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Saturday, August 26th
Youth Sports Show - Positive Coaching Alliance

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Southeast Wisconsin has some of the best high school and college athletes in the country how did they get their starts when. In their journey it's time to talk about some of the best do you sports programs in the area. It's time. For the youth sports show with the fans high school insider. Mike giver. A walk commended the police are a fleet in youth sports choice tortured you want a 57 a from the fans. I'm Mike did you ever were talking putt which aren't would rich for its key positive coaching alliance. And coach for so it's good to see you can event I'm doing great guests and thanks for having me the value better appreciate you what taking the time to come in. You know I I I've match a couple of times one. Through the around the corner which comic you're enjoyed Clark judge. I'm Mark Penn high school across and I appreciate all the info that you gave me an and that that was good segment. A lot of yeah 'cause. We'd be out as a team highs in the group her resume BR. I think so yeah we're every year is in new season new challenges and that we are hopeful that we got a lot of great returning players coming back to the program and looking forward to it or just school started so we've got plenty of time to different you've got home how blaming coach and this will be my thirteenth season as head coach really. Market. Yet that's that's a long time to be coach in any sport you know good for you goofy idea I appreciate anybody that six with that 36 years for me. 36 years and I think that. You know that tickets and are. Blood we can't get it out. It's tough to walk away that's a huge commitment but the reward is is there's very powerful how long you've been involved without positive coaching alliance. So I've been working with positive coaching alliance for just shy of ten years have been involved with attending programming and workshops for thirteen. Really. So thirteen years ago. Can you you saw a need for for this and and I think it even goes back a little further. Mom I've seen it changed not only with kids both parents in and certainly with coaches. And not offer the cut and and the reason for this use sports show is. There are so many kids plain different sports all summer long. Some kids specialize in one sport other kids that wanna play soccer and basketball and football baseball and hockey and and play although sports. And they are. Have been. 67 coaches by the time their tenure soul in different sports. And I think it's important. I was on your website this morning and in I said. I could've stayed there for for ten hours there's so much good stuff. I was at the positive coach dot org there's also warned and DBs don't debs own. Got positive coach dot org. I would highly recommend go to the resource step. Meters coaches parents athletes. You can ask questions two guys that positive about it. Coaching alliance in and they'll answer those for you but I think there's such a need right now maybe more than never. In in being a positive coach but we're not talking about everybody participation medals all the time not talking about that step. Oh we're talking about Heidi hi he cute kids and parents to have really good experiences. When they're involved in new sports. Here and so true because that is an about. Simply winning and and it also isn't simply just about. The participation you have to find them marriage of of those two things in terms of having on hand and competition at the same time. And we work very closely with all stakeholders as you mentioned parents coaches organizational school leaders as walls athletes to really get everyone to buy into common philosophy. And aligned with a common vision news common language. But one of the there's a lot of key factors that keep kids in sports and and one of them through myriad cities'. Is that sports are fun. Once they become. No phone anymore. That the kids begin to drop out and move away from sport and and one of the key factors in key components that kids have identified as what is taking away of the the fund from sport. As coaches and parents is taking it too seriously. And they're concerned it would have that that enriching. Kind of community bonding. Youth experts you know it when we did throughout the hour I'm gonna I'm and it's wrote some some personal stories. On some good in some not could it all in a 36 years that I've I've coached and some that that. And I'll give you one I I don't we bring coach and a couple of years. And I had apparent this year bring a big camera to tape back that. But she gave me a VHS tape in sit here I taped this. And sit all think she goes I didn't tape it for why you and keep it for the reason you think I taped it and please don't be mad at me it's turner walked away. She taped me on the sidelines as a coach. And it was embarrassing it was it was horrible. To see this did did just to see how I reacted to that referees to kids it was bad. And in the next hour mice are and I was like twenty years old are wedges Caver hug and said thank you when she said really S and oh my goodness you've changed. The way you've changed the way coach because of that tape and I really appreciate you do when that. If coaches could step sometimes outside of the Skinner somebody were taped them. How they react to kid's coaches and on the sidelines maybe sometimes Stephen fans I think that they would they would. I have that epiphany that I had in change. It's such a powerful thing and then it's it's one of those experiences that can be. A scale tipper for a lot of coaches and a lot of coaches don't understand. What they look like in what they do when the coaching because