Youth Sports Show - Junior Huskies Boys Basketball

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Saturday, February 17th
Youth Sports Show - Junior Huskies Boys Basketball

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Southeast Wisconsin has some of the best high school and college athletes in the country how did they get their starts. In their journey it's time to talk about some of the best do you sports programs in the area. It's time. For the youth sports show with the fans high school insider. Mike giver. The flames are. Or show on sports treaty 1057 FM band. I'm Mike we your wife from the 56 annual walking near spring home improvement show 100. Doors open at 10 at 10 o'clock stop by we do my yacht. Might show after this till noon so the high school show fact that you guys know the come and an active at women's Bassett had women's and girls' basketball coach. At west Alice hill. It's come and if intended noon. Prior to that I wanna talk shooter Huskies boys basketball. I've I've. No John lets you want time got Iraq lot of respect for him. I did when you're refereeing I surely do now it. As coach at west Alice hill. What they didn't know until this week was he started in and helps run the junior husky program or want side Brett Paterson. It resonates you get an event a great thanks good. You bet he coached first reported in youth program on the high school team and help that tally. Played pretty well this Tammy you're certain little bit rough but I keeps coming around. Yeah we. We had some. Tough times early in the younger yeah it can be pretty bad and some games but. You know what they're so happened we we certainly a better we have couple wins it works we'll make it yet it's there'd be an energized and that's confidence in our place up there. China in particular greets me that that when you CT user playing better at the end of the year. It's a really good coaching staff I that's what I feel like you know what the kids they they've stuck with that. And these kids are now buying in and and the coach and step sphere and a figure some things out the kids have figured some stuff out. And they're still playing hard at the end of the year itself formed season. What what's great about this group that they work hard every day aggregate we get beat by forty points in the government what are. And that that's been continued throughout not a reward for that record. Did you find each that that's unusual sometimes. On you know you may see why some teams were kids are hanging their heads. I think we're the leaders on that team because that's who they're following what. We get through campus with what all of our tickets and leadership role in Damascus. The glue guy yeah. The guys that will. Kind of support. What with static at that it but even some some punitive about it. Accountability. And storm the way. Great transition these kids who buy these kids played in the junior asking you out my varsity I look at their two thirds of my payments as well funerals what that's. That's really your good son. And and looking at your website there's this there's a team a seventh grade you were so that every picture right so was that more wouldn't. First place trophy with this tournament or that tournament seventh grade team at some some players sold it there are some. In the funnel right now. I'm in junior husky program it's it's right there. Right way to help well you've you've been involved with this at the Illinois seven year. And coordinating the wayside and before it. Three years coaching so data basket and it's through mechanical so cricket it doesn't surprise you that he's the first cutie talked about no not at all. He went on the recent for the show guys. I used to the midwest to earth peak sportsman's show in this time spot. Andy had some changes. And we record Q take a couple months off and they give back to that show. And I'd been asked for years did you use fortune and it's it you know I'm doing the high school stuff. And then I get calls from people saying he has the frankly you're football program have all the money all the players they need they have all altered the of how did he do that Nancy white colony. They're like what you know while those guys this butcher in that your youth football program just call and nearly no we can't. No we do things the way we do in and then I had to kick the guys from frequent in football it. And the the woman who handles their volunteers said look I I have a hard time volunteers because you know 5% of people do 9% to war is like church. And so I think what happened was group relate all you know I feel bad that thank goodness they've got some issues too. And so what we're doing on this program is just pulling the curtain back a little bit. To see him look I that you guys started. You don't what have been the pitfalls if somebody who's looked in his thirties program. What advice would you give those guys so let's start this John you started your program. I did in it was probably 2000 or 2005 and he'll then have it and that they had team a team here team there but not pro. Two to start program is you easy there's a lot of work meant why sweat equity goes in to start a program the correct way. And we're we're that you look and who did you talk to when you decide do this. Well we have to figure out where would deal with that you know what else. There's the recreation department and insert him in and so it. Build that relationship but. You know work with the coaches