that no I don't understand and I loved playing college bathtub and emerald glass wall college and you get five balls you know. Within the first quarter we're gonna nearly all. Going back and go study yeah what are you at exactly go to library yet he Jason as the president. New brewing west youth football first let me apologize from my first comment about. You Berlin Eisenhower and Mercury program that is his right I think admiral west programs to its self what pre budget that feature called cup and the public bill the president did the new brewer Wes few football program. Under the present for three years. Came on for years ago. As the third fourth grade coach excuse me. When my boys got to be the age of playing football sure. Hmmm I'd coached youth football before that I start on the Steagall youth program many many years go with coach job and you Benny Lewis oh sure we did that for about seven years and then I moved down. He coached with Mike Mike Busch for 09 or ten years at the semi pro level him and his son Kevin played spine. Yeah bush is the man. We should his his bribe in studio I had. You know Santa Claus at the plays firm sleeping yesterday maybe accuses came as Santa Claus over font I'd love to bring him more over I went yeah I mean you'd be both a how is the health of new broad west group PO we talked with the with Mike about the numbers and and look it's. You don't like Paris get concerned when you know a few years ago the president United States came on signify the senate would one of the football. And I think. You know if you say that. I and then it's tied town swilling guys like mark might or follow me sitting your and they say look football's never been safer it's a contact sport and it's a context for a how squirrels daughter played soccer shoe to stop playing soccer is taking questions. His son's playing college right now he's never it never had a good touch it. And he's you know he will played and about a buck sixty a quarterback and he got whacked the number time to. And so look but as for safety purposes. Helmets Q equipment's better. The feed the knowledge of what we're dealing with so the coaches are coaching different practicing different and still numbers discern between a world that. Exactly out our numbers have been relatively steady good upper upper down five to ten kids from year to year. Humble that's to say you're trying to stay ahead of the curve and educate everybody that it is it's never been safer the sport of football than it is right now. That's what goes into a number of things that are. That are taking place first of all starts with coaching the coaches and having them go through training. Heads up USA football any YS training. Teaching them how to teach tackling. The equipment you mentioned has never been better. We've got a system that we use a new broom last called the rebel insight system which is an impact response system of sensors that coincide helmet. And there's a hand held the vice that if there's an impact with a certain threshold it gives an alert to the with a hand held monitor and then you can pull the person often seat to attest to see where their. Promised sound system that. It's gonna tell you if a person had or didn't have a concussion right that the impact might have been enough tonight to cost one. On the we've got about a third of our program. From the kids there in those inside helmets now we've been. Growing that over the last couple years as it's been improving. Hey Mike when the kids are in. Fourth. Fifth grade. Did feed their risk of injury at that age did that is were more just trying to teach them a love for the game correct correct. And there's not I've gone to games at that age. And there's it's there's not a lot of big hits I don't think it's a lot of always being sent. Right together grew to bugs group pods and but these kids start to. To know the game start to understand the game I've grand kids at play play football. And they're starting to aid its upward bound they're starting to kinda understand yet it took a mobile pit button now as they watch. For college football pro football. You'll like it. That receiver that's were I him or that quarterback that running back so there start to gain the knowledge and then when they get a little bit older and they start to play tackle football. Again I don't think I worry too much about injuries until kids get to be maybe eighth grade and in high school there are some some some pretty heavy hitting going on what's your feeling on that. Plus I agree I and I think. Coach mentioned. Coaching the coaches and and what I've seen over the years is that the coaching has improved that you know at the high school level obviously. But at the use global law. I remember. Societal. 810 years a goal going to a practice in watching the drill that's refer to a sharks and metals were kids just run around and they just tackle. You know we're they're fully pay at a young there's some high impact collisions going on. And it at Oak Creek we would put and multiple coaches clue coaching clinics. For the youth and ensured liberal unless those same thing. An author and every high school around us. And I said fellas you can't be run handles real no I mean there's only in an item I have a cop I'd spent half biker coaching in college. And I remember listening to a pro coach speak at a clinic one time. He said you know we need to limit contact in practice because there's only so many hits and no shoulders right and I really took that hard over the years. Does it you know there's only so he'd always Italy at the you'd. You don't need to hit just hit. Right because created too bright green keep you guys on the my excuses. I've got