when your coaching. At almost any level there there's a level of excitement and emotion think it's tied into it and some people have a really tough time controlling had taken a little bit too far. But seeing yourself. On film. And Purina can hear you look very what's it was an and I have this this loud voice. And we're a small gym and it was. It was sold cursing I was in barest. And and I think her a lot for doing that. Well it's one of those neat things too that. You'll recognize that you absorbed it you've had a group mindset and and really challenge yourself to change but the beautiful thing about experiences that. You were then able to. Read model for your athletes and for the parents and for the fans about. The behavior you know you're gonna exude in the fuel so expect athletes. He and do you coal and you spend two games and on and you go your sports guy right you go JGF kids yet. How old seven and five to locate people plan. Got to get into it and a plates and Tebow all the summer and in a lot of backyards works right now he had the team ball thing how was that for you. It was good it was that it was a fun experience the kids love that and they won was interesting and realize that. They didn't have coaches yet for the teams OK and so. Essentially that a group of hundred kids or so and then they sort of split in kids up in this and what we need coaches for these teams who's gonna coach we ought coaches we can't play. Although Lawrence I theories. Somewhat somewhat reluctant reluctantly I was still in season for my high school program but I stepped in and it was a blast the little ones had so much on. Coaching some energy thought through that that that mindset of coaching your son's. I hadn't. Position myself to really. Embrace that yet. I I've thought about it a lot and in previous years my commitment you know high school level right now consumes a lot of my time you bet and my kids are just kind of breaking into. That phase in the life for the real excited about getting out on the field and getting together with friends but it's coming have always. Really. In interest in doing an and I have an opportunity and just jumped into it so there's. And I tell everybody that has an opportunity now it's an old book. But it's it's a book call coach and our sons in coach Hank from dodge pro scouts and basketball coach wrote this about. Guys in the state of Wisconsin. And and rich it's the good and the bad and the really ugly stories of families being broke a parked. Because of of of coaching and and and how quality role vis these their sons a way because of how. I coached by some three years in high school basketball. And what I've learned from reading that book and read it a couple times is once we got the kitchen table I was his father. But at practice in on the right home I was still has coach so after teams who try to get in my wife Scott. Here's he knew he could beat me to the kitchen table. I was now his father in the aidid you yell at him for not knocking down some shots but I think in support night and you. So much that you get a chance you may experience just some really great. Things father son experiences. It's it was a lot of fun and interestingly enough my my wife and I coached together with. They're the Tebow team and that was a lot of fun she has some coaching experience and she competed high level and college well. What sport swimming for her so it was fun because she has a lot of lot more experience with little ones and I got a lot more experience with the technical. Motivational side with with. No more competitive and and bigger and more developed athletes right there in the marriage. Between our skills and it was it was a blast but we talk a lot about. The coaching your own child positive coaching alliance where. One of the symbols for example when that's coaching you know that's wearing the cap. Right and then when the cap comes off I'm a debt so yeah apps on a coach with caps off a dad. And you know really under help hoping that the the athletes understand the difference. Doing these shows and especially dead the high school coaches show they do from 1012. I've had the opportunity. To do a lot of I'm coaches who have coach sun's effect when shall we did. Was with camps wrongly whose coach and I know he was a player Sussex Hamilton's stating the coaster and I've brought my son Matthew when the studio. I heard some things during that show that I did know going that some went to a calvary Baptist. Will look high school now he falls X 67 kids in normal school. Andy. Is there were players on this 378 kids on the team but I heard about things that happened locker number in the hallway. That I didn't know happened. And I felt bad for him because he we had five seniors on the team has software year and for seniors start. And him. And he caught some smack from that fifth senior that I didn't know was thrown out. Andy it was William Huckabee you can turn the ball over stay in the thwarts his daddy's coached that kind of stuff. Eric you know he got through he's fine. But I didn't realize that he had to go through some of that stuff and I think this man did the stuff that you do at positive coach Weis. What I love about it is it doesn't just talk to the coaches you're talking to leaders to pairs to athletes you're talking to everybody involved in this. In a really positive way. And not only just in this is not flowers and rainbows. This is some pretty intense stuff that you have on this website that I think it's really important for people who read. Fact we're gonna get to a break the first thing I wanna talk about. I'm rich I wanna talk about. There was an article times amazing article. And the and the article itself and it when I love the body is there's quotes in this if you go to that the