that are at school and make sure that that was the way in view in print right well. Future of the program and in. You realize that I believe in Hampshire Bret you police that that's the cry equated to. There are programs. That are seeing you look high school guy your inaugural well we're gonna win games we're gonna do things we we want. And then when you get him into the high school coach who knew what you want coach. I for one and their guys out there shaken their attain yet that's a week to our program that's the right way to go I don't think so and maybe it's were high school coaches. But it's it's not a selfish thing it's eight book. The ultimate goal is to have that first hit the team hosts the global. That's what the ultimate goal is and what did what's that direction to get to that and what are the steps at me so I commend you is I think that's too. It didn't we always say it. We're developing new for my school word yet you want to win games now and one that. You want us there every coach wants you know there and compete and win them all that's what we can keep in mind big picture here and that's that the well. Too much you think that arm because you were the varsity coach that there's any but it rolled right say well he's his son he just wants them. Toot toot too because so when he gets them they're gonna be exactly what he wants and right. Look I was a great school coach for awhile and I was an idiot that I just could be really honest with yet because I was all about. You know I thought I was in national championship game every time we played. And it. You know that that didn't that in my coastal. Two. There there's a lot of people out their job base for Bergen had hopefully you're now one of bunkers you know what we Kiki you're allowed bracket here it is still. What theater signals when you see coaches first go at it. They are. You can tell when their first timers because their their their own they're they're done all they wanna win and their yell and jump but a put down talked about some guys that have been around for awhile there. You know they understand that. John you don't happen to me I oust coach and this is yours ago and you know in a woman in it was a beat care for pet that that you had to ticked keep the game. And she taped 11 of our teams at its keep your ball up the keys. And after she you mute beat the VHS tape and she's sick he became fiercely brokerage goes please don't be mad at me. And that's that excuse me she says and to keep the key for you why you think I taped it but please don't be mad at each heaped mean. And John that was an idea. And you know what I I'm the first to tell you I was still one terrorist I would stole it Pearson next time I saw this mama alternates that pinky. And she was really are set. I had to apologize to everybody that I've ever coached every rep for re all I have to I have to apologize to all of them. And she said oh good you took it the right weight in exit. That that taught me a lesson I think that maybe sometimes. We need to do that for some of these young coaches that they need to see it at you was a ref Rees saw all the time. And it united scenic young guys like I was back that. So relax this is not the national championship right Annette in that it now refereed I do. We do it in print by players to wrap them. On report that. Yet the quote about the it just relax will pit. He is shot let's see he is that at that point that's what coach at west Ellis he'll also started and runs. The junior Huskies boys basketball program. In west Dallas one Brad Paterson who is what which are titled the boys coordinator he's the boys coordinator and retire gross basketball. With though with west Alice he'll. Up from ten to Newt ten to 1130 actually 113012. Gut out some young guys comedy from late touch from lakeside Luther. That. I wanna news might might listeners you Beazer. The seniors really cute young man and I've got to know him and I want talk multi sport athletes stuff like that with him but before get to that. West knows Q your Huskies comedy teams how many kids stuff like that. What we have. One at each grade level from there. Eighth grade and so we have about. To be about seventy kids in the program. But that's that he is that it is big east you had hoped her well it's right now it's close to what we can do because. But. We we would love to have. Two teams. At each. Each grade level. We don't have quick participation it spells. It worked itself basketball. I hope you know we offend by this west Dallas to eat there it's a different it is different it's it's. Now he's theory is that how do you choose who can beat. On the Huskies program. And West Coast feel comparative Wesco central high heart disease or a street yes while the other supporters know that just that but this year. Of which are right where we were the sixth largest city. But populations day. And we are to be like. We have some. Great coaches great kids but we would like more is listed yet routine to slow rate. Is not there right at close to that this year. Couple levels. It. We're gonna get to break the said the recruit occupant I get you find kids. And down where you two coaches from an double talk much in space and he realized that that was one of these shoes. That that you guys have west Alice. Our special guest for the entire hour job less heat Brad Paterson but the way my wife sent the text let you know that I'm no longer idiot. I wonder that stopped yesterday or maybe just didn't