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Saturday, May 19th
Youth Sports Show - Rebel Youth Football

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Southeast Wisconsin has some of the best high school and college athletes in the country how did they get their starts. Their journey it's time to talk about some of the best do you sports programs in the area. It's time. For the youth sports show with the fans high school insider. Mike giver. So but you guys right now that we're talking rebels. Youth football. That it. And love that sun's atmosphere to tee that thing up for it and yet you very rebel youth football Bryan Fletcher head football coach who she were elected. He's the manager of coach development. For rebel youth football and John pork he's an assistant youth coach current ID line coach at Warwick is well. Bush I promise you root talk about youth football that that. But first semi graduate studio coaching I've got to say last year. City where I was sitting which is right over there on Friday nights in this air anymore it's here. That was really fun to watch congratulations and agree you're last year things I appreciate it we had a great group of kids and it was definitely fun ride. Look I just you come right out tell you that I did not peak you guys when their car. You you don't like I've story I just couldn't tell you yell a lot of guys say no comment I was on you guys a whole year I was. I was not I was late to the due to the two party on that but when I got to the party that I enjoyed every minute of it. Did not realize. I knew I knew that you had a special player on the field maybe the best player in the field whatever time you play. What I didn't realize is that then the rest of the group was really talented while coached he got after both. Yeah you know it was a work in progress all year and it's got a funny you say that you impetus when the conference because I'm pretty sure I made a comment to our or line coach during fall camp. And I didn't I didn't think would make the playoffs after one of our rough practice so really you are great you are the only one not feel so bad that match. Why I gotta tell you for you guys. To win the debt to act that's a tough conference it is. I think it's an act said this about when there's a team from a scene that's really competitive. It's a really good conference. When when the tees were seeing. And it has been in it some years word no word they haven't been competitive. Then some of these teams can take a couple of weeks off. I'm not have to you know their practices are ruled different. When they're going to be playing somebody like like you win overseen cases opponent you know they don't have to worry too much about it. But when you have one or two teams former scene that are competitive. Men that make sec conference are really tough putt. Agree with that I agree there's there's some good football has lot of talent that were seen. You know some of the schools have had a lot of are over in terms of coaching staffs but. I really think that the high schools and seeing right now have good coaches we're seeing k.s and seen part of talk about. I think that's some good young coach and I think this and a really good for seeing football guys what do you think arm and anyway we are promising gimbal get to youth football here a minute. What you think happened. In Kenosha do you think feeds the addition of Indian trail kind of two looted some of you know Trent it was twenty for an Bradford and you of that game you could get a ticket for it and trippers fallen on some really hard times. Bradford spent look competitive in he trails sometimes but do you think the addition of that third school religion has to looted the talent. Yeah I do I believe that the addition Indian trail and that's something that were scenes though for quite some time right case came in the seventies. But having a third high school and how on the size of Racine Kenosha. No it doesn't notes the police report from Yahoo! II agree a jolly even coach and I've been coaching prior about seven years OK now you're doing a little bit. Always there always have received while firmer seem graduate moral and everything else but I I've coached in the Franklin youth system for a couple years you did yeah. And I was able see how they ran things and that kind of spilled over when a sort of coach or access to John the reason the show was being done is because of them. Because. I was in the mid was swords. A changeup in the marking department and the doctor says he looked Reid did take a few months off. And for years have been getting people coming up she wants to argue sports race that now man do high school. And I would get calls from people seeing how his Franklin youth football do. We'll when he made the it all the money they need the all the players in need and they get you know knew you afford to get great feeling at all. And that's why she called we can to. Assorted you can't do that. Well no we do things our way the do things their way and so when I started and you don't I thought OK we're gonna have a couple months. Let's pull back the proposal that it's not always an easy show your snot. We just ask you know you know how many kids yep it's Heidi fund raise would keep seven and those kind of questions. And the woman from the Franklin youth football program said. I can't find volunteers. And I should really she said look 5% people do 80% and 9% of the work as is just like church she's had GAAP. They're we have a buyout are our families can buyout of do volunteer work I don't need the