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Saturday, July 21st
Youth Sports Show - Junior Spartan Football

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Southeast Wisconsin has some of the best high school and college athletes in the country how did they get their starts yeah. New journey it's time to talk about some of the best do you sports programs in the area. It's time. For the youth sports show with the fans high school insider. Mike giver. And welcome to the place earthly use sports show on sports pretty 1057 FM the fan we are not. I repeat were not alive and athletic hope physical therapy were supposed to be no power in that building. Absolutely no power. And I've got to take our Mike yes ma'am because they'd just today went to play and be called an audible these boys know all about that. And they flew up to the studio were alive in the studio and we're talking junior Spartan football. I'd you know I'd love. I love football coaches are big tough guys man. And then you tell biggest weapon had set them and cry like little girls back and yeah I did not Chad pride he result Ford. But his coaches or gonna rip bonds throughout the show trust REIT that Jim Libby star review unit. The president of Spartan youth football. I really appreciate you coming in coach Farley said look you'll be great ambassador for my program. And. That's awesome event to a good thanks for Evan yeah I use judges to about that time. Are on the corner probably pal you've been involved was for new football. It's is my seventh year it is. Good program from what I understand you we would been pretty fortunate in. It starts with the with the high school support your program from the top down in. Also the the parents and coaches over a huge help for us. Well the code let's to a. Synergies to coast we have we have been in studio John Austin or you. It's either series yet you bet is it champ champ B it's champ champ thank you Doug champ is whether this is well. So when you went Chad said look umbrage to coaches but. They don't wanna go go one year ago that's fine when they get here and I'm gonna give it to me and you know what I just killed eight people come and go and I Swanson McCouch great cynic out. In a pull them up and talk. At some voices c'mon let's let's have a conversation. I've John Hall you've been involved with the with junior Spartan football is the human and you're good for you yet you love it. Yes great yet your needs so coats and using your plugged you know that. Exist it can yeah I've been thirty this remake 36 years some like that. Our coaching basketball and once he gets in it's hard to get it out there really has a Doug how much you've probably been there. Ten years and that's excellent on Jim guy stayed with with like your coach is six greet you state the sixth grade level or do you follow the guys out. We follow the guys are so what Grady you coach in this here this year that's less it was in my last year OK so I was with eighth grade last year yeah. And you think you're done right. She so knows that we bring him back from our follow you trust me you know what you're not done Keizai seeded you're right and I doubt doing all the studio show opener practice. A QB look at Iran he gets thrown into a drill you'll be given away or sold bang he's back that's how that. That works. What's judge Joseph what's. Oh wait AGU coach and this year is is it. So I had the seventh grade do Lester ideas you. Only two squads. My neighbors while analysts to look at 21 and we're 44. Student in you know what combine those two Brent. Meant to squads. Chad into a lot of youth crusade especially in football that we have in here talk about how their struggle with numbers. Come. How much you guys how healthy is the youth program. Well the program's very healthy. In a week we've been able to gold two squads for probably 910 straight years unfortunately this year is the first year. That adult world we gonna have to squads at the eighth grade level OK and fifth sixth and seventh will have won squat. Numbers. Just just weren't there this year in it and puts. Which the most teams tooth and on Saturdays and if you don't have enough the split them right at why do you think that this. Well I don't think it's it's it's a secret to anybody there's a lot of things going on with concussions would football and in football not the NC could turn on use Pia and and year Brett Favre or whoever is in total one. By ahead of Boise when play football president Obama's examiner yeah it also its kennel all altar so there's a lot of it you know. I I saved a lot of misinformation to tell you the truth is in if they knew how much we did for safety. And change you know coach swindle on the LAG and obviously you guys know really well very well. He came meant to this to the station five years ago I think was now. And he said look there's so much misinformation he says I have a coach football long time. I don't think it's ever been safer look football is a collision. Violates a violent collision sport it is. He said. We've taken soul many we've done so many changes how we practice how we teach how to tackle. How you know all the things that we can do from mark and yet people are hearing that side of it that's why the WFC east show started they do every adversary with coach swindle. On during this time of year end. Half of the time that's what we're talking about we're talking about the