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Saturday, April 21st
Junior Chargers Baseball

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Southeast Wisconsin has some of the best high school and college athletes in the country how did they get their starts. In their journey it's time to talk about some of the best youth sports programs in the area. It's time. They youth sports show with the fans high school insider. Mike giver. What competitive wage are replete sports show we are live it's just it's Hamilton for the 2000 ET. WFCA. High school football come by. I'm Mike we giver and up talking junior charger baseball. Eric the first few who's the president Eric's nice to meet she they next meet you thanks to a settlement that he had you bet men appreciate your willingness to month. Gotta buy it left I've known since he's about third grade at Johnny Arnold. His dad went to Messmer figured John would follow in dad's footsteps but. The instant going to pipes were not okay it wasn't too bad. News hit him yet it was skewed view. You go I both loved watching you compete do I not tell you why as a coach sometimes you can never. You can't keep guys to have that fire in their belly. And you Walsh had it didn't matter what what's your compete with and I'm sure you're still let's say wait a world laugh and if you play strike out you you placed her got to win. Yeah aperture means. And then that's something that I think like you pointed out it is difficult to teach. But but the passion that that I had playing I think now kind of comes into this program. Coach and you like coach and yeah. Well coach your son yes it's. It's a different animal rights picture it is my age 36 years in a coach of basketball. Coach and all kinds of different bubbles and people are always surprised and I tell in the past three years I ever. Coaching were calvary Baptist and the nominee falls. A coach and my son. And it 67 kids in the whole school. I mean I left to Medicare and when we went back to actually championships and they go to calvary Baptist people early ya your mind when you get it. If you get air you get a rental absolutely yet coach and her son's is that we still. Once once they get to college not ecology edited out all the bad stuff that happened in all we do now is have fun talking about it. You know when it's done it's it's really good which is doing it how how is the relationship John who tune your voice. If I mean it's fabulous. I I think it's vital that is strong as we culture our own kids. On the field. The sooner we get in the car and leave that's over in your back to that if you can balance that it's a very very good mix. Yet this sport could I start by the old time coach or suns coach think that's a coach died though it's an older book now. I've learned a lot that first year coach Matthew my school I don't think was very good outspent. But what I'd and I read the book a couple of times and when Edward Foreman it's his view was once we get the kitchen table. Once we get the kitchen table I'm not your father to after teams sometimes he jump in my wife's cards moms are. And try to get the kits cable before Ike and I'd be at the doors in Novo. What you think it why would she take it a shot at the Buick the way it did advocates Hayward and so I envy you guys so much. I start to look at it to the junior a charger baseball program and and just you know Eric the reason that this show started that the use sports show. Is I I keep calls all the time from you know somebody sane analogy frankly football because that's one of the ones that he called by a lot. How you know they have all the money they need to get all these players to get this thing at this high that they do it and it saved them a radio that like Colin may. Would you talk these guys I know what you call. In all we can't we just UVs we've we do it. They do things to wait so the idea about the show was the public are impeccable but it sure it's okay what keeps you up the network struggle. When I had the freak when you people win. Five minutes and asked that question who won the handles are volunteers that unified volunteers. We about I don't know is it 150 dollar pay out you can pay us or you can volunteer. I don't need the money. I need your time capsule 5% of people do 90% of works just like church and sold at I've realized that you know what their people that was in the show. And and look you guys look at at least two wipes in the research I did. You guys to do this right way. We got a lot of people involved in the program which we wouldn't Johnny's got seventy coaches came and spoke of a off we didn't the last. Oh we don't have a problem coaches. At the community has been very supportive. With all the players that come into the program which seem that we we've got a lot of gentleman who raised their hands to help coach. Volunteers and though when it comes to a lot of things surrounding her program though whether the our annual tournament. We still sometimes struggle yeah there yeah you're right that it is common issues is your purchase of busy today say they are and in I think. Look at they are I understand that I do but if their sons or daughters are going to be fully infested. In a program especially like this one but if you go online in and look up you charger baseball this is not. This is not a program that she's trying to get its chance applicable please. The to develop and play at a high level to get to the next level our goal is to get them into the high school baseball program. We wanna deliver kids that are