money. I need their timing there help. But people are our spend and hunter and fifteen cent and an end and its sole. Because she said that all was said and other people like okay. Sure they have some issues too they dare Natchez it's not this larger ship that's float with no waves they have issues just like we have issues. And and when we start talking a little bit. About the rebel youth football program you guys have made some changes in them and ask you about here rested their reasons why and how it's going itself like that. Our guest in studio Bryan Fletcher. Had football coach she world a couple of you've been there and Coetzer this in my eighth here. And yes. Here early good time absolutely you're morally guarantee horrible moderate it's always there in the so I'm orally through and through that. I'd met my wife and I schools well it's awesome. Yeah we've we've heard a lot longer than we do why would married more than longer than you've been alive I'm sure but. It can't be done so well done on that you understand history. And you know what these kids are going through is they want those holes absolutely you worked at the school I do what you do special education teacher okay so boy can't come home. Absolutely did you know all of casual ones played football college moved to Zhu noted that the ultimate goal of at that point was to come back. You realize what you were gone that we're she was pretty get. You know what as a way of lead your guests have done so to where he wants you in so a so called to be that or once I was in the scene yeah. Mary how many kids there with five kids you have five four boys and a little three year old daughter. So for old big youngest is a girl 33 to thirteen. So I three grandsons are spent the night last night. Three boys live across the street from a slick Everybody Loves Raymond. Coach if it's everybody look on the old guy watches Ford's character come in and out and Keegan Logan and back. And these are good boys match but it's it's like I don't know how you duke is that he does how to house and home man absolutely. I has sealed his GC you were picked conceived anywhere in the outset in my house and intrigue and said no because my fear grocery store I get the free to watch cartoons as golf. Should know. He's did you look me top craziest idea and we're fortunate to have a program on gravel and block and a half away so you do that or so pretty well and it does work out rally going there are quite a bit he hit a good bit desperate for you idea. Yeah it's it's awesome on. In that we don't know what the three year old yet I don't think but all kids seemed to do exports involved with sports yes very involved there'll threes were athletes. They loved it over Opel ball early you football now and and a wonderful supporting wife and only detergent all that so. There's a special place in heaven for coach is what's I don't believe that absolute 34 years from a coaching basketball. And she's been in Jim's since we started Dayton. And you know winters from from it used to just be mid November. To hopefully be in March. And now it's you know there's some really users fall turning mr. Falk. I'm getting I'm getting old voice you what I'm getting tired but it it seems that loses gotten longer now. And there is a special place that we've. I do think good news for her what is her name. Jenny Jenny issue listen they think absolutely she's probably the most competitive when our family so makes things a little bit easier I know a little bit but your coach is more competitive you are mad at you get as some of the coach comes. He gets work had pets were comes from. That's awesome what is the what are your kid's name's Blake is my thirteen year old son Ers and his eleven. JJ is nine and and it is seven. And bella is Marie Ayala. Oil bitch she's just the queen man she run the house yet she's a princess warrior she hears the princess who full corporate here. He Jenny thank you so much for for what you do for world football and and coach Fletcher obviously heaped his eyes sparkle up where he talks but she's so well done with that. How long is rebel youth football and around well this is actually going to be our first year. As a true 501 C three. Separate entity we when my son Blake was six years olds of seven years ago. We don't begin with division within our youth program that we had established and receiving senior sports. And I said you know there was a lot of NFL and college teams represented so we wanted to have a representation of or. And so we started with that six year old team and so on where to build the team each year behind that and and work a feeder system and through our youth program. And it's been very successful doing that and now we're fortunate enough this year to star on an Indian. And Havre we've football's a separate organization arm was was there. Other than than what she just talked about was your was your reason to treat. To feed the Terry. Jump on of that is that disbanded ores received is that still going on no it has not as bad as and we still have a representation within the transports. Really what happened. We have about 240 kids that were rebel players last year in a league of about 650. While no we were we kind of over rule yes he used program. And so you know there was just there was a lot of talk about rebels this rebels that and it was just it was just time you know Heidi. So Libby ES TP. How is it that your youth program is so healthy. And other youth programs down that area might not be. Our Gary do you work it. Definitely working hard well you know having