safety issues nobody talks about safety issues and comes is soccer. Or when it comes to Eric Yost skateboarding pursue or downhill skiing or snowboarding. Nobody ever says anything about about that. And I I don't know all as parents. I its interest in because you can talk to parents as much as you want to show them all the facts. But when they hear people and and national level say if I had a son I wouldn't want to play football beast or running from the sport right coach what's your thought on that. Well I've talked to a lot of people and during the offseason. And that to me people. To me that they won't Heather can play because of you know head injuries that happening. And live there without talking these people on the basketball court as he can do it on smacked his head and later that actors in the hospital. Peabody for compassion he can happening and right it can happen in gymnastics soccer you name. Well coached little has as son who's playing college football he played quarterback from time he's in third grade. Never had a concussion starter division one soccer player better for concussion plays soccer Cubans at camp plays soccer anymore right. And look I. I think kids should play multiple sports I think kids were invaluable lessons. I I was. I used to argue chill cook one whose high school football coach she's known Texas. And he would say look at it every sport there is football teaches kids more life lessons and any other sport. He convinced me of that. And he said football is it purely numbers sport and once we start losing numbers. Won't warn some trouble and maybe that's you know we needed to address says at this point chat. Yeah out you you know we've done a lot with recruiting. You know at our level in and I think that's why we've been able to go along with having two teams each grade level. And will continue to do that. He you know I think what we may see is. His kids just coming out later like we're for John Street it is great level he's like 37 or 38 kids and we split that. That's actually the most kids he's at at that grade level okay. On the heat and he knew once she got really know yet so I think we need to start seeing numb communal leader sure an earlier which is fine. Yeah but it be nicer if you get their review wind the end and you know if you can have two teams at this point are you made the decision to recap did you have to. To have one team and if those kids to come late. You know great you'll have a home right but it's going to affect the whole the whole program yup come with that. If if you have interest can kids still join obviously right sir yeah June issue one were juniors spartans Dodd or. Junior spartans doubt or court that website the information you need. There's always look there's a question the answer part that I really lights on the web sake is it it gave me all the answers are some of the stuff that I wanted to know. Om and also some some important dates and stuff common up plus is a can't comment and I had Smith formation of the camp. It's not not your careful when your coach is in effect you have a right they're coach is is it next week. Yeah July 23 the 25 because the last session of the camp for oakcrest Aybar portrait. Yup and and kids can still if you wanna just get to that came out. On their web said he get a Spartan junior spartans dot org. He's worried need to go but information on that camp he's one of the coaches in your in your program yuppies and it's great coach with John and you will be that courts of others Greek team okay. Indeed those two teams you've got split them evenly as an eighteen B team we transplant. Okay. Heidi did do the kids that played and your team stealing your team merges video back in your trail. Least at least we can stay in the same squad a candidacy as clunkers for the fourth year now that we've we've practiced together. My ex coaches he's got four coaches also coach. My squad so really he ankle which is coaching together. We do offense together keep them together guys run all the stuff like coach furthermore your run drills together via. Did you read we're we're only apart on Saturday when we go to complete games. And and see where that coast a great school basketball quite awhile ago. There were kids that in fifth grade you never thought would and then all of us and seventh grade it's great show. In in Europe and in this time that you've had you've you've seen this where there's kids that as fifth courage you just never thought their delight ball was gonna go on. In almost send their one of the better players. It's so that the team that won the championship two years ago the east I had asthma preschool around coaching and coached the juniors and seniors that team. And that was at semi final game it seems plain on the field by Republicans have paid coaches and look up Adam might huge well hopefully it where did I am currently and and they and in remembrance agreed they couldn't figure out how to block. Judge you would then had to make you feel pretty good that she I mean you're part of that you eat he sets the foundation was written for that team. That team caught me off guard I do there were good they got hot late and they're playing really well and they got healthy. That back they had Sam. I wouldn't throw you one final area original debt or maybe here hey I know Joseph had made a chat at three of us could you that we could but we've yet we'd have to ask