ten minutes a dollar let's keep that she does say that she's really good look at who you you quite active dislike Jack. Really really. I would dice cooler there I was. She's a close that you'll want to have coach died. We've been together for for a while at times so this is the late farm fleet youth sports show. Hunt sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And I and it's. News. Welcome back to the police fervently youth sports show we are live 5068 you'll want to near spring home improvement show. At state fair park where I'll 100 doors open at 10 o'clock stopped I. Doing but Wendy's or she puts high school basketball coach show. Live from your till noon and then domestic front to about 630. And over a and MC's number events here it's you know while crunchy in its V8. A cast let's look at him like who would ever want to be that you don't worry by the John there are some people out there. A hub I've enjoyed by John let's see Brad Paterson. West Alice cheater Huskies voice program. We'll talk George will pit but the corals program and Alice specifically target but the points program in this hour. Guys. This is a competitive. On organization this is not a rock. Week correct correct so you guys have tryouts in in every once swallowed you'll have to cut some kids yes. Are their places in the east or west Alice directly at those kids get the point and then. Yes actually we have I think it was doses of this partner's arms round. As far as offerings in things to do so. So yes if they don't make our teams there's certainly a way that's where I was on their website this morning. You went out through some prep work for for the show and you're right the offer on the stuff right for kids to keep them busy and keep them occupied. And and if they wanna get better in the sport. There are offered pretty much everything. A home. Win would you have kids she's what creaky started. Well we were to Webb bill Stewart's fourth grade. We have a third Greek team that plays up in the fourth grade so we started there you do. And already taken a couple of sectors when when. Missed that the numbers while Whitney where do you find cultures that are its it's. It's pretty tough sometimes. But it's it's mostly going to be apparent. That steps up. When it's the same Pittsburgh different sports I'd used coats and baseball to a new shocking how many times notes the you know guidance on basketball also go to baseball team so. You're right that it supports same guys Russell bunkers. Did we need we need more. Here's an excuse. Amid recent graduates from pale come back court for grade it's it's tough to different coaches you know I. I found the church and you just made the comment that we moved down but that first segment that you talked about training some of your players to be refereeing these. That's a great idea because that there's there's courts Bure refereed shortage soon. And I think if if more coaches. I don't know how many coaches obviously don't have the Akron you have. As a refereed but I think if they all did they would all do what you're doing and train their kids at least give them the opportunity to feel what it's like. Two bureau freakish there's a lot of really good things that happened from that one to make a little extra money. Two big get to hang out with the kids that are going to be coming up to the program and these kids who come to Europe or seeking ago. Hey he's my favorite player now he's rep for my game so they feel upon and third the interest you know what do ref goes through. Well you also deal with the deal it deal with Internet situation. But you don't. You guys who did he hit point three bucks game work for an hour at that it's good money your movement your you know right. Involved with it then you go to college. Still do well that that's a good good how did you start. Wreaths at. It was after. College I started do it. You leave ya that's her thing and and then cut through there. It. What's in it and it needed to partner and don't or more missiles to be sure that the word. You'll be fine and then from there it's it moved you know it gets union yeah. You go on and and getting off the subject for a minute. The two weeks bush signed leases pizza. And got a chance to see your son who's a former concedes student up the week now it ever so weak. Played really good basketball he's grown up easy easy he's a man now yes and he looked good you know one day I've always liked about it. Did you see I walked in a sizzle looked me right unite your statement. It's cute to see you. And that says something like eggs still a good student he's not a comic take that plaque which he signals are good yet not good it's all good so it was really cute to see him. And does my favorite pizza so it's the return to get there early what's your orbit game to see this game winner. I did not but let's go to down on Texas. It replaced the balls that we could for him went viral. Did it go viral I'm a little bit walking in while I've done it a little look it up if he's out wanna see it I I loved watching him play that high school level. He was a kid and keeping you was part of generous program. If you keep you got the game like keep he figured it out. That you don't what's a good shot went to pass the ball either defend all the stuff that as you know you you hope that coaches kids yet. He was one that that cut and and I enjoyed that lets get back to see if we can't win win where do you find it how do you let kids in west Alice