four boys in the program and helps. Just so I've been embedded with the the youth program from from its inception back when my son's refusal. Which is in both saint and that started as high school head coach. So I've been intertwined and we've had these forums at or practicing. Are our players interact with the youth kids so it's it's a pretty neat dynamic that you know it's kind of a vision we've had we've just continued to build on each year you coach the boys and you don't not do as much like Kenya. That's. You know what there's a play and I see it every time there's a book called coaching or science. Older guy around older book coach tanking dodge fill when I was coach my senate calvary Baptist nominee falls. Great book for coach and our sons. I learned a number of lessons that could the bad the ugly there are priests there're families broken up all over the Stevens Johnson. Because they tried to coach her kids. What I learned of the biggest plus is once we got the kitchen table and I'm I'm your mountain. I'm your coach in the car with go home for practice and games and try to be new kitchen table so I can say are you ever get an act on his shot tonight stuff like that at. But that idea was really valuable Kazaa and it was heart once who gets the kitchen table and like our school. And you don't appear to really you gave me wanna talk about his game. And CA and your dad and I can't let that stuff so it was gut he was the best three years ever coached. And at calvary Baptist pre 67 kids in the schools seven boys and bask team. I came from Dominican we went back to backseat championships. In people said those for the past three years. Those are the best three years where you get to pretend you got a son point two right. I do uphold these thirteen what is what's his name is name is John as well it is TI is your wife listening thank. She might be this kind of sprung on them are fired up to this morning and so on summit at what is her name names them and I hope you're listening. Your son John pretty empire are obvious and that's awesome he's a lineman in your strategy and he has one hit and people. He likes he had and he's like don't you I'm a little better because there's less thinking more attacking just attack yet. They won't get to a break we're gonna talk rebel youth football Bryan Fletcher said football coach Rasheed early and the manager and coach development for the rebel youth football program. And John Burke. He's an assistant use coach Kurt. At Warwick. And now both have sons in this so rebel youth football program. And will continue to talk to these guys on the other side of the break this is the place farm fleet youth sports show. I'd sports Radio One 57 FM the fan. You. And loose. News. Cold welcome back to the latest firm to flee youth sports show on sports pretty 1057 FM the fan. Mike I think you were to be SSP high school insider while sag the rebel youth football guys Paul Bryan Fletcher. He's the manager coach development for the rebel youth football program also the head football coach or received poorly if you need to get a hold him. Our culture before much at Is a way to do that. As we're talking about took the rebel youth program if you're down the Rashean area in your interest in. In in getting your sons or daughters or Ko against. Because he curls. We we haven't had girls play before but it's not that we would OK so if you will I think fits at first grade second grade third fourth fifth. Sixth seventh eighth all way through if you have some interest in playing rebel youth football. I you go to their website. And to school though rebel youth football and goes right to it. In you can. You can certainly get some ideas I know it's you can sign up you can register now correct correct registrations open online right now I threw was July 20. Or through July 20. And then you get going it's 200 dollars tinted to joint this what does that kitchen. Uniform of uniform on the equipment. Is for field officials yeah well gee guys fund raise a lot. Yeah we do in in the past we've piggybacked on the high school fund raiser with our youth program hunt and so and then this year we're we're looking at some other options. And we do think sponsorships coming into the studio after you guys on Tony rash from raises these fundraising leadership development don't know if you know him. Have worked with him. But he's sitting in for Tom swindle. On after the show from I for the WFCA show. And he sponsors a lot of stuff that they do an end and one of the reasons I talk buns I think he does in his company does better than anybody else. In that arena. So if you guys are looking for the rebel youth football playing. Shake his hand when he comes in you guys who leave him maybe you give your card and sort of thing and if there's I would recommend him so with whatever that means to you guys but. I recommend a lot because I believe what they do. On when when you took this thing over your kind of in charge of it right Brian your your kind of guy. Yeah among them I'm on the board with and we've got a five man more of OK so yeah we've. Hard to find coaches. Not not so much hard to find coaches. I think for me it's been just things that I have the right coaches. On did you ask them to run the same stuff that your run at high school so it's a true youth program I'm adamant about that you're and a bit about it arm and John. How many coaches and I would you're an assistant coach and one of the youth teams right how many coaches on your staff and what is it that it's great team now. You'd be doing today you sentence okay we