not only really good gifted athletes but really good young men right and that's one of the things that. We spent a lot of time line early in in the process right after tryouts as identifying coaches running coaches through. Full background check and that we wanna make sure that these go to the commander program cannot only guide the boys it promote baseball development standpoint but help them make. Make them into better government. Did you know that hit man to this. You know I did. Whenever you have a us army that. He Janette as. The time my son John was coming and it was heats your parent or are where my Gunner ago we know we played clause that lead which was great program for him and we knew this was mr. at a program. Which you want to beat you wanna enter new program it is going to teach more than whatever sport that is in our case baseball right. And I think that that's really what drew me to the junior chargers is that. It's community based I mean you see in the people that that your plan with all throughout the week. What the coaches in our program we try to develop play players. And and young man and that's what really drew me to it. We you know we we started the show and I talked about your competitive nature and an early age. You find that as as you coach. That it's it's difficult because not every cues you'd be like you were. Yeah you know. But to me that's part of the challenge right. I would say I probably. Personally. More of a throwback type coach a little bit more intense. But. I think yet the art of coaching is over time with the kids finding what makes each of them take it and moving each of them. Forward right you're in the ideas and to move each hit to the exact same place right because it's not realistic but how can you take. Each kid and move them forward make them a little bit. Battery feature right I think that's really important same question do you. From a coaching perspective there's nothing more personally. Satisfying that the indicate developed. Scenic hit at the beginning of the year acted into the we're the indoor practice facility and maybe they can't do one particular skill maybe they're really young teenagers 38 year old and have a heart I catch a pop like the by the end of the season their catch a pop flies. Without a problem and from coaching perspective to see that sort of progression. Again that's got to be one of assessment things we do you guys cut. You guys have to have kids that market that don't have a chance by well we do you have. A limitation and that is under indoor practice facility we only have so much time. In the winter months to get so many teams in through throughout the week it is fully utilized. Monday through Friday Saturday and Sunday at all hours of the day's. Respect especially on the weekends so. That is their limitations so that forces us to only have so many teams right. We're lucky enough that we get enough kids that come out of they'll usually two teams that ETH level. And that's usually the rotation that we we do end up having to cut a few kids. To just. Because that requirement is your rec department here there is so so there's a chance to play baseball and most certainly making the play in the nominee falls would leak they can play in the Sussex. Who has been use the sly believed. Both of those are fantastic opportunities to have the kids still continue playing baseball and we always encourage those kids. Go that path and come back CS next you're right we may need you next year you may develop. And and we may need CNET walked a guy John you know this and you know its air and for so did you go to Saint Francis hall of fame report that was my dad OJ congratulations to him yet that's a huge deal he was a fantastic athlete 1616. Time letter winner home might you be played all the sports back in the sixty. It's well I hope all basketball and track. Uses the Internet if you enlistment is he around the hat he's stiglitz and secrets it's bad. Yeah good for Q Greg his first name Gilbert Gilbert congratulations. That's that's a huge steel and end we wanted to fifth celebrate that with you. John when when we talk about this and and and you I think babies it is well as anybody. Know that that there may be kid who is eight years old. That that tries out gets cut goes in place and rack. And then all of us and develops you know 91011. Years old beat kid falls in love with baseball develops and then he comes back. And if you guys go Matty we gotta keep this yet. Read your degree of the kids that that would you look at them I know as a coach. Did their kids that it fits great on coaching basketball that you never think you're gonna get on the floor and by seventh grade because they put in the a lot of work. And they fall in love with the sport I can't keep a month that. Yeah you know it's always challenging when you're in a situation where you have to. Not to execute on the team in and I like to look at it is it is not a situation but more when not yet. Okay you know in in certain kids would be doing a disservice by playing over their level. And that's why there are levels of play right so acute as we get far more. If we give them that opportunities ago and develop a little bit and then come back and join us way. For sure yeah I think that support him how many so what what age or do you start these kids at. We start the Mets seven years old now so first grade and we've got. Teams in in two levels easily at each age group all the way through you fourteen to three great. Do you do the kids have to live in the Sussex area