website positive coats dot org. Or dead dead dead zone excuse me DB's own that positive coach said org gold gold chew on the resource that. And look at this and there's ten quotes and then there's videos for people addressing those quotes. It is really worth your time to do that on and take a look at that rig discussed this. On the other side rich presents keep. He's they had across coach at M Milwaukee Marquette. And he's a positive coaching a lights again positive coached dot org this is the planes farm fleet you sports show. Odds for treaty of one of 57 FM the fan. And analysts. Yeah. Welcome back to the police car fleet youth sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might we get real wants or rich present ski. Positive coach July teases senior manager of partner support is also the head lacrosse coach at Milwaukee market high school. Then been really part of this for over ten years. I I can't tell you enough depth zone dot positive coach dot org or positive coach Thad or his is worry need to go. And make sure you have at least twenty minutes put aside if not more once she dive into this if this interest Hugh. You're gonna find stuff on here that on me you're gonna learn. A lot and you're gonna see some things that that you saved for ten tips for percent sports spirit. Mint ice really look at that and you're gonna learn I think some of the ways to make sure that this is a really positive experts now I don't look for yourself. But for your child and who has now become a student athlete even that the ages 78 or nine these are these are student athletes. And what. A couple of things I came away from going through the website this morning. Is we as parents. And as coaches put a lot of pressure on kids at an early age. And then I read this article about it's a fifteen billion dollar youth sports industry fifteen billion dollars went. It used to be that you know I played for the pope's of that Abbott's in Little League Baseball from saint Peter Paul and Andi. It it it's just explode it. It pass it hasn't the it and and you know of course the community based. Use programs still exist and we've got. If for example walking rec programs across the city and in other communities and so in that wreck side of youth sports is still there but it's. The the participation rates than those in those entities begin to dwindle because it's more kids are. Specializing in an earlier age. Playing one sport for eleven or twelve months a year. Then to the point about the fifteen billion dollar. You sports industry there's a lot of companies out there of the people out there that understand. That there's money to be made. And a lot of that is reflective. This of the sports entertainment industry and unfortunately that is impacting. Youth sports and that's the challenge and that's one of the things positive coaching alliance that we addressed a lot. There's that the U sports experience. Isn't about winning although with coaches. And in that programming that we facilitate it we talk about coaches being adult vocal coach so we want coaches to win. Coaxed the wind skis went coast to coast to win and coach to teach lessons. And you can do those things myriad together they're not mutually exclusive U coach to win teach life lessons but the one key component is if a life lesson and a win. Are battling. The life lessons has the winner so sometimes in order to teach that lesson you might lose the game but big picture. Though the health of the student athletes' health of the sport and and really. You know your coaching philosophy for example you've got to. You got to fall that. Here's what I like about a envy if it again go to Pozen courtside or go to blog is where you would see. On helping coaches in this the timing easy came out. August when he forces are a couple of days ago. And what I like and how you guys put this together. Was they took ten quote quote number one. Already Joey has a neon ready nickname Joey baseball in more than 24. Thousand followers on Easter grant well Joyce ten years shall. And baseball should not be the child's soul identity and then you have a video of somebody is talking about that quote. And with each video is fairly short but really caught in really good at where they simulate. Just make sure it's great Detroit was baseball that's a good thing. But he camping that that's as its sole identity and let's make sure that. You know he's also known as a student and and a good kid in the neighborhood and a kid that cut somebody's grass and stuff like that let's make sure that. This kid is not just Nolan. As joint baseball because he's ten. And maybe at fourteen you don't like baseball anymore. Or fourteen. Kids you know they mature at different ages and and the improve it to at different ages all the sin Joey is not the best in the neighborhood. And there's five kids better than he has is still going to be called George baseball and what does that do to his psyche. If it's up to balance in eastern touch and managed but I think that's. Our job as as coaches and as parents to really guide. These young athletes down a path that's appropriate but of course via the baseball being Jewish solidarity and and reading this article I've you know even for me I was blown away. Many of the stats and and the content shared with them but ten years older there's so much more the Joey has experience Yahoo! out I know Joey. Is traveling around the country he's competing on. All the travel teams in the league teams and actually other elite teams. Bring him in as a ringer. To play another elite team into. At ten years old and so that can also I think a psychological impact on on you know on the young boy yes and and maybe not positively either know so. He's got to be a handful when he does his homework in time and and