had organized Esther okay good number and I would coach are all parents. Mature oak venture of parents and an alumni from or so but a lot of a lot of parents. When jab when when when prices look it's this is if it sounds really could say look I'm. It's my way here and we're gonna do it this way Natalie I think that that's. I've had I've had youth programs in here they're not in lockstep with that with the varsity program. And I think they're missing out. And I think a question why why are you need try to invent the wheel. And then they've got to know all they get to freshman year or software Europe now they've got to learn everything new. Started an early age I watch like some of the use programs as some of the basketball programs are kids his sixth grade running the same offense. Well these kids now by the time they're adversity no the noticing inside and out in and that's it you're looking for a while. Absolutely. You know. That's kind of why we wanted to become our own our own 501 C three is so that we had a little bit more control over the coaches were bringing in. In and trying to make sure that we have kids coming in not that we don't take kids from other schools right obviously receive has by schools to choose from. Surrounding areas that at some of the kids from the scene and their schools well but we really wonderful lives in on and kids that are on the or Libyan rebels. And and have them learn our schemes are nomenclature and so that when they get to high school. There on the same page in some of our youth programs are more advanced than our JV team is because of the fact that they've been doing it for so many years you know where you are JV team. For second third year in the program for some of those kids we're summer used he's been claiming innocence or six years old. How much is Blake and John do you think how much did they dream. A while playing Friday nights at home for moral and the varsity that's great and that each. You know your son is around in I'm sure your sons around the Farsi kids a watt. And so I've got to believe that they go home after agree game on Friday night. And it probably still Wear their you know their rebel youth football Jersey to bad and they think about what it's going to be like. When the cheerleaders are there in the band is there and and they're gonna play at home. For you net we've got a lot of the kids from our youth program on the sidelines on the field at the games we won it will wanna be is open to those kids and all stands as we can because. Our focus with the youth program. Is just as much a mold building community as it is about football. In a lot when I talk to our youth coaches youth parents. It's really able building their community that surrounds the entire program. The EC and so many suburban communities where kids are playing. Baseball basketball full altogether and you don't just have kids growing up on the field again you have parents and and is growing up in the stands together. And so when he when you talk long term book pro football that's kind of my vision is you've got all these families have grown up together. Going birthday parties going to graduation and things like that. Is that what it was like when you were there no it was not now so word that you were did you learn this. I'll kiss your relatively young guy and and look outside that correlate bubble just you know. Guys like me when your name kid comes up. Meant a lot of respect for use a coach and you and your current one of the young guns you know yeah I know you've got five kids you might now feel as young as used to be. But the respect that you get. From your fellow coaches especially your conference is really high so I wondered where this. This idea of this whole feeling in this culture pitcher trying to build with the rebel youth football program were they too were they college. I think a lot of it is just been looking at similar I have meet the same mutual respect for the coaches are conference. Louis brown about Franklin you bet and Bartholomew and Oak Creek in seeing how some of those communities operate yeah and how they've been able to she's so much. You know sustain success. And the reason for that you know is that they have a true feeder system where kids are learning the schemes and and and really being around the the program I think that community feel in the excitement of kids growing up saying I can't wait to be a rebel. It's something that's really important. I'm gonna miss spark. I do he's he's been really kind with his time. Oak Creek is about ten minutes from here and I can call him met you know five minutes before saying hey can you get over it needs help and won't. He's here and and Louis brown. He's you always Franklin almost pick gets picked her who's in Winnetka Franklin bridge that was Julie Franklin. And end to sustain what he's sustained is really impressive to me. So it's really impressive and that's you know what that's. That gets everybody I think if you wanna compete that conference coach you've done at the right way you look at those two. Some two sometimes you have to envy that they of one school in their community. And it they have that feeder program your compete with a lot saint Catherine's is down by you. People water for I mean there are some kids from receive their going outsiders seem borders it's a pretty good talent. Yeah and and the vultures system has really in it's it's a whole not a topic to talk about but. When you talk about seeing cats and Lutheran right you know with the with the current voter system that we have. Kids really have