either have to live in the Sussex school district for go to school with in the school districts that they go to a private school but they live outside the right school district. They can certainly participate in our program and we have. Kids that are from seven different communities today on the nominee falls saw six Colgate land and Lee has been even Milwaukee and Butler got good for you. That's that's good and you said you have no problem find it coaches is that a that's an area that a lot of people let's see where you guys are sitting today. And we're talking about this go look we can't. I can't find coaches I can't find guys willing to give their time one of the things that we are passionate about is developing her coaches. And that's one of the things Johnny's been responsible for this year he's. This you're taking on the role of director of player development and that his players in its coaching development as well so we have. We have a really extensive coach's handbook so that we give that to each of those coaches that into the program we sit down with them for a couple hours. Run through sort of with that the way we can fix and and the expectations. So it is we wanna make sure that they're prepared to. Engage the kids and get them motivated to continue would be the sport of baseball not just now. The continuing in the ice and in Los mostly guys let's. It tube right now this other break director of player development. As stupid idol. And scary it is to a spot you've heard of direct. Yeah that is your BQ to what they picked a good guy to do that no doubt you played obviously you still played a really high level. My talk about your dad on my baseball shall lot. A lot because my brother lose on purpose reported notes but Dan. He met my brother 64. Still catch. And he travels well it can't elect. A cynic you throw anybody out. Their guys as they used to be that we're getting it too bright of a sample continued targeted Johnny Arnold. And Eric with first he used the president John he's director of player development for the junior charger baseball program. We're live at Sussex Hamilton for the 2000 ET WFC high school football. This is the late farm fleet use sports show on sports Radio One 057 at them the band. And I and us. News. Welcome back to the police for roughly youth sports show. Odds were pretty 1057 FM the fan we're live at Sussex Hamilton high school 2008 TW AC com by. The big boys going through right now offense defense lineman they've let the pretty boys quarterbacks commit to thirty get death. The pretty boys get to sleep in the oval that. It's lot of kids out here but 590 high school student athletes from around state. We'll come through this indoor facility if you've not seen the under pursuing it says it's Hamilton stopped by. He sees amazing. And every year I see it and it it just isn't everywhere time Milwaukee carriages Tenneco. Immaculate come up that but Wisconsin Madison at their facilities is to beautiful. Beautiful place we're talking junior baseball junior charger peaceful. Today with air quote first he was the president. Of but she's charged based on Johnny Arnold director of player development. On guys we we talked about players and we talked about how you guys keep coaches. Air referred for you personally as the president news organization what keeps you up at night. Well I just wanna make sure that each of the families that are part of the program. Walk away after every year saying. My kid had a great time. Right so I constantly trying to think about ways that we can get kids. You know excited about the program. So for me it's about making sure that there's the right amount of my practice time in the indoor practice facility that we got the right equipment. That we have the right variety of things for the kids to do. The last thing we want the kid he was walkways I was bored playing baseball. So we try to integrate has made it much. From a fun perspective gains. Interactive things get the kids more than just couldn't do the drills do we do drills absolutely want it to develop but. We turn a lot have its walkway have it a great time and I think he's the biggest thing today from. Coaching perspective one of these challenges is communication. And one of the things I strive all the coaches that are part of the program is Dmitri communicate with parents because. You know it's not just the kids that are in the program but the parents as well in in in because everybody's so busy in because everybody's got so what's going on. Outside of school. Whether it be baseball basketball other sports other extracurricular activities. The cat bounce at all and we airfield communicate with that help make their lives will be easier he what made you and step up in in and you're so involved with with this program. I've got two boys in the program I've got them on the head coach at the U twelve wait team in we've got a red and white each level. And my youngest son Mason is at the united levels by assistant coach that team as well as uncle Mike and two teams. I love being. A part of the program I love being a part of the group that that he has a vision to take it forward right it and I think. Johnny in there and others have as part of it the club our treasurer Mike Moser is doing a phenomenal job. Uh oh we've got a new coach and Kenny Bernstein that you eight level these are vice president. The gentleman their part of this this board are. All have the same sort of vision of improving the level of baseball improving experience for the kids in the community. And for