him nicely to please go. You don't hit the ground. A home. Chad as as the president of of the Spartan youth football program the Brookfield these guys. When you took over as president when was that three years ago three years ago. Who were there changes life changes that you made and there you continually tweak unit or you have the temp plate now when you're happy with where your. Well I think that a complete what's was started I was already under on the board for several years before that. And you know learn from from the guys before me. I think you always need to keep looking at tweaking things that Cheryl and you're always trying to see what's working what's not working the landscape changes though there obviously. And so at every year we were trying to do something a little bit better improve on something. In you know so it's it's as you goal you'd you'd change things but the template was kind of there we you know the last ten years has templates and get better better better. And a lot of that has missed started what courts will when he was there are sure did in this or from high school now courts Farley is you know was no huge support. You know we're talking all the time things that's awesome so. He did do you think that we know your your your thinking you're not gonna coach is here. I'm how much will you stay involved where were you possibly join the border what do what's out. What's your game plan for for this year and wired you can coach your if your kids are. I have two boys that are playing they're going to be playing for the high school team okay freshmen and juniors. And so did that last year was my eighth grader that was my last year doing and I've been on the board with these guys for the past two years. And so they I misrepresenting degrees and greed and an eighth grade teacher and so now retired. But currently I still helping them with the equipment. And kind of training in the get the next guy I would train by Kevin O'Connell he trained me to come out to do the equipment now I'm. Party the art Harris. Doug thinks he's get now but oh. He's been a line all feel to Boris I think and his agent DuPont's other thing you know the contrast you have your pocket that you made it shouldn't just for him did you try to guide. To pay Hubble what was it for you coach your son was etiquette experts for you guys. Yes I think he might say something that. I I enjoyed it I enjoyed meeting you know meeting his friends and and in working with them and in that environment. You know I bet it's a topic that I really like to talk about is that it's the opportunity coach my son and eat it sound it was really good for us now he's older so we give we can go back and laugh at some of the stuff and and we've edited out any of the nonsense. I don't know if it was so good that first year that I read a book that tart but then shall watch a coaching her son's. Older book coach take a bass a coaching Dodd's bill wrote it and I learn a lot from re netbook a couple of times. On. You know the heat he sees things differently and he hears from you yell at him differently than when you yell at somebody else. And all of that and when to cut it off. You get to the kitchen table. Now yours father forget about basketball which is hard to deal do you did you find that that did you cultural to send his wall. Yes. I have three sons that played in junior spartans Mike coats all three of them while I was always an assistant coach knows maverick head coach but but I AO. Did you you rumor you better at it with the younger women you were the older one. No I was better as I got older the I've secure better now with the young you don't wanna use just got done. Here's of the lessons you learn with the older one that is correct yes coach Showalter. From ma you've been to Baghdad just about spoke coats in the Syria that is that he's one of the best coaches in the area. He he coached his two sons. And he set out way better with younger want he said that actual bat the older one and I went at each other a lot of the lessons I've learned from coaching him. Really benefit my relationship with my younger son. And you'd agree with that. Yes that's awesome guys let's get to break. Other side of break we'll continue our conversation. We're talking junior Spartan football it's the use program for Brookfield east. And again you can still sign up you got kids is it just Brookfield kids. Yachts you're going to be in Brooklyn go to school for corolla and there you go outside junior spartans dot org is where you'd go a Ginn junior spartans got. Org this is the plays firm of sleep you sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And news. Else. Welcome back into place for our earthly use sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You'll hear us a Promos say that we are alive and that political physical therapy we are not. No power in that building and felt that Ryan Bennett feels from from athletic goes to join us at 945. I'm one introduce these guys to him. He is the facility manager physical therapist at the newest location. And it will while two estimates are clinic 377. North Mayfair road where he reschedule. When they have power and a couple weeks will your show's live from there you need to see that facility it's absolutely gorgeous. So again we are we called inaudible and as football guys do they know what to do they showed up here and and I really appreciates. Them