an opportunity learning schooling 10 it used to be. You day three public high schools that he could afford to go to Luther saint Catherine's you can go there right lower prairie for an hour and Larry Craig don't have football but you know there's just a lot of options aren't and then. Now that we're losing a lot of really good blue collar families. That are that are on voters to some these private schools and so. It's a scary thing for the future and it is think about were seen and end. In there are six schools there. In in we're seeing their six schools to go to. And like you said at this point you gory yeah I did not so much maybe prairie but the other schools. You go or you want in it's essentially five public schools in this. Yeah and look I've post quotes and private schools won't have that conversation counselor on Wednesday because you realize I can't recruit is that he legal. An actor recommended highly suggest that Saudi legal right give scholarships. And there are voters there are there are vouchers and you know what Huron mall walking in I'm not familiar enough with we're seeing is that never live there and I don't know that there's a school systems. I think out for the vouchers are walking some of these kids. Yeah I really do you know there's there's two sides that went up to Leo and how they yelled that meant I you watch out circuit text messages removes some of these guys tell me knock it off and they don't want talk about it but I I do I think. You know to have that option for parents I think he's really good. And we'll have that conversation we'll get back to youth football sure we won't go to politics on this well he we'll start turning the channel isn't there will schedule a different yeah I I'd love to have coffee with you talked about that. We're talking rebel youth football Bryan Fletcher. At football coach Arsene pour elect and the manager the coach development part. A rebel youth football along with John Burke re I guess some questions for John he's assistant youth coach Kurt tell a deal my coach for orally. And really talk to these guys little bit more about the rebel youth football the website. Google and I should have that Google rebel youth football. And he'll give you some information on it I think we I think as they get more into this surrogate update. And any get this so Webb said a little bit. Are more information for you but the information you need a registration. Is right there. And daddy certainly there's some phone numbers and ways to contact people. I'm you can certainly do that again rebel youth football down to recede. This is appoints former athlete in sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. There rebel youth. Football. He has got to play that key news and that's great sound the acting head if you haven't tester plane that I love that song. We're talking rebel youthful point Bryan Fletcher and John Burke. John I want to get you first for a minute. You were in the frequent use football program in the end I think you probably learned some things that's come about that. Did today. Did you know all of that when you win your son got old enough that you wanted to coach him. For somebody who loved coach football club into four that I have to match and have a daughter Alyssa she and in holders Alyssa says fifteen. She go to orally no election she goes to Lutheran she's done those things are just was at the other fit for what Johnny my son prop yeah. Elisa Zend. ER coach Martin Luther so worried that conference. Parachutes as tough place for us to play coast Christians and so good it's great school yet he runs really good stuff so. And glad that Lewis is listen yes I'm still coaching your your son and and look we've been air and we bomb Alvin throwing. These days that's a challenge you know early on that that was something he wanted to do. Well I always wanted to be involved with his athletics everything and I coaches basketball teams baseball team all their stuff but. One thing that another rebel youth coach Knight did was. We grew up together his name's Brian believed and his son was on the team in my son's team. So we decided you quote my son how computers and network a lot better because. Earlier is my voice much at home but in practice as a football through a lot he can tell my son our sons would kind of think it's wrong way. No fluke and does just hard coaching this football. So when we did that when Brian Dooley mentioned that that really worked well because and I was still just beyond you know I mean I'd coach Johnny when I needed to put the most part somebody to come down on it and network don't much. Would you seeded via the coaching gig you know my boy a little bit here. Sometimes he yeah I think that like if you set a little bit of you know religiously kids do he settled the trouble was something in. Out of an attitude we get frustrated. It's an Malvern. You know what I didn't know coach and Matthew and high school until the until his crews over he came to salary your sit and we had in these Roni camps Roni and we we do show coach her son's name and would I didn't know is the amount of smacked that he was give new locker room and I wasn't there and in the in the hallways is I didn't I wasn't in school I had no idea and he never said anything. And word we opened the Mike cancer ask these questions and he starts talking about it. And that kind of shook my head because I didn't know. Coach's son. You know it's things like K I have to turn over your pulled out. You have to when you don't as is your coach's voice stuff like that or not it's easy