me I wanted to be part of it and you know I wanted to help take that next level. Hey via how much you guys beat because I'm looking that your your club leadership team and you've got the board members in the club coordinators. And and you were not gonna get a chance to talk about all these people with the amount of names today see on this list. What what excites me a guy like me is there are people that are willing to step up I how how what's the time commitment. Pursuit for somebody like Teresa who was building of the future coordinator for Kelly with the court coaching coordinator. You know how much time commitment to those cuts. So we meet once a month we have a board meeting. Usually last about an soured after two hours we run through on every of the one of the director's reports out what's going on with their individual role. And you know we go through the operations we any updates we have regarding our turn it which is our annual fund raiser at the end of the year. He'll have in this hearing in the July. And you know that there's that level certainly there's not a weekly basis there's communication across the board and I'm curious items that come up. Maintenance of our indoor practice facility. Equipment. We we have sphere where you can see China are where it's a reversed here were here today so there's a few few things that we review but I can tell you what it. When we get together on the board meeting and it. And a monthly basis there's a lot of funding in a lot of great communication like shearing of stuff that's going on that club wide like the fact that. That you guys meet once month. And I we knew when you talk public everybody's got kind of a common goal for this thing and I understand have been around long enough time that. I know in those meetings are some people you questioned some people are gonna say no one viewed this way but once you open adored your your remarks to. Yeah we establish some pillars. Within our organization so when you enter you should know what you're gonna expect that your coach or parent or player we actually set those expectations. Right away at the beginning of the season we issue. Expectations for parents coaches and players it's a list of eight and things for each one and and your right. There's new people come in the program can we do things a bit differently we have open ears we were gonna listen in new ideas we were not in that we're. We do everything exactly the right weight world but it changed. But we do want provide an experience that people. Can expect. When they enter the program when they walk way to go you know what that exactly what they said they were gonna do and they did at the air first he's the president. It looked you can go to their website yet you charger base votes you're charged baseball dot com one word. Of the Eric could you let Johnny know that might be part of the show. That unit on run the forty and he would do the lift you know that I'm excited to see it and I've still beat somebody's show we sit somebody who might. You might throw at the end it I don't know but that always use the notable Gallup pretty important that you figured you know what he. Somehow that doesn't surprise me if Johnny when when you talk about an N Eric said look. He's nuts to player development guys to coach and development guy as well. We'd we'd when you talk to your coaches. Yeah we had this conversation six or seven months ago where you were to turn a bit there's a a guy who was. He's day the kid that he would pitch and at throats so when he pitches but he was what can win this tournament and it was the age of nine maybe the Mariners ninth and he said look this is getting out of hand. And we had that conversation. You was the guy for for Jews church baseball you have those conversations. With your coaches. Yeah I mean. I I think not that we that we ever had issues with that believes that we polian have rules that kind of control that so it's not something that. We have to address specifically. For virtually from an overall philosophy standpoint. Well what we're trying to do is. It it is is put kids in a position to succeed. Not just when you see out right so to to me. I believe that if we're. Entering teams in two weeks were were about the third or fourth place team that's where we should that's perfect if I go ahead and we win that at least that's and that's an achievement right. But if we if we're chastened trophies from her kind of like the car we're acting in the kids and. Now if you get new league where you know you're viewed dominate. You know other than the other teams who then have to try to get better to be able to catch up to you. Yeah I don't know if you're doing your kids. Any favors by doing that it erred or like you sit chastened trophies in turn him it's really you know that these kids are going to be challenged. As the player development guy. Q do you think that plane kids in different positions. On the is the way to go or you specialize kids if that executive at first base and this kid at the age of nine shortstop. It's kind of a combination of both it and you know when US air which keeps him up and that is present that's kind of stuff that keeps me up and that is as a player development coaching development partner. Because there's there's there's a fine line you walk. And and here's my wife's a saint because it's what keeps her that night because that's all I do is think how can we make an experience better for these kids drives are crates and aegis. You know coach is just that you spent a regulation in in