it teacher says hey turn worsen homework well. I'm joined baseball and on the I'm not worried about getting good grades quote number to a growing body of research shows. That'd tense early special special as a shoot in a single sport increases the risk injury borne out in depression. On in this time slot we used to the midwest to earth peace force medicine show for years. And those guys have mosh. Would come in here and say hey look I very rarely see anybody there that the acrid does cross train. Somebody that plays lacrosse and basketball and football and yet I very rarely see those guys. The swimmers and if all they do a swim they play tennis all they do baseball all reduced pitch those and those of the people I see. Nonstop on a daily basis. Absolutely in this in this information in quote to hear about intense early specials each and it's not news we've we've known this for a long time that especially as. Young bodies are developing spending too much time doing one thing. Can have you know your preferable damage for the long term. But beyond that just you know beyond the physical component does talk about burn on it and depression. And again we've known that for a long time. That I guess the sad thing about that is that while we know those are three pitfalls of early special position. People are still doing it in more people are doing it every day. And guess who's making those decisions adults. Adults or same hymn book you're really could volleyball player at the age of nine. At the age of ten so we're gonna plane this close fort. And then when you get to high school you know you play high school team with then you're gonna treat go to this team and he would play and this what team you're gonna plan this club team and and in and I pick him volleyball because it's everywhere it's you know what it or coach basketball. Their football team his own two right now and you walk through the hallways and they are athletes all over the place. I'm done just to bask popular coach know you're an athlete you're really good athlete why don't give her presented chance at a chance to. A eat echo your 58 knock on the MBA you know the built skull plate I want kids to play 34 sports. He played four sports I think you get sixteen letter said autopsies he he played all of it everything you cut. And he was really good and all of and so when when there was you know after baseball season or after bass was season he went to baseball he ran track. In Gary for football and football seasons were who was it was about it to start. Edge he X selvin although he got to college he played two sports in college. And so he's known exception. But if you asked him IG enjoy your high school years. He I'm sure you say man walked in my school yourself while autopsies. That's in a lot of people played multiple sports in and there are still punish kids at a school level and now the play multiple sports. But there is a post a very robust push towards. The specials nation and I think some of that is the coaches. Get a little greedy and selfish they they wanna protect their quote unquote investment you know a school we can't recruit and things like at least invest a lot of time and energy in terms of developing. Athletes and maybe some kids on the team. Have some specialized skills at in some some unique. Components that you know you wanna protect them extra that they don't get hurt. In the spring season of one sport go you know that leads into football on the fall camp football I get that I understand that but. I prefer and I've always. Challenge my parents and student athletes to encourage them by multiple sports and most of mine was in most but it's more than half hour. Lacrosse program the athletes play multiple sports many are two sport and then quit if you were three sport athletes which is fantastic. The thing about specials nation. End in the college level specially these kids you know I have a chance to one well in nothing's nothing's proven everything. Or nothing's given excuse me everything has to be earned. And and it's you know there are. Certain limitations there are ceilings. Meant for. Ability and things of that nature and there are no other that when you get into this the sports entertainment industry and I'm talking you know Elise college through professionals right. You know some people that only so many people can play in in those in those spots on the team's. And some people just gonna get pushed out because of not as talented not as fast or whatever the case may be it doesn't matter how much you've trained from. Aged five to age eighteen you just might not have the goods and that's OK but if you spend that time from. Your five year eighteen investing yourself and money into one thing. And then provider fresh arm and and you don't get it then one right and I to me that seems like time lost. But the thing about college at our coach coaches and you can ask. College coaches from. You know any part of the country and in any sport segment. A common theme is that coaches love multi sport athletes. Yes I was and Rula quickly refer you to break I was up in an attack in Madison. I had a player rose coach and a Coach Bo Ryan had Smith trust and this young man had never played football before. At you sophomore year went to the whole first home football game went to the coach after said you know why I think I might wanna try this. But that Friday so that this Monday Tuesday went to practice for the first time that Friday first kick -- 103 yards ran back. And I said I've never seen you run that fast he said never had eleven guys chase me like out before. He went on and use a really good for popular he's a great athlete decided C you're probably wanna play football were in bowl Ryan's office. As a coach what do you think about. Football