alas what equity to paint with me. I know on which time he spent that the wind Saturday mornings at 60 am trying to figure things out I know hardy when a at this. It was I tougher on him than other kids he had you know there's one way or the other right for our coach Fletcher you're either sown as your kid you he plays quarterback no matter what. Or your tough as nails on a new to show people that you're not gonna give your kid passed and that causes some problems. Yeah it's it's definitely a tight rope walk. Like you said the sweat equity. You know if your football coach and your kids bootleg quarterback being we'll have your quarterbacks and now and have dinner with your name definitely tree. Yet it is and take good news for referred for your wife and Jenny into variant. My wife it is he notes she was the buffer times. You know the problem was she took his side. She's like he should've played more. And I said no you read you can see how he practiced last three days says stuff like that the that we do you know you had to stop that. And in game kind of what now we left part it and that it Brian asked to tell you this in China use wall. I miss it so much. You know take. Never think man I can't believe I have to go to another camp. I'm too busy and can't. You know what I'll I'll take place probably right there and do you know what you tell loved bad that I now here's you don't he's taking you to gaze for a while. Awesome out I will be either which one of the four you think. Football wise might turn out who's who's the toughest. Let Taylor. And make case for each one on the LL have different qualities. We call my my youngest boy Bennett College leader. You know the movie varsity blues he's Erica but he's he's he's a little Bulldog in. You know Blake is is no longer taller frame. There'll physically. At eleven dear idea and they're all different they're all different and I think that's what makes any what tell what position do you put. I played senator linebacker in their defense and how would you like to pass. I really enjoyed senator yeah I yeah and cunning charge yet in and I really really level lime play some that I really enjoy coaching. And my third son JJ place senator. And he's the he's the only one of my sons Adam plays offensive line so. He's he's got a special place in my heart as well as an office aligned for sure. Yeah you bet man that's that's really good idea hey I like that these dumb. Multi sport athletes obviously when your senses come with the media Chesko played a baseball tournament yeah. And and I'm glad that he took that has been his druthers coming in your goal play. Right yeah they all of the play multi sports yeah. Yeah they they all played baseball basketball is wrestle. So when we stay pretty busy currently ice until we have. 66 birthdays that are at seeing seven birthdays in our family in six weeks man. Five of them in the first two weeks of April only actually do we have we have football season basketball season birthday season. Every coach since spectacular piece that they wrecked at eight in middle of April next year earned it did you know maybe the end of march ominous said judgment plugs. I said the other parts and it's sitting here I'd note this April's kind of bureau rough month mess they Christmas all over again it is they had you should and those kids in December Ricans as did all of it pays is to you're sent to animal desperate for India he please them. Baseball basketball and also dissent attract. And it. Acuity that we do keep them they they keep us busy right Leo did these grandsons across Streeter you keep me busy to. Date was set that this plane our son air Saturday mornings. So it's tough because I'm here. I remember couple years ago key in the goes what was in his first indoor soccer league thing. And he had never played before she's at a rec team in there's force play at the rec teams. And they didn't have enough teams so they just put him with you know select team they put him against disliked team. And my daughter and son in law were gone we had the boys and I left here. And and picked him up in my wife and the other boys went over to a super feel soccer and they lost like 31 that she. And that's animal crabby and will tire from Pete here today and I'm standing by the class going. Are you gonna play the are you get and he's waving to me and populist like. People move to die and all these people to my right in inserted through this and I turned and everybody can't slip a botched not eat feed to my right in my wife was not. After two or three. But you know what it's going to be out there compete right now you scored the two goals. Go Google kicked the ball and score again and he sway event and he's he's in much nicer Voight. Then and I am a grandfather and I think stuff like that he what's. With the with the rebel youth around for Opel organization bro what he keeps you up at night. What part of this of of moving off now first Jersey a 501 C. And and branching off what keeps ship and in this. I think one of the things that you know is on my mind constantly is is how old to get through. And and really kind of change the cultural mindset in the scene in Hampshire and a lot of youth programs all over America. Winning at all costs. And and and not looking so much at your development were being a player development. Teaching offensive linemen really wrap our arms rooms offensive linemen as. What I've seen too often use forces there than the forgotten yet they're the ones that are kicked over eagle take those kids in the corner while we were with the running backs