heaven for coach was so. Order and get net is there are certain kids that never loved to play your shortstop. Right which are now ready yeah and I don't believe that we put it in a position to fail right. We work with them practice and when they show they have an opportunity absolutely we'll play them matters are we specialize in kids. Nine years old not by design right right but we've had kids that at nine. I wasn't comfortable putting from sixty feet away from the baseball acute swing a bat yet identity can be a safety issue. So now we work with the parents to explain what we're trying to do. And we take its turnaround in development now through the infield and next years so we have to look at it is I think too many people look it is my kids ninety's now in the play shortstop. North and remember what position player concerns you know and that worked through practice and development to give them the opportunity to have all the skills. And guess what I've put him at shortstop for two innings and no one involved if there but he got the plea sure you know I. So we have to look at it as the as the process and that's how we're kind of doing her hold developmental growth. You talked about the parents have got some questions regarding that on the other side of the break again you're we'd we'd highlight promote celebrate what you guys do. And we also pull the curtain back if there's some guys that are listening and that are run another baseball programs they're taken notes which just said. And they're taken notes or to what you just said about your meetings once a month. On how you know what we have a good time and we we were all in lockstep. At the end of this thing and that's why we have so much success. With the junior charger baseball program you go to GC charges junior charged baseball dot com. On the web said you want take a look at some of the stuff these guys are doing. Is it too late for cues to it says sign up to play this here. Yeah tractor over yet right actions are tryouts for winning nineteen are common our company in the last week of July and as a busy yet so we plant roots in his or season ends the week after our tournament we start up again with direct routes you like few wide now that's cute shirt baseball program. Pete you one point four billion their president. Which by the time pitcher what good and I'm kidding is a volunteer deal in I just kidding it was beat Jo Stanley is he's nets giving many we non profit organization nonprofit organization will give back retarded Johnny Arnold. He's a director of player development Eric the first few was the president junior charger baseball. We're live under access it's Hamilton through 2018. If yes year high school football com by. And this is depleted farm fleet you sports show on sports Radio One 057 at them the band. And assists. Where are. I. Welcome back to please fervently youth sports show on sports 31057. FM in. We're live at Sussex Hamilton high school league indoor facility. 2018 WFC high school football come by. It's awesome this facilities great to see other big boys run in the drills doing this up there's what's he doing. In it. That the big guys at ten next level right in this thing in the running really really well sound bite you can come in if you want. Take a look at the silly take a look at some of that the best that Wisconsin has to offer. When it hosts of these Playskool. Football players trying to play the next level. We are talking junior charger baseball with the the president Eric the first heat that's a tough name by the way. You aren't. I got that down though you while you get it right when it. I called you report at the pro guys that you get out this out solid polish to Sao opposed it. The south side. Great save France is if that doesn't. It Johnny Arnold he's director cleared development of note Johnny for wants out. And it he doesn't know this but I used to love watching him what. Basketball and he was solid as somebody that's court. But you don't want it he was use trying to win didn't win the game. And I I'd wait watching him play as it as an athlete because he was just really competitive. And so when I knew that when I found out that he was coach and he was part of a junior charger baseball I wanted to get his take on some of the stuff. Come in and there's some there's some questions though it's hard to vote parent their safety and resources. Before get to that. I had a kind feet in his own Johnny that I asked him if he thought the kids have changed since he was. And and I fully expected to say yes you know while it's social media all the stuff he should know he soup we've changed and that's it really. He said but I became a division one college football coach at 28. I was single and no school. Now 44 bared her three kids out I'm the guy exchange they haven't changed how you feel that as well. Yeah I do right I think that. Society has changed. Influencers and if they've got more things to do. Everything has changed around kids. Kids are still kids yeah it's still weren't structure they still wanted to coach Hart if you're gonna show home. Reward when they do well and I think that we've moved away from that a little bit. And that's created some of the the gap we've seen in development. And that kinda moves to throw it to parents to because. Look everybody not everybody. Your parents that think that their son he's going to the ambient. If he's going the NFL they he's going to Major League Baseball and you know what they're my two a couple of them that are correct. But at the age of 8910 