player passed ball players who play football. And so let me tell you if I got two kids camera crew and and they're the same great points or about the same you know everything's about the same one played football when didn't I'm going to the kid that played football. He silicon from pens we were off the football. Those kids are tougher and that's that's a panic and I want it so you behave perfectly clear that if he had the choice it would be the kid that played multiple sports so. Where it's let's get to break other separate weakens we can go by six hours on this. Rich for just keep positive coaching alliance. You go to positive coats dot org. You know let's go to dubs don't. I DB's own dot positive coach dot org when you're there if you're feeling let this is a nonprofit group. And doubt there's a place on that web said he she can donate and I would recommend that when you're in the way on the website he -- throw this great step that there are supplying. Not only coach is but for leaders and Ericsson athletes. And again if you're filling let Ted to donate. Others to do there's a button that you can help these guys out that this is ablaze for earthly use sports show on sports pretty 1057 app found. The band. And Reyes. News. Oh welcome back to the blaze farm fleet youth sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we giver once said rich presents ski specially studio guest he's a positive coaching alliance he's a senior manager for partner support. Two ways to look at some of their things debs own dot positive coach Todd or. Or just positive coach dot org is the way you were I was and does just there's so much could information. I'm here it's pretty eye opening if you're if you're young coach. Starting your coaching career. Take a look at this stuff if you're an old coach like I am. There's a lot of stuff on here that that is not only refreshes but reinforces maybe some of the things that you do. I told you one bad story of Terry one really I thought was a good story. I was at a wedding number years ago up in eagle river for young man coached at Dominican. And it. We're during dinner in and down and cal Kaman sat down next meets in your coach Mack practice that gap she was. Dizziness is my. Fiance I go how Xenia Stewart she's in good she was you know I've heard about you lot a sin of all she was no I have to tell you this. That he's played great score high school it's college basketball. And you're the only coach in his whole career that's hold him use a really good backs. Aniston really. Choose yes choose your river the launch ice and I do he was seventh man amnesty may be eighth man he decided he wanted to play anymore. Richie was so important to this team's dynamic in the locker room and it practiced as above him. He was lazy and I told that he's a really good that's all there but he was lazy and I told him if he quick that we would not win state. Basic hotel room could be played Thomas is seen as that's how I knew your talents and a few plates are. You're really good basketball player but surely easier practice in my right he goes yeah yeah I York and right. And it said. But we do dynamic to what you bring to this this team is so important. And I don't want you to quit because I want she ten years from now to look back and say I wanna state championship. And I want you need to feel part of this team. As so she came atonement that and I thought while. You know that much you need ordered everything off the menu cost like sixty pucks to put it all is well worth that and it made me think. Our words is coaches are sole important. Which is so important. They are indeed and that's a great story great example because. That is an area. That I I feel a lot of coaches neglect especially at an elite level and it can happen at the high school. And also in this league youth. Market that we've talked a little bit about. Some of those kids get left behind. And it's unfortunate because in my opinion I look at the young man like that he's a glue guy he keeps the team together. And it's a row Rogge he's great in the locker rooms great on the side lime green on the bench. And is that you know he's a round rock guy who's getting guys excited hyped up and and he might even help. Do some peer coaching and these things are we doing a lot of things behind the scenes that we don't even cius. And we need more of those kind of kids and I can tell you from. Teams that I've coached that have been very successful terms of the scoreboard. We've had. You know couples the championship wins and an on those teams we work chock full of talent. But we were full of selfless. Gritty. Big hearted guys who really loved their team. Did you find a home. Fewer and fewer those sounds in in inadequate here's the reason for the question when as a basketball coach I look at rosters a lot. Ended days of having 78 seniors. On our roster is gone it's gone in in the bass for a his kids are saying look if I'm not in the top five. I'm not willing to give that much time you've been part of something that I don't feel like him getting anything bad from what you know what. Whether your plane or not Isaac coach got to make sure that you feel like you're getting so monitor this as part of a team. Absolutely and that speaks to the culture of the team of the culture of the program. And the kid that is at the top five and he's beneath the into the fifth man he thinks well why should stick on the roster marketing and playing time. That's a coat he probably place for coach that's really outcome focused. And not process focus and that's when things we talk a lot about witches folks guiding coach as the focus on the process and teach the process. And help kids understand that it's not just about the shot. And basket shot and that goal. There's a lot of