Knoll. What that they can come try out for firm for which against you. Well. Is it rec department notes that there. In order there. Quarterly brochure or whatever it is while their offerings were there. When it's a lot of it's all we've done signs in the past. Known. One. Prior flyers and waltzes schools I think this year we actually. The sense that it's mail order bail out for them men talking about trials were so. Is its budget defenders. If things work well portable right there. Six traders on the record fourth yo dude. What what you are or their feeder schools. Heard that that give me that moisture kids come from now there are there. You open enrollment in note we have one horse owners attract sales and we have to they're files that I saw that right though. Yeah I UN and you guys are playing with Seles you know mortgage statement. Property you're making sure that there isn't any questions because you know youth leagues it's all. All the kids fifteen lookout taller or that kids can't be you that he doesn't live there he lives here. What you guys you know why was does sustain a Q was she is we're gonna nip this in the bud. We've got everything we need. In Iran that vista's new couple years ago right there. So before. Student could go to jail or go to central to try out for wolf you know all of computer Huskies. And it's we choose which team pools that sort so that was so difficult with that appears don't know it now let's set you know your. You have on this street is one that's cool your ponytail he prosecutor asking to get trapped. I think that that that. Really takes a lot of problems went right it's it's black white is at at the youth level. He's the that would you play that it did that you pulled hooks is at the high school level. We always on third and highlights wanted to have that football game hail. Central and to teams neither one has awakened matter 'cause it's sold out and it's competitive. At the U yet the younger levels to it that they understand. I think so. There's it was a little extra playing each other yet burst yet so. And it and it should be if you choose schools in the city. Right now let's let's get that Google Britain. And they eat their facility your facilities. Our ball what a mile away two miles away by our guests up our stuff like that the gymnasiums to totally different. Animals won the big field house. And I've been a number of schemes and hail great environment where and when we negotiate on that when it spill will invest it it is it is a lecture. It is the we get there. This year. They're there about a couple of Europe and the good the girls are there yet it well and the boy I look I came to see you guys played number of times you know and those those users student section were on fire and and again I did we almost as coaches. The more we win the more they culture and sometimes. It's he should be the opposite it's because when we're loses when we need to we need that electric c'mon you know help us out here. Home but it it is never been that way and that's that's typical part here before go to break bread what keeps you up at night with this. A there's a lot of different aspects of the job that. Take little time. And I can't say lose sleep over what I do spent a lot of waking time. Oh with my real job working on different issues. Technical solutions here and there but I'm gonna say the wife accident. You know she listens to me and I'm sure she's probably prepared to out bundle up but she's. Can it suffers through a listens and we actually just zoning board so that helps a great deal. But. It's fun overall you know while. I and it sees it slightly these special place in heaven for coaches wives. And Nicklaus who would probably create no that you do and because he used to be. That from November. Too early march we are preoccupied. And and the rest of the time we're a 100% husbands and fathers. And then it started to go well hold on you know we beat dent in March but we have this in April and were looking in nineteen this'll spring in now organs who's fallen. Some relief you we got to get to the weight room and I don't know exactly when it happened. But it's twelve months now and he might have a even YouTube. And we are out there that. Local and march. Us some students and for his and so and he did this it. The older I get the one of the season feels to me about you while but that's what they're now. Your editor at the tournament are common but if you seek seek immediate they would time 1 o'clock where. It have you figured out where you think you have been you have I have an idea or bad but you're sharing all back and you had to come up lets you will go to break we share. I don't know if you can later in the show it'll be melodies you tell me off the record I can't talk about it. We will do that the others have really computer conversation or talk to west knows Q your Huskies. And at 10 o'clock we're gonna turn it over to the girls from that the girls program. And we've talked about the it they're gonna tell me a whole lot of things but their head coach nick and tell you that this is depleted farm fleet youth sports show. I'd sports treaty 157 FM the fan. And. It's. News. Welcome back as of late for replete use sports show on sports for you wanna 57 FM band. I'm Mike we your regret that 5060 annual. Walking near spring home improvement show weren't one under right across from current carpet. Stopped by its it loaded young man current carpets. Ready to go to work the opened