you don't know that. And so how do you guys talk in the air and mr. review you to park your parents about how to act as a parent of a junior charger baseball player. We certainly do we give them expectations at the beginning of the year when we ever registration date we have one dollar review of what's in it expectations for the season. Which do you expect from us as a leadership group within that India club. What we should expect of the coaches and frankly what we expected you as parents write it it's it goes into little deeper of just not just keep your kids there on time. But here we go as deep as we expect that you. Let the coaches coach during a baseball game or you have an issue we have 24 hour rule or we 24 hours in the don't just text your email. Make sure you set up an appointment with the coach talked face to face or if you can't talk is based dude over the phone it's that you have to have that personality right if you do have a concern. So you know we go to that level and it we've been stated that the parents I say it every year is after every game you talked about. The dinner table you know going back into debt after every game tell your kids are into it watch you play today. Just know that if you tell him I enjoyed watching you play today right. That's and they really need to hear whether good or bad. Maybe they hit a homer maybe they struck out three times me to Ayers doesn't matter to the cute all he wants to hear is that he had mama mom and dad. Uncle Grabow entered what you played it. Yeah Jenny how do you on. As as a coach now not talking use your amid heavy take up the third development at with the coach pat on these. How do you deal with we do with parents that don't think your your doing what what's right for their yet. First off I'd say that any time you're in that situation. You have to take it's not personal young right you have to understand that. It in in the context of what we're doing every single parent says one world and that's their kids nameless they're cute to succeed in and have opportunity to do bouts and have fun and have fun get what I think my. My position on that is what I think some parents don't understand is once you take on group of young man they all become your son. And you and you 24 hours at their thinking about how can I get better each and every one of them an opportunity. You may not agree with that or understand it right you may not see the vision we have long term. What I welcome those conversations and even if the parents upset because I would rather repair come to me upset and have a conversation and be ready for an honest answer. Then to let it fester inside in the parents are token it's a healthy conversation we just have to always go back to we're all trying to do the same thing get each and every cute about stuff which. And you guys I think that parish who have never coached will never get what you just said about once you coach he skewed the all become your kids. I am telling you until you until you been willing to tip to step up and coach. Because I agree with you and there you know what. If those are all my voice some of them this point we sometimes some of them make we met some of home I'm so proud of you know it's it's like it's like our our our own kids and sometimes you gotta shake your uncle what would you think it like where you really did you really just do that. And I don't think if you PA if you haven't coached I don't think you. You understand that there's a ton of work ethic good pick that there's going to have his ties to attend but you gotta love it you've got to enjoy it I don't I put in. Quite a few hours are in a week yes it is to keep the club go at it as well as coach coach my team but you know what I wouldn't do it I didn't love it loved you and it's so. When there is apparent concern the it's usually something that short term rate in in we're working were taken long term. We're thinking you know I'm I'm having conversations there assisting coaches. Constantly we're having a meeting on Sunday to talk about real preparation for the rest the season just with my. Coaches and that you twelfth while and and I think he sometimes you don't see that we are we're putting all the time to get it we do have a long term vision. Note can say you don't want your parents and and the best books I can that's for a coach that that short ten minutes for the National Anthem and leave ten minutes after. And an are upset about stuff they they have no come to practice. A conduct I had a guy one time long time ago John he said you know what. That we got noble will a discussion I would say but played ten efforts on. As Jimmy favored Condit Condit to practices. And watch your son get beat like a rented mule and a defense that I beat him off the Ruble. Mean and I should look in your kids shooting out he consumable that. Which you know what he's not gonna score fourteen and give up thirty that's it that's not a really good ratio and he can't. He he will not defense not that he can't but he will not and so this guy never came into practice by the end of the year used by rally red agent. I did so he got it but he needed to it to say somebody to be honest with them and tell you real quick before you to break. The football the numbers are going down because safety and we talked during the break you guys have keep their parents are concerned nuclear safety even in baseball. We have. A lot of different parameters we put in place keep. It's healthy safety is that number one thing we go through. We we tell the coaches with tickets