doing that we are talking junior Spartan football. Junior spartans dot org is the website if you need information. If you live in Brookfield in Europe the sun fifth sixth seventh eighth that still wants to join be part of this shoe used or new football program. You can still do it. We're in studio with Chad fried he is the president of Spartan youth football along with a couple of coaches one guy said he's retired but he's not John Austin. And no John still coaching Douglass campus. Tell me he's done but he. I'm retired you know I know you're not yet prepared to death and yet face your time if I simulator. It's kind Austin in Dutch shepherd street youth bees while he Sobel before we went to a break kids. The have to live in the Brookfield area does it matter what side virtually live on. It it it does because obviously we have virtual central air and non. You know it's it's all. Did divided though by address and location so. A unit to be in the Brookfield area in frost you'd have to be in the broke through the site of of all Brookfield because virtual central kids would go play for the Lance program. So kids that come you know Al Brooke is a open enrollment prize school district right if kids. Our opener rolled into the Alpert school district may play us okay. So if you're looking for if that's what's going on if you have questions about it. You can get a hold of these guys again go to that website junior spartans dot org. And a lot of the information that she knees right there but if you have questions. You get a hold of them through that website. Melissa about the grade levels fifth sixth seventh eighth. And if you have enough he split the teams evenly even at the fifth grade level. Yeah do we do in and we we allow. 04 graders to play up occasional we usually get. A handful of all of pork fourth graders every year 456 or seven and they play up on that mystery team. And they'll repeat debt mystery team that next year's for the winter class. If if there's kids that have buddies on one team can make. And they they didn't join in fifth and now they wanna join these six and I know this is all. The nonsense part of that. But understand again the reason for this show is because there's a lot of other youth groups that listen use search teams that listen. And their struggle with some of the same stuff that that you guys might struggle with so there's a kid joins C screen says hey my next Norton next door neighbor Johnnie is on the on this team of the white team connect plan that team. Com what he says well that that's certainly happens we we've all had that question come up and that's it's kind of result we put this question and answer together per on our website get those questions that are. A recruitment and registration meeting every January February. You know we we separate them you know would would scale we're really trying to make it even even teams and we split the two teams we want all sides of the evening as possible. Now he you can do that. In kids. Kids don't get better at different rates you know at the way to go so you may think it's even then arson tweeters it's now we may realign at that point but. You know cause we practiced together your your rarely together you with your body your practice were to and everything that goes right were run in the same offense is the same defense as. The coaches are like John has said previously raw courts of both kids when you pull Lyman on your point lamentable teams you know work in the other chair so we are with your body. For five days a week it's just one day if you're on a separate team maybe you're one. Hey how do you want. How do you find coaches it is that is typical thing for you. It it it can be although a lot of that starts saw in all worked were Kamal you know we get a lot of guys that of course other sports it in all oh baseball basketball or whatever it is and guys are all different guys and then they get their kids coming through the program. Com some of that is the registration means not to say we Sarah registries meaning early in all and a junior were usually have over the trees meaning. I at that meeting already starts in you know give me a call email me let me know what your background is we as a board review all of our coaches that come through. And not if if none of us knows the person we may actually ask for references from their coach all coaches go through background checks every year. On and with our program we decided. 34 years a gold that ever records would get certified would you say has of football every year so we do that John still coached him. You do of those background at the Yankees somehow make it John Austin you made it through how much her well but I in the past some peanut but we don't know yet but yeah. Pockets herself at odds that I got so I think in a moment. Wade who do you do you have meetings with your coaches to talk a little bit about with the mission statement in and what you guys expect from them. I'm on your website you are you guys talk about helping young athletes reach your full potential through teach the fundamentals of the game understand the reward of hard work. And commitment to the team create opportunities to improve character leadership and demonstrated behaviors in mine with good sportsmanship and good citizenship. Now those are if if those aren't followed those are just ports on a website and and it MPG. Paper but I know all. Mom