doors here at 10 o'clock. We're talking Jeter husky voice basketball program at 10 o'clock we make the switch we're gonna talk about the growth RC program west L scale. And they won a conference this year really talked to was never seniors in their head coach he's quiet he shot right is it really won't be your will get short stock symbol that. He John plessy win when you started the the husky voice that spoke program. The most difficult thing was for YouTube get kids to get coaches to ticket although at the paperwork stuff done what was the most difficult part. It would get the word out get get kids. Out there and certainly all that involved with goat to two with. You know it's there for new roads what. I went and gave the wreck that's what it is winter right that you want not what we went 35 games. To Tom. What what was the that first year what do these people fully accepted or where the take the stand back and look conceive. This thing's gonna work I'd I think it was except that we just kind of what with that. Unified experience with others. Programs like and what was involved with practices. In place so that that was helpful. And it and from there public's. They travel much in each team practice the UT next week next week our future in a word you while were you guys practice where it would tell Cuba main. UT's a high school gym at all we we have at at times to get that ripped opened and George but will play practices any one of them. Editors eighteen or order schools styles so. Africans are available outside of the rec department programs were able to. How do you guys fund that could you have to rent the space in the and there are some money he you don't rent. Burnett renting it for remarks schools that that the use you in with the school's sports for that helps it. Armed easier what's defeat for kids to join Stewart dollars it's west of great belly. 200 dollars. You patent reform what's dollar dollars which keep yet. As far as I can tell talking people to order dollars in August lows yet he had been 35 CB roll in my Wailea hi do you. We run Rick run fairly. Were taken in just enough to you know paper the league's papers and tournaments. So. Does not. There's not an opportunity for. Corporate coffers 200 good for you guys that that's in in doing this show. That's really reasonable right I don't know if you confine. You get to keep the uniform yea keep it from got a market to keep its jacket tears out of just come to the coaches get to choose what tournaments that go win or you guys selected form yet they they they choose we week. We try to do you know I'll get a lot of requests from yours and to witness Nelson note you know and don't own him here's a tournament our students and about the coaches. We try to get multiple team to be at some terms it's more fun to hate it cubic that the coach is that star without. In let's say fourth creeps they move operative the sting at fort yeah so they move up. On so if they gave the guys here and he wants to coach his son or coach's daughter that he can stay with that team that your as she gets and we'd have. A dead goat in the right. Do you guys to clinics for these guys. Did you block and help them at all I certainly. Well. Plus. Yeah I've done. That you know when you walk into a game. That it Reno's. I do like is that coach first he coached here. You know I mean that's a beat you lose these cute these kids that come watch you guys played we're gonna talk to three seniors from the growth program in the next hour. And I've got to leave that would mirror in fifth sixth seventh grade going to watch the horse he grows west socio. The were going home with ticket and that's where I want beat. That's one where I wanna get you so you guys who apparently peculiar night which we can talk it up what are you name it. Yeah we are canosa lessons he chose it was. June 19 united parent night. Let's talk every seat that we known night until I'm at home puck. Quarter to eleven last night and I thought that was the longest plus it was the ones roach of the year for us. And I are. The freshman GP bus was late so those teams get startled Lleyton. House apartment but it's good for those kids went those low critiquing for me those look crappy but to see all these kids. Down the Kenosha area and it was you know third fourth fifth sixth seventh eight kids all different sizes and all. I mean just running around in cheered for their team and and one day that's with their think it you know I can't wait to be I. When he watches were pre game and if so it's been there and they they meet the humid that the north rent court to you cuts. On one. You know they elected and turn it different. Cultures between. The internment. You. You guys are good the tournaments that date date they choose normally fairly close to west Alice you guys don't travel much I mean. It's been on the coach you get the details let me weekend. Which is on the phone. Coats and down. So you can vote in between games and after that's problem as far as legal. Most of youth and our our our seventh street team that she's going to this state turned right and at that word seventh grade but that's you know. The six team tournament yeah six games. I did that went through the case that your process Watson is actress. You guys still talk about those times all of course yeah that you what are Aggies sewed it might sound like I think coach agreed school coach who's an eight U stuff. And that's what we talked to in third grade we won