and then a blocked by different yet. We get the receiver we get the pretty boys and you just work with those kids that can't run fast enough to be one of them. Well you know did too to be honest in that they young small chubby kid is gonna grow up to be a big strong physical high school kid right. And so if you castles kids go in the town I'm hoping to do that one day. I'm just can't grow debut and you know what a this shot expected to show it took off and still win if that ams is cute but I think that's one of those things that we've prided ourselves on his error often sublime play and not necessarily having the best. Players but making sure that they are the best coached and you know trying to get other people on board with the vision. Building something for the future building something for their high school career and if. In the and I think that is heart because you know what that the fifth fifth grader six great coach might be thinking you might think that he's coached in the Super Bowl right now. And and that's it and look she wants stick. He wants to win and but it is and it's hard at that age to say hey look I understand that this is what we're doing. And if it's that you know the fourth quarter and were down a touchdown. But I'm gonna run this instead of doing something crazy trying it's trying to. You know tie the score let's just keep tool were doing to make sure that we develop these kids. That's a tough place to be I wouldn't be very good at it because I'm really compatible wanna win games. They could dissect coach at the level and I'm coaching because it makes it easy because you want to win but you understand the struggles those cuts. Well and I think that the flip side of that talking mote being competitive is we're all competitive as well. And in the guys that have bought in and done it the way we're asking them to do that have been very successful we've won a lot of championships won a lot of games. I think it's trying to just. You know basically check in eagle at the door and say hey you know what I'm gonna adapt to this program when you have a lot of coaches that you know enjoy coast are sons and I totally get that. But were trying to do is we're really trying to build a few program and it's kind of we're kind of pioneers and in the receive public schools to do this you've got to start from the bottom and and worked to build something all the way up you know and you know it's been my promised these kids I'm going to be either. When these guys and I think that's important to bid nation you have a scheme in place. That you're going to be there for the long hall yeah in on that look in the go jump into a one high school town. You know it is not going to irony is that ring look sometimes with. Some of those suburban communities are really feel vested in the scene and what I'm doing and might commit ministries and as these kids and I'm going to be if at all. He's Bryan Fletcher if you don't know him you should know now he's at football coach for receiving oral. You know up in this neck of the woods here we think our receive football is a very good take a look. They want a tough conference last year went undefeated in conference and I asked him how they're gonna be this year. And it's typical coach specially kind of shook his said that we get my POK and I know deep offensively would be all right. Well I hope that. On that to maybe get Chan thirst net lights this year. And I think people their eyes are going to be open will be that some of the really good football being played it was seen orally. Let's get to break a Lucent will continue talking rebel youth football this is the place partly in sports show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Being sought for the rebel youth football. Organization you know that it received. We're joined Bryan Fletcher head football coach who she world accused of manager coach to Bellman charged marked. But the Roby maybe maybe christened a circus. But look we were in team that's perfect. Also joined by John Burke she says to coach who do you my coach had ever seen early child were talking during the break about Kelly Graham and a couple of other coaches. I pirates finally prequel these guys stepped up they did the lesser us. Scorch my son's teams we'll speak to head coach but when Bryant now offered me the key line position for the varsity. It took a lot more time that I thought it would so Kelly and might connect Marshall stepped up and they did a fantastic job at. Huge money injuries. But they were able to somehow get to into the championship that ultimately lost but he did such a fantastic coaching job and worked so hard edges had to use them shout out given the respect. Yeah when you're telling me that story during the break and you just. These guys it's it's hard it is and you guys have injuries at that level it's even harder and and you think the world whose job those guys did so on face for talking about an average and Lotto. Guys doing it researcher who showed today around seven year old Landon bell. Mike and second he's 77. Years old part of the RC rebels you weak team. And he played an all American ball in to land rich corporate job and the picture that I have. He's a little guy. And there are some soon number 75 looks in this picture looks like he's about seventeen. And ETI reading this article I just thought this really cool. And you told me story you you coach's father yeah right after I'll draw on good player yeah yeah. And this kid judge plays a lot of sports pretty active how did you meet him. So Moorad when my son Bennett