I know Toms portal. And I know coach Farley and those of the guys that had a program. And they would want you to make sure that not only you put this on paper and you let people read it which you guys actually follow that through because that's important those guys. Yachts that's very important we we actually have before the season we got will got one coming up cured the first week of August scorched favors. Course T results for a player safety coach book back in our. We alvare a meeting for all the coaches that that can attend it's difficult to get thirty coaches want plays well scramble we get the majority of America. And that's wanna conversations we is this is about kids in all we go over all the new safety things that are common and things like that happen it's it's really about. It's a ball to catch let's make this a great experience of both kids so they come back I mean the goal is to get them the combat. It's in Tracy's I ask that you show coffee in his own effect this week. Air Sunday's eighty emanate PM. We have Landry Jones who was the backup quarterback to Ben Roethlisberger. Joined us ten and we taped it this weekend and die. Then there is a coach from eastern Michigan I had on that show awhile back in and and I said hey he's really changed over the years don't thank. And he said now on a show with social media he's a mobile that he said we've changed he's so when I was ahead. For sure head football coach division one what most when he usual I was single and no school. How's the cool guy. He said no 44 mirrored her three kids alone who's gonna practice go home. They're still doing the immediate stuff that I was doing my first and second your college they haven't changed I've changed. And it made me think can I tell that story lot because it it was an eye opener for me. Here's these kids and I'm coats in the high school over still doing the media stuff that I was 21. But there and now they're taped an important that's social media that is events really foolish but. You don't you guys you could feel the same wind tunnel. It absolutely in all but I have a freshman that's been this year and it's demonstrators and my impression was just tell me that somebody's. Shoes were tied up on a poll 1012 feet up in the locker room yesterday and you can ago did it. And of course to have sophomores and juniors are all Plame in the freshman and who do who did that maybe you know detail all I do not. Yet why you wait like. You tell me where you go to break points and a Asha thanks so yeah I did it that's still the case they're there they're still alternate. Yet they are and and to learn the game of football it looks success. You need for a Phillies win that state championship. I. I have to believe that their kids that are that war. You know part of that youth group in in fifth grade six grade debt were then watching these kids. And then saying. You know what they're going to bed they can man I can't wait to get to that that level you know I can't wait to play and a Friday night at home against Brookfield central. You know something like that so I I think that that part of that. And and the fact that the Brooks release program is now one of the program since talk about every year guys like me. Talk about every year. Certainly should help. One way it's a good community. Program obviously and in these guys are doing a good job we're gonna continue your conversation with them on the other side of break Doug champ and John Austin coaches. And that Chad fright you coaches while. I I was always I've followed up stored in in fourth grade and might freshman just about the freshman so this year and come on back. Of course for a little bit I'm gonna help with the seventh and eighth grade coach offense and defense lines soul and that's what would you do would you do would he do for your living. What's at what do you do for a living I'm a corrections field supervisor for department corrections sic your busy Alter its grisly but you gotta have Condit. Football. But if football's been good you Austin Virgo your -- not bad for creek guy out yet yet because waited a good job which you know cold winter sulfur Johnson cricket burial there. A desperate don't forget Jeff Frye is a big boy if you say creaky and alleged you know what we're talking juniors spartans football. Brookfield east youth football junior spartans dot org. I eve we we have Chad fried who is the president of that youth football organization in studio while with Doug champion John Austin a couple of coaches this is the planes from a fleet youth sports show. On sports Radio One a 57 have found the fans. And I weeks. It's. News. Wait too much fun during the break and tell him to do with. Then it's wait and wait didn't back to the show welcome back to please firm fleet youth sports show we are not. Live NF Politico just found out right Bennett goes enjoys sex segment. Oh lightning hit. The the electricity to the electrical pole outside and it burned it and so we were going to be alive and athletic coat today we are in that were in studio. We talk to Brookfield east youth football. With Chad fried Spartan youth football president. And Doug champ and John Austin public coaches it within the program itself. I'm. Chad what keeps you weapon nine as as the president of this organization. Well. You know I would certainly say you know. Game time comes on Saturday in all and it's a lot of preparation