can be seeking first one of the biggest concern today in baseball is kids throwing their arms out right. Watching the pitch counts I've been interred and it's in Johnny's been internist before we see 890 annual kids throw 100 pitches in one game early in the morning. And you see him later today and turn it later in the afternoon in Europe on the mound that's crazy that that's just that's that's that's so. We give all of our coaches strict regulations as to how many pitches were allowing each of the kids to throw at every age that how much rest they need to have. After that's over it's gonna throw sixty pitches at nine years old. And it it out of Saturday that it's gonna need four days' rest before it is again so he better not be pitch in on Sunday. Do you watch your. Sent a multi sport athlete Gary's doing basketball baseball. Has played. The Sussex lines like football this would be his first year tackle. But he's to a mall for more people do all temperature. We knew before I didn't use portrait through the midwest or speech sportsman's show and these doctors committed to him look. The kids that that are cross train through so there gold football mile past when they're going baseball and then they're they're squandered. And sea biscuit. But I see the kids that only swim or the kids that the growth that are only playing volleyball or the poison her leap it's him playing baseball. Or catchers CY catchers. But that's all they do be they had their catchers and they are there working on their craft but they're doing it and eleven months out of the year. Those advocates who see all the time on registration day were very clear we encourage all the kids that play multiple sports please played basketball played volleyball. The other sports that you can't when it comes April 1 to dedicate yourself my baseball got a few months right that's what our expectations are. But we want multi sport athlete because because frankly it become better athlete I know this if I've got a guy. There's bases load is by in the seventh and is a 32 count and he's got to get a c'mon throw strike. If he can do that in that situation you know free throw at you have a basketball game. You know I'd love those multi sport guys because we get to break. What I want to but the other side of the break is the resources that you guys have. During the last Regina was shown beyond his phone what they have for coaches and and and guys I beat practice plans and in these tips that they have. Right available on your phone when you become a coach. Here in June charger baseball program if he cried viva seeming like it and it's you know kudos to these guys. To make sure that their coaches are prepared. To run it could practiced and prepared to give these kids to play the next level this is the plates are replete youth sports show. I'd sports Radio One 057 F the band. I and I shortness. It's. News. Welcome back to the place for roughly youth sports show revive its essence Hamilton high school to 2018. To be FC high school football com by. Tucker junior charger baseball. Air conference he was the president Johnny Arnold the director of player development coated sheet art charges FaceBook dot com. She aired charges baseball dot com. Chinese showed me some of the resources that that you guys have at the end literally your fingertips. And in I commend you guys were put it to work in. To get that done. Does the thought process behind it was to make sure that your coaches are are are up to par with what you guys who look. For yeah for sure and it we alluded to it earlier I think. Before one of the breaks where Ericsson there we discussed how people come in with new ideas and we listen we have some I got to commend. Eric and some of the guys have been around for awhile prisons I came in actor and had this vision of of how to develop players right and it's not so much just practice go play games in the all the foreigners and all that stuff we can do better run and job. Putting kids in position to be developed and I think that comes from developing coaches. So Tom. We've started to really transform how we do that as that you talked about on the phone from every coach's phone. We've put together in the library of practice plans. Videos of different drills with that connects you to practice for the commuter build their own practice take one we've already built for them with hyper links out to videos in the attic and they can learn how to execute execute the drills coaching for dummies that write a little bit it's plug and play it really really good place. And ended and the ones that you put in and I've looked at our our arch rules that you leave it right so I will draw I've looked at. I can't tell you countless numbers that. Video and took it. I don't think this is good this is good enough filtered through and kind of built and established. Philosophy that we can take through all of the age groups to listen to when you're working with young kids. You can do all the tools you when you practice with them but if you don't develop approaches to make sure there actually right outta correctly that's really where it began. Who'd do who alarm if you look back your career when was your coach or to the chiefs say it but then and there are but you hadn't. Hundred of them because you played at so many different levels but it was there one that that early Ager was that your father was it that stuck out there you go look. That that guy. That gag reach me. Well obviously my father you know I mean. I growth in the house have agreed to Europe and how