way more questions and then that last segment of debris might. And teary back we're talking eight YFL. He go to their website AYFL. Dot org. We talk about youth football not only in south news got some throughout the state of Wisconsin this is the week and we talked to Mike in Gary. I'm gonna talk to them about. On that last segment the number of teams and HP's that are involved in this and if you don't know you're gonna be surprised is is it is quite big. Also I talked to them but that last champ ship team sets out Wisconsin Lutheran I thought those two really good idea. This is the blaze farm to flee youth sports show on sports Radio One 057 app from the fans or. We. Alumni notably its currently used sports show it is time for Christmas opera music populate it. Going to happen for next four weeks at. You will not one of my shows deuce on granma got run over wiry enduring an app that's this is the kind of stuff that place I hope you enjoy it. We're talking all American youth football league. And I've kept. To guess less eggs have more questions. Jason while it. Who's the president of new bro and Wes youth football Mike port call me former head football coach Newell creek very familiar with AYFL. AJ sorts Harkin during the break. About hitting in in the philosophy. That you have this is seventh grade coach. In the new brewer Wes you football. And league you weren't. Your your group there and talk about what your beliefs are as far as hitting. Gets a piggyback what cause birth on his said last segment comments about making sure the coaches are doing things the right way in and practicing a little bit different than we used to. We follow WI eight contact rules Smart your from as far as when we can be doing live contact and how much. And it is quite a bit different this is my this was my twentieth your coaching football sides seemed. The change in the shift. Yeah I know you were not crackers right right exactly just invoice yet there was an injunction bush you know don't drink the water take a salt pill he had a totally Smart idea and people wonder why care of lord I said ten minutes ago. With a hook. And it's one of those things where if you can't really resist the change you've yet to just embrace it and then figure out the way to still be successful. And for my team specifically you know we we try to be very Smart this year and I've got twin boys come in and Troy. And our football team and they would get after me after practices often like when we get more and we tack more when we go life more. And his tried to explain on anybody's got a certain money hits and and we wanna we don't want to waste we wanna save them we're gonna plays Smart we're gonna do our our lives stuff we need to or gonna be Smart. And at the the last game of the season this was our our eighth game I asked my sons like how do you feel unable Santa I feel good I feel fresh as a while they're ego. Brands at the just kind of build sets seventh grade now it's great to do it again and again it's nice to where they play a little bit more in its console for. Bite back in the day and night either back in date back five years ago maybe even now. You you'll see teams. That he hit a Platt told all week for. And you can see the teams that are really tired. And in the basketball world and that coach of Martin Luther coach Wallace charity is as good as anybody. Ed Ed Ed understanding these kids' bodies we he does a really good job of of you know and knowing when were plan. You go hard and then you go you know with skill wise shooting then and then cut down the practices near the end of the year it's it it's two hours now we go to an hour 45 of them you know fortieth. Maybe an hour thirty. And I think it's football guys. Guys have been around a while figure that out some of the young guns on cut short yet if they are figured that out well. You have to do coach steer players. And like this year we had to our numbers were down at the varsity level we had guys playing both ways. So we needed to change the way we practice right and you know I've never been a big proponent of hitting anyway we have been going. You'll like four play you know we go for live play is from the ten yard line on Tuesdays and Wednesday. But we had a mix that this year just because of the potential for injury. And here in the wind because we're talking about the eight YFL. Jason did they'd firm from the commissioner my deeper on don't you guys have discussions about this. Yeah we definitely do we have meetings every month starting in January and we talk about player safety will be can do in the league has. I'm stipulations that the coaches the coaches can coach in the league and less they are. Background checked and unless they've gone through some sort of youth certification so that they know what they're looking for. And then as presidents we are to monitor that make sure that everybody's on the up and up. Then there's a lot of guys in those means yeah G gaming done a lot of football coaches who mourn the rule that I've been up to Madison you. But but but but and let me interject here though because I've gone a couple those meetings and and I've known Mike for a long time and I've just been and never more impressed by an organization of the day that's a alive. They care about their kids experience. Keeping it safe. Giving them a great experience a competitive. Experience. Where the kids are held responsible. Because they don't have it's not a 100% you know the kids are not guaranteed. A 100% playing time is of the kid doesn't come to practice these certainly shouldn't be they shouldn't be play right no soul. You're right it's your sabres a better commission he was a pass or refereed. I