throughout the whole week in. When you have a set of gains for from. 8 o'clock until 330 that's a lot of prep work right. It is you've got to have a lot of help the mix of nickel and and you're not just talking about x.s knows your talking about lining the fields mixture concessions are. Ready to go make sure the field is ready wordy guys put your home games we we just moved our home games three years ago we set up our own fuel that Berlin film countries okay well before that we're used the practice field and that it's kind of beat up a little bit down we get one the each team gets one game on the varsity field per year Tenet in order to key is that experience which is good but right it's a grass field and a lot of people player that's we wanna get us through what so what we do have our own field over pearl how is he's getting volunteers. I can be difficult you know we are talking before we shall started that that certainly can be difficult we've been pretty decent over the years. But there have been some years one has been very hard and and non. We we exit had all of our kids stay in help through degree younger grades retinal Canada community service saying. Doing film or doing the score keeping inner whatever it is because. And maybe bouncers haven't shown up or they came in and laughter whatever could be so. It's hard and you guys have talked about the buyout that she had in and holly. We had to frankly we've had a number of groups in this say look we need to probably a par buyout because. So many people are taken the buyout and we don't need the money we need their time. And as Sally were asking them to volunteered during when their son or daughter is its gross complain this is ball rent is blood vessel on the our plan. Will who will give and go get him you know I became more there'd be don't have any family members plan. But we need her or concessions or take money to Gator whatever it is that that you guys need. Com. There are times that you have to up that buyout to get people to to give you more time and I know you guys had to do that appears yeah. What we did that it was two years ago. Or violence had been I think a hundred dollars where is some we did not want to volunteer throughout the season they can feel hundred dollars and then they would have the vultures don't think we had. You know one year unfortunately we just had too many people by Al and we had to keep esque in the same volunteers over and over and over again it's to do it. So we raised that vial to 300 dollars deported voted on that and if consultant coach Farley would that in is it is seems to have done the trick we only a tool. He effort like we said 5% of people do 90% of the work and you know that's that that makes it difficult. John Owen as you question Doug come and ask you probably same question. Between the years that or you get cancer first so you can be really pollute you're correct and your answer a much ripped our got a chance to meet an atomic deferred him I'm really not just to know you can't attack. But it. How do you deal with with parents that. May question you as a coach. Card hunt I'm Jessica and I am sorry yeah. The. I don't know why I that we have such a great group of coaches and tickets really homo like we've had a my neighbor has I think four coaches for a parent coaches and I'm lucky to have five coaches in three of whom are non parent coaches. And they have coached enough. Passed and they just wanna come back coach so we have a lot of different skill sets when it comes coaching. I look at myself more as an administrator then everything and anything but I do like coach in helping out. My neighbor he's currently deeply on injured Roswell but he's got a lot of skill yet. Now it's there and my coaches they beat Carlos has been around for a I think for generations his kids enough. See you guys don't get asked beauty nobody says how come my kids isn't through the ball more. Oh yeah that that comes Vietnam and a team we've been lucky enough to have. Two teams our numbers have been low light on double teams so they're cute and every kid plays that. That I think the parents get their money's worth they they played offense they play defense and they they get moved around a lot. It's. What what you do what you would do would you do for a living. On technology meant so in and time wise you've got enough time to. Are there are OK with with you had not to practice rounds on the garage no I don't have enough time you got a hot I'd like no I do enjoy that I do enjoy coaching that same question when your coach in Amish yet parents asking questions and a you know in the stands yelling their Cusack and the ball did you guys have a way of of saying hey look let's let's toast you with us. Well that you know that that is one of the benefits of having those two squads you know for the Saturday games ya know where you have. More opportunity for guys to get in the game. And you you you have both those squads. That there when you have a team of the maybe thirty guys twenty guys when users who won one game that's when it's going to be a challenge more so yet this year might be challenged and some of that stuff with one team. You know you don't have any kids he is is Ares I stated you have that everybody gets a plane fifth grade a certain amount six Grady we we we don't health. You're gonna get trained on both sides of the ball you know we're not just country in