to approach I mean and just naturally it's infusing new but I mean cash. I've been so blessed with the coaches that are played for army Turco on your piece in Beverly got here with my high school baseball or chose to us I mean. From all the different coaches I had to leave you keep that means we're gonna recommend a sort of together so our. I've been blessed to play. For all the coaches and that's kinda what drives me to help these great men willing the coming coach let's make sure were put in all of that into them that we can't. Yeah that's that's that's awesome and you know what you did knows what would I pick him he's just a class act. Tears himself as each is to a class act and I'm glad that your chance to it acted to mention him. You guys have a good relationship with the varsity coach your direct in their step. And indeed he knows he's key part of the program with few in my extranet is the head coach here and we have good relations great relationship with Mike. He we've worked together on some of the development of the kids we we've we've talked couple times now before the season started. We're gonna get our kids engaged at some of his games there can have an opportunity to it to rent some warmup drills at some of the high schools park high school games so we get the kids thinking about. Baseball after the junior characters. And Mike actually its chance to see some of the kids that are coming through our program Smart you guys I have enough. Fields up facilities. Here to what you guys going that's a great question with this may eighteenth is we have few there'll be a shortage right now so. It's been a concern for us for the last 45 years so as a club we meet commitment to community. To actually paying for the development of the field at with settlement trees so you guys report we are financing it we are we've generated the funds we've been saving your pennies and Nickels. And we're looking forward to beginning construction on that yet this year in oil and talked to be appealed dedicated to some of the younger age groups that 79 Euro. He hides like to be spring based. Well player now. You know that's a whole another show it to home others so oh well I'll tell you is is a pure Serb offensive are written spring yet. I think it's a good thing I I think it's a way to maximize playing for your school. And then playing sweet you know celestial lovable because. I believe there's kind of two different things there when you play for your school. You're playing for the pride of your schooling and ears and eyes and yet when your plants like you're going to try to get yourself scholars write and then there's just a different. And neither neither one is right nor wrong but I think it's really who's not been in play if there's limits. Music Milosevic coast to west health centers on last week and I thought he had a good point he said look in his in his opinion. Your division one player you can be found him you'd be found. Division three players and there's a lot of them that have that dream but they are division three player. Wouldn't it be better if their parents with the money in a place like next level or at the performance to get bigger stronger faster. These are going to be able to played division three level. I'd rather than cheese in the stream that that the game but. If McCain is fourteen years old fifteen years old yet a pretty good idea sixteen years old pretty good idea of their division one baseball. Farmer I. You knew me grow up as a basketball player I did yes I went on the court to paycheck to quit baseball Brett. It's the cross functionality idea if that's really what drives an athlete you ask Gary Urban Meyer he recruits. All multi sport after a. Yeah that's Smart guys I can't figure we got about a minute left on Eric I can't think you're not this has been really. Yeah I I think your program. Is one now that people if you have not. Identified some of the best programs like this in southeast Wisconsin. Call circle talks here. If if you wanna know how he's doing it followed Johnny's doing what they're doing and how they're doing it. And you wanna get your program to have this level trust me if you sued Johnny Arnold he shows resource yet on his own. For his coaches. You're going to be blown away if you see what their kids to look on you guys recently here are you guys in this field that would site he'll Scalia. It needed to to help you guys get better at your program and I just think that's the reason for the show Eric you did congratulations for your dad. Tell my said I think that's that's marvelous in that keep up the good work thank you John H shows you see your brother who might you know I'd look for duck while watching sound like. To get that fire. He's got a little bit out there I keep it he thought. Yeah as mayor speaking it is he why but he he picked it throw governments ultimately they all the right the Tesla is and she is immense you know as good there. He's real good a good coach too easy on the coach then yours that we get out. 88. I've got got 50. Right it's and we're we're blessed those guys that if they usually have sex and something dollars at. Hughes charged baseball that's what you guys roll. That's awesome guys stakes again I really appreciated IQ are charges baseball dot com future baseball. Dot com you want more information. On how these guys who do noted there are ways to get hold of them. On that website I would recommend you do that they threw listen this is the plates firm deplete you sports show. On sports Radio One 057 app from the fans.