can't speak the basketball I don't know I or let's say I charitable. Keep via public tiresome I was a much better commissioner and he was a few quick you know you would you would you say what surprised seek any beads just. I don't mind bad calls but your cell alone just C album yeah it's good to know that he's a good commissioner who would I like and the website. Is there is a coach's code of conduct and there's a player code of conduct and there's apparent. Code of conduct that you guys can now is go back to if you need to it say look we asked you look at that. Dip with their parents code of conduct. And you're not supporting the team you're not you know. Always so walk away from officials had called in quotation stuff like that in I think it's important date Kate to have that writing in handout. I especially through the president of like me worldwide assets. Literally we go over that at a registration median it's it's available on mine as well. And our motto numeral unless you football's building future champions on and off the field and we wanna do that not only for the kids but for the community is well. We have another model as one where were connected. Very. Strongly with our high school organization coach Cha sickened burlesque and it's it's asking not. Not what can not what can the program do for me but what can I do for the program what can we accomplish together and that's a fantastic thing and in that don't you can't look in the future ruin your twin boys and you'll take them three it's great when they graduate you'll continue to be part of that youthful football program. That's the plan he able compact car were ticket it is it's a lot of work yes I am looking at a replacement now my my wife is also read our registration coordinator and our treasure. So it's it's a family affair and it's a lot of work on I eight. Teach so I think we have summer software can devote a lot more time to over the Summers right but there it's not uncommon to have you know 345 hours a day where I'm just kind of work myself and trying to land up there wanna make it. The experience the best that we possibly can't fools kids. We're gonna get through break. Part I don't know far have you back in you know he's you don't talk which high school basketball but man it's. And in I did this last time your studio I can't thank you enough offered you know you've always been very kind with your time to the show into the high school show. And I respect your opinion on this stuff so every chance I've had to reach out T I've done it. And the only thing that I wish that I could have accomplished. Was to give you your dad in a room the same time. All the that element of a funnel of out of a good show notably a good show you're gonna love this one turn to. Not particularly how I can go I'm looking forward so much snow blower in the spring yeah I know that you are looking forward to that we take you so much rescued assumed my daughter Christmas Jason Merry Christmas we're gonna bring yard Kyrie and Mike. Back for that last segment this is ablaze farm if we use sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Just. I curious. Who's he. Yeah well are there plans currently used sports show we're talking eight AYFL. Youth football in his view week. Go to AA YFL dot org to give him more information on the league were it joined again by my paper use the commissioner Gary where government. Stretcher contents in social media. He might comedy how many teams in let's just she's eight great how many teams. Are NF. We had 24 teams in division one this year no let's include some organization of two teams share late. Our differing serial horsing coached 102 ski team toward cents down. Ostrich when he fourteen division one with sixteen teams division to that we had six teams that are combined 78 green division three this year. And that's how ash bash Brady's at the farthest harsher our reach goes far north of the Oshkosh west as west as a com walk. And a self was element. And then you ever seen at all not yet sold over part of what we like to do is obviously Grohl. On not only with the bigger programs and also smaller problems so you know there's an interest in places such lake journey house which is just some so yes sell side the year looking to get in. For next year. On shore would there's bigger places lake. Lake Geneva badgers thought about in the past deductible things and. What is your selling point to them Mike when you caught and you talk to the people only to Mueller you talked to people rich or what. And you say look that this would be a good move for you to come in and here's why. So they're troubled different ways that we sell one way is if you're smaller program. You know also take a journey house take a short which they give me the kind of thing we have a solution for you that gives you more competition. But the same time you don't have to go searching for your officials. You'll have to schedule your own game we do all that for you your original searching for your own insurance all that kind of thing so we have that your rupture. He died can ask you this to come in I should ask Jason on this effort got boat the cost to these kids is that in uniform throughout. On each. Group or Khin Khin Jason say look we're gonna charge this in the people you don't I ask us west charge something different. So we run it like the W re runs or where basically as long as you follow our guidelines. You can basically do whatever you want within your local area. Sold it all Brookfield central charges acts Oshkosh west charges lie wafers page charges this it's all different based in the community and what their need and want there. And depending on if they