offense or defense. It's going to be offense and defense positions and we wanna give you a good southeast had not and a high school. And you know sold. Even when one team the way we've we've we've taken our eighth street teams at tournaments after the season's done and writer for I don't know how long that we've been doing for a long time since then we take. Post would teams in putting together as one. So that we've kind of had some experience between naslund or this year fifth sixth and seventh grade. We kind of have a pattern of police Howard into it night in oft talked of course for early bolt has two. And not we just we set up different different offense and defense view of a peace team a navy white. Offense that navy white defense. In in certain quarters certain teams play where it'll ever what is going to be on a team in again like you say when you got one team. It's it's just automatically going to be less playing time crash but everybody's going to get in the game the way you set it up like death but so we don't say of ways got to play it plays. But they're going to be in the games are gonna complain. Tug of what you what you which you do what's your real child I'm a technical writer. And pirated she even now excellent good for you business good. You know yes you know it's a lot safer than what Chad to try to sort of thought he had type. I would say that a UK I don't know if you come off a bad day if I'll watch your coach and myself and I'm just telling ya know I've picked. I quotas and are more worried yes. You're able to turn that our eyes bugged out by the time together apart and I. A it's I'm not to get a ball anything in my job. After I leave and I go through to the coaching it's it's it's a what for me to help kids in hopes the community united you know of donut when that's awesome. He on the Doug John how many watt. Signal by you guys is we're gonna have Brian from athletic coach join us I really appreciate you guys alone meat of the microphone on Ian incumbent. I know that wasn't something that you really want to do but I really appreciate you guys seek crate and they'll love that you have I think through junior spartans. Our youth football program is is strong in and you think that Chad's Judy good job is you wouldn't be your if you didn't so they can for the right time that you give back. To retrieve back to those programs it thinks he's and tell you that think he's still right there ought a get that and were. We're gonna get to break others said the break right Benny felt he is the facility manager physical therapist. At that at athletic though where we're supposed to be used April or not. Were in studio via power outage. At side their facility will get over the and a few weeks and I will invite you to come and see two beautiful facility I was there this morning it was dark. Could barely see you can't believe how good looking I was at that point yet that's in the U Revver those days China ordered review what the but the lights go on in the bar. You don't rehearse here. Disaster and this is you won't admit that you want to what is no there's no bars encrypt a year ago voters who you know or about let's this is the blades 400 week. You sports show hunts portrait of one of 57 up from the fans. And analysts. It's. News. Welcome back to the blaze from earthly use sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. We are not live at athletic co physical therapy did that. We're gonna reschedule that for a couple of weeks in a power outage. So we brought the show back to the studio and really happy right Ryan Banfield who is the physical therapist if facility manager said look I can drive over and and hang out through voice for a little bit. So right pinky so much for coverage your time what do what happened wiser know powered athletica. Well thanks so much for having me back here and I'm glad we're able to to pull this off. Yeah looks like 01 of the power poles was hit by lightning last night our parking lots of the whole building is. Out of power with the good people group Wisconsin Energy user on it right now so we should be up and running shortly. Yeah hopefully by Monday right hopefully by Monday. They act for I really appreciate you coming over one of the reasons. Com we're gonna do this at at athletic Cole is you guys are the new sponsor for for my shelves. And I can't think you and Paul Schmidt and everybody does Chicago corporate. For believing in what I do here and get involved as a sponsor. Of four might view the Mary showed you sports show. And a high school sports show it's a really good fit I think with what I talk about and the people that I bring yen and what you guys steal. That's who were happy to be here were happy to sponsor you we really think it's important thing that you do. As far as Bergen and coaches talking about these sports personally have a passion for sports and sports medicine. It's unhappy to be here in talking with everybody. Why do we I get to see your facility today it was in a little bit dark but it's it's a really beautiful facility and its. I I just real like you 3077. North Mayfair road. You guys do great work effect leery sales who is he was there you have it a physical therapist for. Other more Q way forever he still list. I'm human I worked together and you heard one of the Promos and he called me yesterday and heat for ten minutes raved about athletica. And he raved about. In