the stating you think in fourth through one state and we hadn't lost yet. And we went to Disney World and we played in Los Angeles and beat them and and we played a team from the New York account chose and we lost. You know my son's 26 years old he's Mary when I see those guys the Jimmy sure Roberts in Charlie mark since in the world that's the key and they talk about. Different fourth grade are we lost the council's. And I'm like yeah that's featuring yet that's what we want to look. And up for a lot of kids that that silent other career plans and they raid and got an eight you do it you are you an age you can ideally KU. Yes and no there there are some really good a new program development sure. But there's about. How much the Tiki was and had varsity coach skip the eight US advocates. In some habits to take a week two weeks. Yeah us too. Yeah we get through our first game we're still plan and takes a law that. Beat to get that out but it it serves the purpose of playing. Ago level but it's different than. What used to he Heidi guys. Couple of tough questions before you to break. How do you handle parent problems. That would be mean a Decker and I can look for Donald helps me out. Oh you know overall. You know while playing time and so forth. Get the communication doors the most important thing particulates in the case happened between the coat for tickets to become issues. But I think it's just talk in most cases parents. And kids coaches want. So there should be. Your degree in and fourth. Two. Do you guys have. Use some of the urine ceased them worked with have been at this long enough that they have a packet. And and this is this is you're gonna sign this is appearing in a sense of player you sign this is a coach. I took seriously prompt we go back to stabilize that. You don't mind number three is you know I can do this and now you're doing that which you sign this so we need talk about it that you guys have anything like that. More work towards the kids but. We just him trying to talk but we have a meeting before. Season starts and put expertise they're prepared and in the players now. So we do have. Mentioned but not. It seems to work for them so and again that's with that show was kind of while. You guys have to do any one reason. For a notes only 200 bucks so normally now what you guys do any of that. Really you know oh wait a minute if the line to. What we need we need in the bill. Now. -- that means. It will we need in. We indicates indicates certainly benefit to get a chance to play it's kind of cool too especially west Alice you're at time when all kids from one school. Right so should these kids are making friends with kids. Rome that school cross street net one foremost on the role I like that part of it and and it's ya. And they all blended freshman you're Billick and you know we played three you'd ever know each other. That's good picture at June of them running some of the stuff that you run we incurred in the run the most. And that's what they. You know. They're able to I. Ethic relay. Here I've had some high school motion that looked like third grade notes expert that was yours ago and I won't talk about those guys were guys lets you to break we're talking. West Dallas junior husky voice that spoke program which shot what sees that adversity coach at West Coast L. And now Brad Paterson who is webs or your title ya boys coordinator voice coordinator for the junior Huskies. We're live at the 56 the annual more near spring home improvement show. I'll 100 stopped by the you know for the torture but 50 minutes 10 o'clock stop buying seal well. And take a listen to the corals program. It gross a west goes till programs when he conference title and we'll talk to three seniors that we'll talk to all work. One only via cellphone and Iraq warned that. Quarter to eleven excuse me this is the plates farm fleet use sports show on export treaty 157 FM the fan. And. House. Well back to the police permit the use sports show on sports review when a 57 fans. I might we cure revive the 56 annual walking near spring home improvement show at state fair park doors open at 10 o'clock. We're at I 40100. 100 right across chief Kurz carpet. Step by seal well. And delegates and foreign from that guy he. You'd love to see you step by seal well. We are joined by John let's team Brad Patterson from the west Alice junior Huskies boys basketball program. He bred during the break we're talking about how much. You know you really are arch is her happy with your coaches and how much were they put in and and I Sydney what do we give this props and join any of some of the guys succeed thank you. Yeah absolutely a third grade in the hopes to reach. Fourth grade. Like Mike Aigner fifth grade route under those bottom three not by the industries they're doing a great job I think each one of those teams has. Tournament victory and I think they're all above 500 lead to six great we had reflect Jones futures stepped up let the power this year. Coached the team they've got a winning record in league Dave take a moment. Tournament championship and separate document. This was four hours in the teens get that. Two strokes Johnson's health and they're doing a great job that's. That team to lose themselves. You entered if you go to the website. Now that you CEO about every other pictures just it's over the patrol writer haven't rings on their and a new one every turn it could for announces that the two losses there to protect it