need to do fundraising crowd if they do you know they sell pizzas you can offset the cost stuff like that. Arm and then volunteers the same way when when Jason who's the president knew brewer Wes few football. I should ask him what keeps help him up at night. I've got to believe it's volunteers. You know kitty people that are willing to step out and doing him and his wife. Are doing and and you know what special place in heaven for for coaches wives and telling yet. And when Jason said look this is a family affair for us. You're the dig to find volunteer she's some of these youth groups as hard ban. And I'll tell you that's one thing you don't all of the fund raiser for secular very good friends Tony rash the past what or. He has been supporter early for number years like hit I'd be remiss though talked more reasons steaks and helping how many organizations. Get over that hump. Don't know what kind of guy he has. I sent out too because he's a client of mine and he's my front I sent out some information on the the toy drive to benefit Children's Hospital showed he ignited showed up he showed up as a sponsor or he showed up at location. He is. You talk about Mike bush having a good heart Toni Russian saints absolutely stadium raises face fund raising leadership development every use group that comes in. When asked wealth fund raising if they say. We have some moms be cookies. I tell them about Tony Russian capsule and to call. Breezes sakes foundries and leadership Bellman I'm glad that you brought that up because I agree with you he's as good as they get. And one of the other things hang on back to what keeps you up at night great. Well the great part of what our league and one of the selling points in our league is. What keeps him a night changes from worrying about well is this team gonna feel old. On what team at the fifth and sixth street level this year or her all to have an official to cover my games for Saturday two. Basically worry about just themselves they also worry about the macro stuff they don't worry what they'll round of violence. That is the parts that that. You might keep some people have been Knight age you know the finances. The two we have the correct number of uniforms were we gonna give the money for the uniforms. Armed that kind of stuff once that's all settled. And the first practice happens that's the fun part right that's the part that OK here we go let's get the season going I absolutely it it's like. Crystal clear of when when the season gets going and we finally get here and you know we get opportunities to go and what I enjoyed doing the most of having the opportunity to go meet. Coaches meet meet kids meet family and all these different venues so when we choose a game of the week will actually go to a practice for each of those teams and and and film some things during practice talk to coaches players and at that never that never ceases to amaze me. On people come up and say we love what you're doing we love the opportunity for. Our kids to give. Exposure you know and and have a chance to do interviews because you know they're gonna do that stuff and high school and it's it's. Much like for you football is great to prepare them for high school and we think the things that we're doing by putting kids in these positions give them opportunities to practice. When they get to high school. You know we talk about what sets you guys apart and why you know we targets the league and I don't know if you use that it happened and that's what I always thought of as. On the plane had at Wisconsin Luther concert championship games where they showed what a cool thing what a way to separate yourself from some motherly. Yes and one of the things it Mike Wilson's longtime friend of mine and everything. And one of the things that we discusses the leak is how do we get away from. Well you know O'Connell you have a grass field for instance all it's gonna rain. All we have soccer sectional we have to deal with Freddie need to trophy under championships. And having three championship games now. Home. We felt what the better place the more the most console to college. And so on approaching Mike is absolutely you know we're not using the facility why not aunts great PR for them it's either he. Is the most successful place and right in the middle. AM and they were out standing. If it were is better than I ever imagined. It being the kids. You don't want to Hilton's a prime example they're first time reverend championship game and we're all champ which has been that eighth greeted right it's the varsity circuit. Those kids were all the before warming up just running up and don't feel that every because they had never been on turf field before and that's talks and he experiences. It is in those kids will remember that to rest their life. You know they just well they'll talk about bill drive past. With their kids in the current point of that stadium is say scored two touchdowns they're absolutely Al Bundy let me tell you its second let's go around the block and what's going to feel unsure exactly. Where I did it he guys we we just touch the surface. And in July or so may we get you back somehow race on May be August we we come back with. With some of the stuff of maybe July if we can't get to back and the youth sports show and and go more in depth. In the EYFL. If he. Have you was if you wanna look at AA YFL dot org. I say slot Mike it's good to see your concern about -- years have passed for official here not normally carry but our picks up it's good to see why it forever Jason embraced like they slot for. For comedy and this is the planes farm of sleep you sport show. On sports Radio One 057 at them. The fan.