other than Marc Kaufman whose strategy is the only president company went to Iowa. Other than that not a bad guy from what tighter stat like he beat he believes a lot gear bags community and if you go on their website. You can watch this five minute video about at Politico that sold me. And the re one of the reasons I reached out said he we need to partner up was watching that video I just thought it was you know perfect for for what I do and how we do it. Let's talk a little bit about having kids at the aides that were were talking about which is fifth sixth seventh and eighth. What's the difference. And and how often do you seek. It's an athletic court that age well I think it's important to remember that they're not just little adults these are these are kids that are present with their own unique problems or you don't unique injuries and you really want. To treat them that way. We'll see a lot more growth plate injuries at this age. Things like that but it's I think it's great to youth sports programs. Because the important thing here is you know teaching these kids the fundamentals like you guys are talking about before. Which can certainly help reduce injuries. You know as they learn. How to use their bodies in the and the correct form with different thing. Units in trusted and a question and answer right now and and engineers Bard's website one of the questions is. What does safety precautions taken at the game it's her in this is used sports program athletic trainer rubio I'd say during all games. Mom and I think that. That's really important and that's changed. Over the years that even youth programs and our scene that they need to have dilate view. On the silence and every game that's who entered the philosophies change that you're not gonna push through an injury if somebody assert you gotta get him off and edited evaluated. And that's the safest thing to view and then move four super. So the date that you know those days up at Ed Johnson creek where they told dad I just wrote some dirt on it don't worry about those days are over right that's right and had a lot. It didn't you know back in my view was don't drink water takes salt pills it'll tell you out a whole bio you let me take a salt go and thirsty no. No water mystery you're take this salt pill that'll help and and they get because of of that knowledge in in in you know did the amount of people that understand it. Your business. Com we've got no egg gotten away from that the other part did that we talked about on that first segment is is I really do believe. That that football though again it's a collision so violent sport. Has never been safer because of the things that we've learned from people like you and how to practice what to do during practice how to tackle on not to tackle. How to keep your head out of the game. That's who in the education is really what's important with that and it again programs. Like the junior Spartan program mergers and a great job as far as teaching coaches in teaching parents what to look for. As are talking about the heads a program earlier this morning I mean those are just wonderful things that that everybody's on the same page with and trying to make a game it's as safe as possible. It's interesting because it gets to coach and university school sir this on the dot program and they put dom. Bull's eyes on the shoulder pads in the hip pads and hip pants. Zug for practiced here and so when you're teaching them to put your shoulder unmet hip. And it's almost like rugby tackling at this point now and and that way you're keeping your right of the game. And I know that that Chad that's important to use cell absolutely I mean net debt hole. Philosophy of who he used to tackle is completely different. It it is a shoulder tackle now in and your viewpoint is to near hip. And your your completely trying to remove dead enough crossing and from a body your your behind the person. In you'd you do in the near hip near shoulder drive for five or of work. Wrap squeeze and roll right. Hey we talked a little bit. Went when you get kids ticket injured like he said they're not they're Natchez many adults these is a whole different on animal. What type I injuries do you see outside of football 'cause we kind of know the shoulders knees. It would when you're talking about kids that play multiple sports an early age do you see this is is your typical injury that you guys see. We're still seeing a lot of overuse injuries especially at that age and again growth plates. We go Oreo wanna be concerned with their bone in their bony development. When they're younger like that is they're still developing. He can we keep you over for for one segment from my next show as it fits in an Arab I'm watching acute and toast west walked in on crutches. So you urge you don't you stick around I don't want to lose Joseph wants I wanna know what's going out with him. Jets really nice to meet you. An and taking so much for bringing Duggan John they'd they would they really added space suit program junior spartans dot org is where you would go. I'm glad that you guys have gotten a chance to meet. And in understand that any questions that you have. Hum rice surely can answers written on the block from you guys upper house Elise Ray slop always appreciate it yeah you bet this is the plays firm earthly youth sports show. I've sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan.