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Saturday, October 28th
Youth Sports Show - Youth Cycling

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Oh walking into blames farm if we use sports show on sports Radio One 057 F from the fans. I might be here thanks for joining us so I fancy myself as a high school sports yet. And all I know all of them are in high school football basketball baseball hockey. Lacrosse. At a ball golf and all of them. And then I gig email from Jackie. And Jackie says hey why don't you talk about Wisconsin high school cycling week and that failure to be kidding me bigs of Wisconsin high school cycle only. So I talk to jet fuel bed and said hey look I'd want to talk about this league if we could do it from the youth sports side of it. Where were these kids started cycling. And will certainly highlight won't celebrate. We have forty kids some might catch is like theirs over 600 kids yet doing this 55 on our team that's. 55 amateur team won't. Will be introduce our guest whom we've got a number of guests who were gonna kinda get thrown. We've got three athletes are we talked to the second segment. The first segment. Jackie's husband I wanna pay Jacki for sending me that email I really do right and I appreciated because. I this this this show is kind of like opened my eyes and some things that. I didn't know much about and her husband the end judge tense. Is part of the course to Afghanistan is to meet you listen to too big snakes for common in its ruling also joined by the director of the shore what team used the N I went. I'd done I would excuse me and a coach for sure what Sydney Shiancoe. Down let's start with you if we can't how he'd been involved in this. Well I've been coaching with the short team from the very beginning and in Wisconsin for your losses teams began four years ago. So part they're actually being a formal league we started up as what would have been just kind of a club and when the league was solidifying around the state we silent as an opportunity to kind of get. You know these two is connected to something that we've seen kind of coming across the country you know we see now west a little bed and California and Wisconsin is a new thing but you know as they had been around for a few years before that. It's so when used to when you when you started this insurer would what we're there're. T were there other teams throughout the state that birdied two when this and and you kind of got. The idea from mayor or what did you guys know was there anything that wrapped it all together at paso and they're always Ben you know use cycling teams and things like that. But deacon new facet of this in Wisconsin anyway is coming to schools. Writes as a school sport. That's the make a movement is all about is making some real. In your scholastic sport right like everything else right. So it that was then you fast this did you find the Indy and maybe I should I Sydney this guy's Cindy Casey thank you for coming in public view coached. I've actually been a coach for almost twenty years really I was seeing that all in the in the high school. Realm right at where what level Rico to prior. I'm I've coached everything from kids and adults and competitive racers to as scheduled writers always good Gamal and tight third of these did that paper that sometimes red sometimes sound. I'm distressed and so when I was a kid. There was a guy named Jim are Kuwait's. Yet does that mean I just go to designer. You get out earlier this this open. You've big involved in this still bill bill is involved in other bills involved with the for America's dairy land racing okay. And you gyms are running on top professional team overseas right I ate my father somehow we knew Jim's father. Andy he would take. Us as kids in the different kids. We would go on watched Jim in an oval track someplace yet and that's that's as far as I've ever gotten with this sport. But I didn't just put a friend request on FaceBook with him and he accepted. And I've cherries think Kim what does this guy want back in easy as he's overseas so our DMC team yet I just want to like after we have this interview on going Q. He sent him a wing to what this isn't say look now seven years old. My father and I had me come on watch you race on an oval track and it was really interest you but I've never thought about it. Really sense in lets its in the Olympics meant. I sit and watch all that. Cindy you did you races while it did he did and and and the professional level and local level. Yes I am I we're going after racing has professional. I raised. Mound bank wrote like a pass and then finally. Offered at the next. Anchor for you. That's awesome. He of DNA in in a gallon of secured Jacki for sending me that you know when you talked and we talked to off the area. And they said look I'm just part of the course step so I don't know what I'm gonna bring to this this this show this youth sports show. Was was basically born from other youth groups. Asking me calling me saying how does that team. To this and how did they raise money what about that team and how they could volunteers and how did they do business as to why are you asking medium. You know ma am bass while coach dilemma radio guy. And they Sybil which were kind of jealous because that youth football team has all the money all the kids you seem to have all the volunteers how did they do that. So that's how they show kind of was born to be able to say he looked. You sports. People do things all kinds of different ways. And when you when you said to me I'm not sure wanted to bring the conversation or sit explain what you do he said look I set up to quit at a course. An act cook and I said perfect let's talk about that so explain how you got involved propelled it. So my good friends act was on the front end this and involve your one race one. And he said hey I know you're looking for a kind of a cool opportunity for volunteering surely take a look. And I wasn't really in the mom liking and that point I penned an entry level Mumbai and he said we're looking for cook and Manning got talk in the Kathy and I'm she said you know we have a bunch of volunteers that are caught gonna come and help us you wanna provide them a meal. You know as a thank you church time they come on and work hard for us. And we don't wanna bring in any thing you know we wanted to have it in a home cooked almost. So today. Tell me tell me a typical day for you eat you talked about setting up the course and so is that a standard weight each course is the same result different. Their old girl little bit different because they're all different locations and then what what do you cook for these gas. Well. Amid pulled pork this year couple time Rico. Minded brought some burgers I mean I was token for the masses so. You know eyes feeding forty to fifty people. On Saturday and then also do our course staff meals. We usually rent a cabin or have somewhere that we're staying. I'm so put together a meal for ten or twelve people on nine. Here's the best part about what you set in that whole conversation is when he said look I was looking for a cool place to volunteer. Because in. Every week that do this show. That Vic comment 5% of our people do 90% of the work it's like church NASA happens at church. And I love the fact that you were looking for somewhere to volunteer. I can't imagine on Don that you pay your coach is a whole lot of money right Regina pair coaches and you don't pay them anything. Where volunteers Sydney. You're not then how. Now let's say you know we can we do it for the load it in our our whole community the league and then especially show which I can speak to is driven by. Parents. Volunteers from the community am actually not a parent of a student who's on the team right now. That's what that's what makes the whole thing run in the Expedia. So my my question do you remember. When you first fell in love with this I mean you remember back in. The day when when you first started competing. Did you know that this is something that you were pointed be involved with for the rest your life. I did I'm sorry but yeah I wish her listeners could see the smile on your face these I think it's important. Frosty kind of find out where your passion love for this camp her. Well you know cycling. This through central out of sorts but especially mountain biking when you get involved it's just becomes an avenue to learn so many things especially as young person. He's gaining confidence and down. Overcoming obstacles all the things that you have to do in these events. And then on top of that is the comradery of the team and it's and this whole group of where were did you grow up. I around here grip actually. In eagle it okay so was a was it was. That a big sport in eagle or was it something that you just started. You're. In my my brother would senate is little. Jumps for himself he'd be naked big jump from south and then a little jump through that was nice I sure and you know that was really wanna senator riding my bike but. I I didn't have. A lot of role models as far as starting to race it was really something attic and of on entered into on my own but then once you get into the community you just can't enveloped a you know people learn how. We're talking about Wisconsin high school cycling lake. And again if you didn't nobody don't worry by Kazaa I didn't either if you want more information Wisconsin. MTB. Dot org Wisconsin MTB. Dot org. We're talking with the end judge and judge cans who is of course staff. Member. Donna. I went who's a director of the short team is Sydney C a shim co was a coach of a short team down same question for you yet. You sure you're the director of of this dude did you wall so he did to Joseph the long history of of of being in in this. Penn State series has for twenty some years now. You know to kind of garden just do this kind of racing on your own by. Again jumping back to you my first exposure this when I was a kid there was no such thing as mountain biking pressure like when you urge him correct right yeah this proves nothing but. We were doing things that you know. From the outside could be describes mountain biking we are taking our souped up Schwinn stingray is back in the woods and jumping off a things. Riding trails out there before that there was a market unit as she building bikes did you grow purpose words Europe Iger open now and adrenaline that Bataan in the West Bend area can't sell. Kazaa was on the east side yet and we're going down by the railroad track where you Jew. I hope my mom's not listening this do you feel like I told you never and you've got your eye on the Mumbai today you know kind of Riverside park cordon para. You know that ten pumping station all of these side and find different ways to. To get to places but never thought about it as anything other than. We're due south there were not supposed to be do away you know that that kind of stuff. Of your love for the sport came early ages walked. Yeah I'm you know I was I was gonna dust up outside to and then once this kind of racing thing happened and if I got into a bit older halves this year you know kind of when I was younger but. Came back to an after college in a more and that kind of serious kind of training and competitive aspects of and never really was kind of took off for me that's fifteen years ago or so this. Sydney when the league start it was a four years ago did you did you know out. Then that that there were started earlier how did you get involved in and I also want to thank broke quick Cathy mock. If she reached out and and and kind of set this thing together and an end and if she's listening kept you think you. For your help on this. But how did you get involved as a coach. Yeah well like I did speak to Cathy as she was really working tend to form an elite. And wasn't able to commit a lot of time to add that at the outset socially just in the last two years and I've been able to beat. The time you know during the season were in and the coaching. It gets in your plug right coach and 36 years from a basketball. This will be my 36 you're retired and came out of retirement. And it gets in your blood and it's really hard to get it out. Once you become coaching you'll enjoy it you see these you know I I talked to guys not think about it 36 years ago I started when I was seventeen years old. And now I'm seemed to mean a guy can coach guys I coach saying coach their kids and they need to execute it become what to say coach I remember. I use some of the stuff that you said to me when I'm coaching myself. And when you would say to me I thought I'd never say that through and yet you are you ever get a box out this kind of stuff. And they said we'll agree I'm using the same stuff you what it before get through brick what part of coaching. On the free you Cindy is is is is such a draw. Allow. You know I think. We really get the chance to see kids not only improve a ton. But. Even just in any given practice session you can watch it can do something that they couldn't do before. And the way that it's just lights at their face and then they carry that with them for the rest of the day into the next only to the next museum. You realize that these guys needed some of these athletes that you guys are around Bruce talked to three money at a set of break. Dayton they Maine be part of the sport for the rest their life this is sport taken. But the guys on slowed it still doing it guys on boats and probably are going to be you'll play basketball under their forties or whatever. This is the spore you guys that they can do forever cracked it and that. Saw some weird talk in Wisconsin high school cycling league again Wisconsin MTV dot org for more information. Really get to break other celebrate three athletes two seniors and a junior at short high school are gonna join us we're gonna ask them. You know very early days for this when they got involved. Holly got involved in and this is not a sport that. You know I'm sure that their route they're doing homecoming of parades for the for the team at their high school talked to them. On the other side of the break this is the planes farm and fleet you sports show on sports Radio One 057 at them. The fan a welcome back to the police Furman fleet youth sports show I'd sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we giver and again we're talking Wisconsin high school cycle in late. Didn't know much about it do a lot of research how body and it really impressed with and things these guys are doing go to Wisconsin MTBE dad. Org for more information. We're now joined by three members of short which team. Two of them seniors I'd David Dutch bond de Leon's Smith and a junior I got a coach Bennett. Close composer if you can't do the microphone. Down right there right and that's that's awesome article let's start with you home and been part of this. On the so I started my freshman year and I. On a participated with the team in the summer and the rain on the switch over to it's blossoming and but then last year I did. It full time as my high school false or and then this year I've done swimming and not breaking ball. Real well I guess it's. The earth two and a half years. How tired are you aware at the end of the week. Here and get it allot. What do you swim what you wait. On slow for high school I'd been a long more of a long distance freestyle. And backstroke. Do you do you see either the sports helping you win the other. Yet so I think my swimming helps my mountain biking more than mine mountain bike he helped by slamming. The adjourns at our literature and art and use and just it's ended lung capacity. On top slot but. Mountain biking did take away from canceling practice time so I think. I think it's definitely helped the mountain biking more than the other area. June GC yourself armed swimming at the next bubble. Did you think killed when you know your junior chief guest and timed it to think about this but. Is that something are you at the level they might wanna swimming college. I don't think so I really. Like cynic in you slumming as. As. Something to keep fit and and and improving in any sport is never a bad thing I don't think that'd be something I'd want to do. As a long term. Like he has a career it's I don't I I wonder it is clear. Sure hate it David what's so let's go to New Year's senior at its short high school when did you start. Armed with with by with biking. I've actually been on the team since my freshman year which was the creation of the team. Both women I have found since the first year so. And we got pulled into it. Buying. A team of seniors at the time or a thinkers who juniors and Carter Warren and it then. And day. Had this idea though we we like mountain biking on the river trails on the lockyer river sure. But we wanna get more people knew it and so they were able to find a teacher to advise this club. Which was Stephan van Doren. And he was able to start. Connecting with Don and. How many kids in the beginning your member. And it it was out it was loud mouth unity. Well how many are part of it now. 55 ish crazy yeah are you kidding me yeah yeah so we're we're getting a lot of growth it's pretty awesome boys girls mix wolf. I would say that there's about one girl for every ten guys yet that if that sounds right yeah sounds close we definitely wanna get more girls involved Yahoo!. You know is aid teams throughout the state is there are girls division of boys' division leaders are one division there's there's a curls and in a really separately okay. On saves the same course. Saying races and and use and times. On its patents that. Aunt Betsy and well they're together were all. On the same team that means do race in separate categories and David pretty is it competitive and meet you guys like you who's who's your big rival mood on choice. It's OK look like a team that we don't like math. Flu like we don't dislike indices to their death was and teams that we'd try to spot the edges up then passed yeah do you wanna tell me now Howard to where we go to break her her. Probably Sam Madison west at least among its decent its net. Yeah. I don't know it it's it's very. It can be pretty individual we score as a team but. When you're out there you you may be spending some time with the team member I. I've had a lot of races where I'm with Lian the entire time ever just shouting back at back and forth at each other pushing each other. Are you guys competitive the it says so in in a good way though yeah again it as like. I think disgraced greater race with a friend because you're you're pushing each other you guys how much you guys practice. Three times a week easily so after school and and did and you go watch on your own when you when you bought it now Leung. When you go wild like in the offseason. And uses Google ride can you just go enjoy the writers you find yourself trying to be competitive meanness. I think I can do I can do both and a lot of times I'll fire myself enjoying the ride because I am pushing myself because I'm really like just getting after it like. Kind of seen how far I can take it and I can find enjoyment in that. And I can also find enjoyment from just how beautiful I like ram and fiddle of being on a bike. And that's case Jeff your coaches are smiling and behind you you know that right thumbs up feeling really good about about that. David when when you started this as as a freshman did you have any idea what you're getting into at that point. I don't think I really had the full understanding of what it would lead to. I mountain biking for me at that time was sort of I think I had done once or twice with a friend we when rode on on the river trail just for. For fund but it was never something I thought I would become competitive then. As the season started going and we were learning these things how to turn how to break and you you learn all your front brake isn't something you should be terrified of but it's something that is really helpful. Does skills like that and then we we start riding trails and race saying campaign. Were out on these cool high aches and it it just became something that has really passionate about. Another idiotic is that multi sport athlete guys multi sport athletes. There's bound by its mountain biking and they like him mostly for me. When when you guys armed started this parents for three of your parents pretty supportive of this very. Absolutely app on my dad has been really involved in cycling since he was younger than I am now so. Our must love this is how he that he Hughes. He's fostered. Great love of cycling and on my Brothers and I so. And then my brother actually is on the scene. And IE. He was more serious about it and I was at first but then I realized. How that looks really fun. And I got more involved with that and. Younger brother older brother younger where's your dad's name. My dad's name is Jeff he Jeff you know what well done. Guys he you don't like it I Sierra basement we've got lots and lots of bikes lined up. Really I I get a chance to tell all the parents that are listening in here right. I get a chance to do a high school age athletes a lot. Not now we do ms. schober as a coach and these three walked in. Shook my hand look to right the I sit thanks for having us I appreciate that while that's accused station right there that they kind of stuff that. I like you guys have done a great job with these three and out of gulf which kids are part of this team and they you know they're all really good friends but the fact that. They're willing to come in here. Be very comfortable behind the microphone. And look mean the I shake hands say thank you parents or listen while docked. I was one know Mikey do it was like when he couldn't smile Michael Long. We have you know that means these are not around Clinton for you know what. He until we as parents and David's spirit Jackie's parents they can't spell your Cologne and you guys did great these are good kids. We have. Is there a did you guys have to have a certain grade point in order to take compete on the yet here it. At least a short academics always do kind of come before sports of you're not succeeding academics who can't beer sports part is it's a privilege yes other right. You write it is had a right to be able to be part of the stand. It's a privilege junior earned that by by beating good student athlete. Good grades for you for you mr. Irish or out so yeah hug gut. I said enough yet and that three point oh yeah it definitely gave. At a minor yet. All three are dead at a curl where she looked to be with that very confident yup all good from this part. On the low Libby go through the that there's room to list here with you guys before we get your break. I can what's what's the him what's the best part about this feud GG just enjoy the competition. To enjoy being around your teammates for you personally. What part of quite keen eye on this team do you enjoy most. There there's a whole lot of things that I have to say that is just the growth and being part of such a supportive community but also. Just aren't learning my way around on my bike I am very G traffic would be challenged but once I've been somewhere on my own. I know how to get there on my bike com. And learning how to. Com. Learning how to. Overcome challenges that you don't expect right away. On in races if something breaks or if you're ideas or the way you want it to your bike doesn't work the way you want it to. You have to incorporate that in your race and make it work and even just in practices. Or just out on your own on just learning how to. Overcome some of those mental and physical struggles so. Out on the course he does well I'm sorry the out of the course of your bike race can your coach coming up yet know nobody can touch him by via. They they help you but then you get a five minute penalty. So you want to help via on the team they stand and talk to you wanna yes definitely but they can't tell you they can't help you can't touch about it. And I would stink in this forecast it I would arsenide. It's really hard to be out cheering for people want to see anyone on any team take a crush on. Or break a chain get a flat tire. You'll see a lot of people running with their bikes have them a mechanical that they can't fix and there are still our running a finished or race. Lee resist sport a little more dangerous than people think yeah for a share mountain biking and especially when you start to progressives such rights in the bigger like morneau stuff. It can they can get dangers but you just going to you know every you know. What saint and I don't think it's as artists are as scary as some people relate it is because you once you know the skills nothingness. Our our. I think the image that a lot of people have a mountain biking comes from seeing a a video of a mutually that Jesse Sanders is banged jumping off a cliff in Utah on his bike but. That is ours is called cross country mountain biking so. Our races are set up as a mix of double track which is. Wider ski trail okay mixed with single track which is pretty much one by one person wide. Dirt hard packed trail. And we're not. Jumping things or how how long hoped for hours the race so it. The delay increases with age your age category but it tends to be a five mile lap lap and then. Freshman do two laps sophomores do two laps. JV category just three and the varsity category does force so. This is quiet along hole as well endurance or yeah we're out there for about an hour and a half. Do you guys in and again please I these are questions that then somebody who's never seen messed you guys all started the same time. Or gee is there somebody goes and then somebody else how how was a race starts so different categories start at different times. On. Girls Louise it's our around like 101030. Guys in the high school age will start at com about 121230. And each category. Tom let's say it is sophomores. On JV and varsity question of the first then javy. Then on the soft when they are going fields of waves OK be going feel of ways yeah okay so they'll be ten guys ten guys that goal. And then a minute later another. Starts are staggered so they have the varsity go two minutes later the JB two minutes later and it goes like that so it. About OK so how many guys or one race which is she's the boys at this point sometimes even you've got like. Twenty or thirty people in. Eight by it like it across and it just. Crazy every man for himself to sprint as best it can't. Hey guys were among new while we get to break come and now I'm gonna bring. The coaches in the N in the end Bakken and that last segment Allman ask you what your best memory so far and your worst. And we're really have you guys comes to give that some thought and that last segment will bring you back. Boy this really trust in Wisconsin MTB dot org we're talking Wisconsin high school cycling. League and again Wisconsin MTV dot org we got some kids from the shore what. Team we've got a coach in the director from shore and in the end judge Kent who is part of the course staff. Arena talked to those three. On the other side of the break this is the points farm fleet use sports show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan welcome back to the planes firstly you sports show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we giver and we're talking Wisconsin high school cycling late. If you just joined us the war divide I didn't know much about it either this is a really interesting group of people that are doing great work if you didn't hear the last segment. With a three athletes we're gonna have them back and the fourth segment these are really impressive young people. You feel pretty good about where these kids are hadn't. This community of of of cyclists and and I'm just impressed with all of them we're now joined by Jin at the end Judd tense he is of course staff. DN. I'm sorry Don. I wind was director shore would be Sydney chimp goes coach. In short what guys you got it got to be impressed with what she's just hurt your sit on the couch smile and these are good kids. I've some good some I guess basic questions that I wanna ask. And and it and let me start. We can't done with you how do you recruit kids to c'mon in Europe the 55 which is of great number but how do you recruit kids said. Might wanna compete in in this report. Well you know there's a lot of different avenues we you know we employed social media a lot of things a lot of organizations you that the kids really are the best at it in of these guys. Much as the teams started in Charlotte anyway. It was before there was even a leak it was just a bunch kids Saucony and saying hey. This is something we like to DO. That never change you know they're still that are. Tell people hey this Mumbai can things coping now which get this team you know so. We have a place to direct them gonna get together and head down this road together so it's pretty pretty fast and that the kids are really beginning and that. City let me go to you how old the you know each and every team needs coaches how many coaches. Involved to ensure. We have three head coaches thumb and then a lot of other volunteers it at various levels both in you know organizing the team is Aaron is. You know directing. All the logistics of things and then for our racing events week we can't. Almost every every ten as a race we camps and in my house Saturday Sunday cooking for her you know fifty kids plus the parents and siblings and. John you get a lot of parent support they come to these race absolutely yeah yeah we couldn't do what we do with where are. Just tear southeast Wisconsin yes travels to Wisconsin. Right we were in Hayward a few weeks ago for a race works a six hour drive like you know. Worth that if you ever written trails and here or there legendary Mumbai trails by. Creatures that I was up their for around the corner which I'm a giver and and did a thing on their their football team there and it was two pretty cool area. To really pure clear intact. Com will win you started DN in your part of this course staff how many people are are are helping nodded and and an average race. Sold the core staff consists of late Tenet told people. But to set up the races and put on a race only we do. There is on any on Saturday I would say you know forty to fifty people. And then on race day is. About that same number. Because when we have you know. One race at 500 racers that's a lot of a lot of kids to keep track though. He shoots number what day date what's the number is as far as kids participate in all of his state does anybody know. I think there are around 600. Yeah manage six letter over 600. Total involvement this year. Now we don't require. The students a race they can be part of the team but they're not required to race. I'm so let's kind of a different caveat that some other sports you might not have. Now why wouldn't they did they just wanted to learn more body into an in don't want it be competitive. With a Sidney right so one of the attendance of the of the National League that's put this together is. To allow the opportunity for any kid and every kid to be able to be part of this sport so there's never anybody ucits and the bench. Everybody participates in if it's if it's a student athlete that doesn't want to compete and they. And come practiced that incumbent there races in cheers on the other athletes that in the right the course. And if they choose not to compete in which you give many kids said that choose not to compete. We do and not shouldn't percentages maybe it's tempers and. 1015% probably choose that the race and were totally cool that they you know join us the events and their their for practice. They're they're doing the skills and learning tomorrow here's what I love about that and there's going to be some guys listens to this. Are that act and any include myself at times ultra competitive let's you know let's go get go. I love the fact that these kids can come in practice be part of something and maybe. They don't wanna beat you they don't wanna compete. They just wanna be part of something that's pretty cool. Lori you know their camp and on the weekends and they're hanging out with their buddies and and and it's you know Cole led. Environments they get a chance to meet kids from all of state who knows maybe decades a freshman or sophomore and junior says okay. Now I'm ready. You know and you're not pushing them to say no you're you're you're back in XP can't be part of this team account like that yeah it. And very frequently too we also a national side we have middle schoolers on the team as well to a cell that was my next question right so would. Although we see a lot especially in the kids there maybe not racing is that first year of their owner team there's checking it out in other taking it and learning and then. Next year comes around me saying you know maybe erase something wanna try against them for everybody but. We have kids that certainly gone that route you know on that. Calm up I think early in his career leave him you know was not necessarily. Headed in that direction but he tried it out and you know the user regular fixture on the podiums that men in his last you know senior years racing how to hide. As your team do you hunt as your team do against other teams in the state. We do you guys and team defeated. Where our one of them we'd we just finished up our season and we are sucked in over on the State's third division one who who want it. In Camden bridge ice yet school campers that yeah. Well Max your cameras going down right before he had the Jalisco where we counted we try to make sure we take them down how many how big his team need to beat. Big if if a school says look we've got eight kids that wanna get involved in this. Yes there's a lot of different levels of this on the city mentioned the divisions the division one has kind of highest levels so. If you have I think it's eleven or more athletes from a single school. Then your division one teams so is only few of those because the league is drawing but there's going to be more out there. On the you know at the other levels to a lot of the teams are meeting be of well you know multiple schools compositing together. So we to start off with you might get a kid hear a case here another school and that's enough state going three kids two kids are teams I think that are OneCare I could have. You can have 11 person you commit an independent writer while and still. Kamal in Pomona Reyes. Owen David said look thousands freshness and juniors and seniors came up and grabbed me since you're going to be part of this. Good for them damn right they probably saw him right around and said look Keith. If we want this team did to through filled. No we gotta get these kids eyes about swell coast love when other athletes in the building are. Recommending suggesting. Pulling other kids you know to come and in and join the fun. I tied to I think kids learning its idiom and ask you this Hillary to get to break I think kids weren't such valuable lessons. Being part of a team. That a date date carry those lessons with them the rest their life and I would assume that you either agree with that. I have absolutely I think you know that's gonna. In addition to being tons fund this or is really there's so many lessons learned it's really hard sport from the endurance aspect of the skills aspect. Com sometimes rowdy really nasty conditions last race this past week and was raining in double time. That hasn't stopped the race no. Now and so there's it's than I thought an over there are lots overcome and and that you know the athletes do. Kids like that. These in these guys are like all that was awesome and generate. Return Yonkers like gave the thumbs up. From the coach guys I've got about fifty more questions some and ask you to come back. Let's let's have you come back. Prior to next year starting again when this is season. So we start practicing in July OK it's not a proper papers and but the race season starts with the school year book surfers raising issue right around the school here. And in I would assume the mass for short football team gets more. You know pennies in the in the hallway and write more posters up like that we've got to we've got a growing nine trophy case collections so we're looking for some place at tournaments that I went to mass or so you know Clinton now I'd like tech combination of that school I think the head coach over there there's a great job. Guys take you very much this has been really entrusting amid as you guys stick going to the Cotchery to bring the student athletes back now when asked them what. Their favorite. A memory so far and and maybe their least favorite and we're gonna have vital be short segment but I'll get them. Talk NC guys thanks a lot this is the blaze farm fleet use sports show. I've sports Radio One 057 app found the fans welcome back to the lanes forma fleet use sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. A might be given and believe you have talked in Wisconsin high school cycling late a missteps seem believe and act is. I'm really interest in this and I will have these guys back now I think Cathy mock. In think Jackie. For sending me that email I really appreciate it more of ratio Wisconsin high school cycling league go to Wisconsin MTV dot org. Wisconsin MTV dot org now joined we brought our our athletes back. Arena talked to them will be that quickly I guess is is a short segment. On the yacht okay if if you could tell me your favorite memory of being part of this group in this team or hippie. I don't know that I have a favorite. But I actually some of the way your memories have been on my interactions with my coaches. And having personalized interactions with them because they really do care and they're very involved with our team. That's really that good for you thanks for saying that he's I. I don't know for everybody else feels that help abuzz coaches so I love it when somebody calls on a coach who says yeah right that's for Mears is important. I'm David you're you're seeing your mid doing this awhile favorite memory so far. Mean on. I think some of my favorite memories. It's really hard to pick a favorite but are on races where some thing. Happens that isn't expected like I crash or have a mechanical. Not feeling great going into it on and I'm able to. Overcome that and then feel really good by the end on. And my first raised this season I I started and my first lap was. Painful IA. I I was cramping up just didn't feel good that on. And I was thinking myself over grid does can be relief fund for ten more miles and as I kept going I I got up the start till the second time. And I I started feeling better eyes as late thinking about my breathing in all the things that are coaches tell us. And by the end I was feeling very strong and third lap was just taking back all the positions that I needed and I I ended up finishing. And feeling really good about worded you finish in none. That race on aren't really sure actually topped ten. It for you that and he'd do it kind of matter of factly it up top ten is something that you do you've done before the the is Leo how about you. Mom Mike for the season now just out of memory of feared their career so far I have to say is my last race com. And coincidentally like my last race with the series com. Now is probably I like the meek as it is like. It was a wet and cold and uses those are an ideal conditions but it is a cellphone to be up there like written it up on there and everywhere com. Having a good time and I really like. In the beginning their race I came out pretty hot and I was up at the league group and than I slid down a particular muddy spot but I like. I'd has brought it all back and like finished really strong in lake Davis and where you overcome something I dislike. I didn't let that stop me and this and enough talent and witches what you see on what's going would you do you have plans now for next year. Com are you going to college Eunice I would I've been applied to colleges and probably get taking gap year and stay involved with the T little bit and just you know. In my own thing for a little bit and college. Gave them you. I've also been sending out my applications. And in the waiting period you out if you if you guide to what letter are you looking for the most where would you were joint ago. I'm not sure that I really have a number one necessarily. I've applied to. On a couple schools in the midwest area and then. Looking at a couple other ones but. Not nothing necessarily number of super number. Have you guys ever bend you know out west by came to bend that they're in Colorado are. The YouTube barely evolved well Tyler Wright story hit we we were actually that we like kind of because mountain biking has been like fostered into our lives and like. It's something that we love and do wanna know now David and I go. Up to dot opera peninsula which you wouldn't think to have incredible Mumbai team and it's just like that's cholera really. You can get some pretty sick to a not a part of the up there and we actually. Riding in the trails this summer and just about ran into a big there though it while trying to cross the trail in Chile there you go there's the danger you're looking out for added. That's awesome. Some guys I can't. Thank you enough by age it's it really has been the show's gone very quickly I was a little nervous come and at. Because again this is southern brand new for me and guide you file. You've made you've piqued by a trust in this have got a grandson who sits who loves. Then you see him doing all this stuff on the bike and and they can. What are you doing coach of a football game so more and maybe this is something yeah he's look at him out the Baltic. You'll take up go Keegan Bonner the very easy reported assured Greyhound is right been. Guys go to Wisconsin MTV dot org for more information. Again the Wisconsin high school cycling leak. As it's so nice Ricci keep up the good work. Right thank you very much good looks woman and you bet this is the place farm fleet you sports show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.