variables and and steps in the process that we have to master before we can even take Russia. And helping cute you know coach kids and in helping them see the value in the big picture experience that's a cultural thing within the team. So I know that fewer of those kids are round. But for example my experiences I have a lot of those kids' urine bureau because. We help them. Well for so we value them we let them know how important they are but we also help them see their role and their value to the team from freshman year through senior. Right he found you to heart but double goal coach job description tart but double goal coach. Early in the show and am glad that she did because I I I pulled some things off the web site. I'll double goal coach what do chide their job description we don't have enough time in this segment go through the whole thing but the one that really jumped out is model and teach your players to. Honor became. Coaching and he gave you kudos when I came ID I don't know anything about what crossed her little what do I know you've taught me. And I came to do a segment for on the corner chime in care Verne and when I ask you about look I need some talking points I'll be your mouth piece. In I don't know if you remember this but you said look first and foremost we teach these kids the history of the game of across. And we teach them the importance of what the cross was to people that started the game. And that blew me away because I've been hurt another coach ever say that to me in that thought while all that's new now makes cents. It made more sense you know made sense to be done but it makes more sense we now. As I went and your website it sir reading some this but modeling teach your players to honor the game I think that's really important. It is and in the thing about sports and one of the things that I think it's lost often because people or to focus on the scoreboard too focused on the outcome is that. This experience. Being. Able. To play a sport and be able to share time with like like minded individuals and guys who can share goal and and work with coaches who. Bar there to pump you up and and and helping develop it's a gift this whole experience is a gift and we can't. Just take for granted we can't just just only focus on the sport yeah we wanna be successful. Right and right. But there's so much more they're so much and look we we throw this term around all you do some real life lessons learned as as an athlete. When you dig into that when you really say okay let's talk about the life lessons. In new challenge somebody making that statement tell me about some of life lessons pitchers your student athletes can learn. From being part of this team. It's really intensive it's it's it's you can gold he spent an hour or somebody saying look here are some of the life lessons. I learned when I played. And I think I've learned not only as a coach but as somebody who who helps to more than develop some of these young student athletes. I learned stuff all the time as a coach I've been around at 36 years but I'm learning all the time and life lessons kids can use. As part of a team whether the number one player or fifteenth. Is incredible. It is and and the life lesson component is sometimes where we get knocked that because positive coaching alliance because people think it's butterflies in rainbows when we're we're about competition. It's about healthy competition but the life lesson component is the most important component. We talk a lot about sports providing an endless procession of teachable moments and as coaches it's our responsibility. To help. Coach and teach and guide our athletes it's not about that today about the outcome of today's game it's about how these young men are young and ladies we'll develop. In to members of the community husbands fathers mothers wives. On the road you know 1015 when. Years and so my son I think is 25 at this point. And I coached human in fourth grade AU basketball third grade fourth create all we have to by Ethan and I cat. I got out of it got him out of it is just got really dirty and like you anymore. We won every game we play in third grade we won every game we played in fourth grade and we went to the nationals. At Disney World. We start with a team from Los Angeles and beat them. And then we played a team from new York public culture. And we were down ten we had you again the ball over half court and two kids are pleading from the mall. We lost by eight right the ship will be lost by eight. You know that those kids that are now meant that I see that played on that team when I run into them the first thing they wanna talk but does that keep the that's what they want time but they wanted to talk what you remember. That game that's the first time we lost you remember you know how we didn't how we got tougher and and even though we lost we played with that team. It's amazing to me that this is so many years ago and then they wanna talk about the disaster that we had about the flight home was that we had really hit that wind shear. Half of our team so I'm not getting back on the flight from Atlanta to walk if it got a great Al botched attempt of bustle fact that one guy still seen these symbolic. The board put me on this earth with my feet in the ground and that's further in this state. The guns be DG an aide told me that hey let's get to operate were tart with rich resist keep. He's the senior manager partner support for positive coaching alliance. Do what I did positive coach dot org go to the resource tapped. Leaders coaches partners athletes you can ask questions also but there are few Phil what that you wanted to do I donate. To what their mission isn't this is truly a mission that these guys run this is the planes farm earthly use