who's also seven they were three or four years older at the monkey Joe's gonna connote okay. And Bennett's a rough kid he's got three older Brothers and so when he started rough housing museum pull him off some of their kin. Don't tell him to chill a little bit right so rough why go or and they got this like little sports inflatable arena. And Landon and beverages going back and forth at each other inside this kind of sit back and watch from a man this kid stuff. It's us or talking Tillman you know they're couple years out from playing football. I just kind of you know pay. He never never too early start talking these guys you bet and those are the flow ramps I asked him if he ever play football he said my dad didn't and someday and play. Nassau as mom and a look at me. Late nobody who's this guy document now you've got cute for her hand so then I just went over hairdos myself she goes well that's drills side note. I'm led. Also earlier this it it was a very unique in and funny thing because they're watching these guys that monkey Joe's and you know and didn't realize that lane it was a feature a lottery. Boy Keon. The kid plays a lot of different sports or read that are colon and you could for damaging wind when I did the midwest or through exports medicine show these guys who know Sydney look the kid that just plays football. And you live saw you know Ari chess wizards just pitches those at least tennis those guys we see all the time. The kids that play multi sport eagle pass woman turned best post season football or baseball and track. We don't see those guys much because they're not it's not just one if your pitch and all the time on your shoulder elbow problems if your swimmers playing volley ball. You know that kind of stuff so I think it's important that. That we do you believe he is dead that your full ball players should play more sports absolutely. Absolutely can't duplicate in a weight room where you can do on a free throw line or pitcher's mound or wrestling -- right that kind of pressure in. Not only that but you know it. Having them in other sports also keeps them accountable and who along with economics. He EU we only got a couple minutes left and and I did not want to bring this up a number of bring it up. And Joseph Garcia was the guy master in in and your team your conference. I I think he's so much for what you said about him because where I am outside up old media thing. People like oh you know is really good football player not agreed to that and he said look to one of the best kids I've ever coached. A tough competitive when the little guys come around he's got all the time they needs. I met him once after a thirst and I came came up shook my hand it's insert a get to watching guys make guys who great job let's have thanks. You know 88 in and I thought location like pretty good tentative. Struggle over the class winner take care of his business there if he happens do you listen and and take care of that businessman didn't you know was can be easier for you in the future but as far as a kid is concerned he's cute. Correct you know I'd and I joked in an in this whole please take her away but I. I don't ever look to the via the honor society room. And in critique kids on their ability as pro football you not and you know so when you talk about took great point by doing a kid. Jeweler CA has a greater. Joseph Garcia is a guy that was walking home from star last year so and 95 year old man's struggle and walking in the period of growth in foreign. Got to talk and the guy and then went over spent Christmas let them. As Joseph Garcia Jewelers is kind of guy that on the first is school song girl in a wheelchair and helps her find her way to class Steelers here. You fail you for this because you know what idiots like me here this stuff. And we don't ever verify it cited chance to verify this and and I really appreciate you saying that not only that. But maybe the best player ever coached right they are counted on for both absolutely. And and we became just slowed for slow down for him an early age you think. Joseph have a gift. In an illness it's the effect you know his vision in his ability did you see things yet the deemed seem like it was more than half speed for jail. The special kid fun to watch now yeah absolutely when a week there were some games that he really got to get caddick don't want yeah Andy. It's it CU was break he was running for. I mean they're via that would call NCA Garcia just ran for fifty yards out. To mr. pierce he's Trevor seventy yards out her sieges ran for forty yards out so it was. Which may really hedge on Thursday night's practice here but worries CU we can do about that for sure if you have if you have kids of receipt. And especially kids that that would probably going to go to Rhode if they don't necessarily have to go to Portland started first grade and they want to play for. You Bryan Fletcher in the wanna play for John Burke in these guys down there are. I I just think I know more about this program now than I did in have a lot of respect for right now. Present like the fact that prices look we're gonna do my way and my ways the world a quake and were billed in a culture here. Course fight it's good to Fallon reach a person absolutely appreciate you have me up. Yeah you bet we'll we'll do this again for sure I promise you that touch ever think you consists of base for what you do year old life. I'll yet is firefighter appreciate that. Thanks for listen this is the plays firm of fleet youth sports show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.