great we had a couple of sickness before but. Think the X here by boat 500 in in the visitors to open a team prepared streak itself. We're gonna finish the year whose coach has the expertise well right now it's like Netflix and check okay is their coach you so what we're up for good things go for it. Did you find that. That that it is still like seven creek team. Were they could in third grade fourth grade and fifth I mean they've the they've stuck together in this group has been together and and and Bob Estes is so great coach says it's those on and it was very good player along with Robert. There's a lot of good players. Did you do it through it and you know kids in the coaches sure the ball like king and out that kinda. I don't. Hey John I think you'll agree you know if you thought if you if you win a lot of teams in the kids don't like each other it's a stretch to get to practice and and you're dealing with all these issues. It's it's not nearly as fun. As when you have a team that's winning and these kids really like king and out and you actually get the practice even if you have a team that's not when the time. But if they really like he and out and and they get after late he said your guys do. It it makes the Euro while pattern and it doesn't and you'll see you this that success football success means you know the with a good group. But yet but. It's amazing how that works you have success once worked. And then you have another in the all of the sudden the difference of men I hope we can win this week to what we're gonna win. Mean we almost went Kazaa because we're good we're gonna keep when it you start expecting that and that can carry a long way. They're really can't do you west Telus field you have a home cause a freshman team and GPT gypsum Telecom are. Freshman team it's evidence pretty good year we're we're usually after the conference. Compared to lead that we're we're gonna struggle with this this route for about 500 good so there's good group and a couple freshmen their plan GB. TDs. Their development there too tough conference champions and it if you look at that you cited her parents. Every team and there conference's 2 teams in the central using a tough team to success you know. If it's it's a challenge in which governor with one human and we have to compete with right. It is laments. Well you can see why the for central and now for like. We're super keys to know what your conference and fear gripped by rocks he's really cut and you couldn't man. In this you know he east is here to coach 13 you know that that whole conference. Is full watch it full of really good coaches. Well you lobby groups and that is what all the traffic up and down. That's right you don't care about them or personal rivalry game that he sees it out if that's your I don't know I didn't know you're centerpoint. Now belong here I told I told these guys they obviously these toughness that they've brought Alexio over he skewers it's natural. A central boy. The the coaches in your conference the conference itself. John and you can see why the youth programs there are good because they're entered the they're led by really cute guy you know you guys vote. As vital and and have some like Brandon place. You need someone like that handled Brent spread us so much beginning of the year handles the entry forms in the money and it the coaches. You know so that you don't want any part of that it was likely he does a great job with it. That could dream you know what the cute for you Heidi thanks for doing that and and juicy dough bread went. When you while we their guys like you that are willing to put time in. And and and Q this. Now don't funeral Cuba for all these kids and and you know the west Alice hill. I choose your program. Thank you are you involved with football and baseball and all everything else not register. Is basketball OPEC. He was involved in yeah it was called this book yeah absolutely yeah. And and I got a freshman. Also on my coach and there you go to you coach him yet you both listened Deco. Those great good. You know electorate that he. Rule but coached at its cards right Elliott back we'll Mort that there's enough pressure and accurate is closed it. It was fun. You know. We have great actors. Like it's sure. Like to build it about as it is we talked bottle time yeah but. Successful last year. Like talking book. But it so let's pretend. Man it's good human you miss coach yourself. I do uniting to. Of course it went in between right. The effort from the truck from that the dealt with this for a solid day visit from the stands at that actually I'm sure that coast others love and you're you say that. He's always had your guards down there that's futures or team playing well they are there on the road in their ways when they're out there. Good good here and there's some good basketball and that. In that league and yet it it is definitely. It's competitive what some. Which can change next year and think for you guys to keep doing what you're doing these or any any tweaks that you think that maybe he did this way. AP better well you know we'll have a meeting it in the year it rose to the coach's house. Futures on we're gonna keep which but there's. Guys thank you very much in John plessy Brett Paterson I Wes tells you your Huskies boys basketball program. I appreciate you guys have a bite humans yet as you can see it. This is the police farm fleet youth sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.