sports show. Odds portrait you wanna 57 FM the fan. And I and us. News. Welcome back suitably sperm hopefully you sports show on sports pretty 1057 FM the fan. I might be different in studio XP rich for his keys and senior manager partner support. For positive coaching alliance. And for you guys that don't know any about positive coaching alliance. Again don't think this is rainbows border flies in and everybody should get a participation medal that's now with the assist. This is all about helping us as coaches. Make it more positive so these kids have a positive experience. Having coaches learn at some new tools may be some new tools maybe tools that you got about. Ted to make sure that you're doing what's right for not only your staff. But for these kids their party your program for their families parrots. Did the reach is really big with this stuff. And you guys have done a great job on putting some of the stuff together the one partners. We could do six weeks and not touch after the stuff that you have on your website the positive charting one. I I printed out because that one I thought okay this is interesting and we talked about it during the break you said you know what it's a lot harder than you think it is. You know the positive charting ideas is really unique and something that we put together quite a few years ago. At that that the thing about this is the mental shift as a coach or parents. We're so easy and quick to seize the mistakes of the negative things that's where minds work were able to pick up on those those issues challenges mistakes much more easily. And and and are often be very vocal all those mistakes towards an athlete. And the child that is. When a kid makes mistake 98%. Of those athletes that make mistake you don't need that on the messed up. Oh you know they made a mistake and you just telling them admitted mistake is gonna you know make them feel even worse of so. We can get him how I do that later but depository in India is really unique in that as a coach it forces you to rethink. What is that were actually looking for because we wanna raise those things that kids are doing well. But we don't always pick up on those things during practice or during game. So either as head coach could be a little bit of which around drinking humans have an assistant coach for some parents help with this but anytime kid does something well they make a note that on the positive chart. After the game of the day after the game or at the end of practice for example you can rattle through all these things that each. Each player did well today and what does it reinforces again positively reinforce the things that you want to see done well and and correct from future. And then again it's gonna buoy them it's gonna fill their emotional tank there feel better and be more excited to come to practice or works and to compete. Tomorrow when they know that the things that they're doing well being praised and they're being praised truthfully and specifically we can't say who can take. Job right when it comes up wait approximately value box me out there right yet could chat way to box. Yeah I can be truthful you got to be specific and that's a sign that sticky. If you decision to good job. That's hollow oftentimes it's a kidded when he messes up on the field so that doesn't really worked right but the positive charting ideas is very powerful. And if you do it consistently Richie continue to learn. I mean because you'd accuse you know this stuff like the vector hand but I would assume that there are things that. You pick up on I don't think and it daily basis anymore I'm sure when you first started in this. But you continue to learn how to be a better coach better meant her. Well every day and and you know and I'm not perfect I. I make the sticks to you that coach and in Arlington coach in for about eighteen years now at various levels and and you know every year Philip I'm better equipped you know today than it was this time last year to to do great jobs are really. Influence and motivate. Athletes that I coached yeah it is learning more. Getting close to the end of this show can I ask you to come back in a few weeks IA and I know that pitcher biz senior travel and stuff. But we never even got to the parasite this and that this is a big reason I wanted GN and there's so many other things I wanted to touch on. The Paris aside you know I've told little stories throughout. My son played four years college basketball Mirren at the Baptist Bible College starting point guard could bask popular. My wife and I never sat next to each other during the game. She said adding cheer correctly. I don't know what that means rich. Might have been I'm I don't know I might call it a crime might go a couple things. I had a hard time has allowed the refs were coated in Ireland that the I don't know but it's you know it worked out five and we never sat next to each other I wish how to read some of the stuff prior to that. It's really good to see you Yugoslavia have to come back thank you keep up the good work again not go to positive coach dot org or better yet go to Deb zone dot positive coach dot org. If you feel led to help these guys in the in. This is that this is a in my warden world it's a ministry that their deal went whether they were collared that or not but I believe it is their nonprofit organization. If you fill led there's a place that you can donate. I'm really impressed with the job that rich in these guys too and and I would like for this to continue our look for to have you back to trust me where to start with the parasite because of the lots talk about. On that side have a good weekend I didn't expect you bet this the blaze firm with the youth sports show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.