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The Producers Podcasts – These guys spend a lot of time
behind-the-scenes but now they have a chance to step into the spotlight.
Well, at least on the internet. Hey, it’s a start. Give them a listen and
see what they’ve got. 

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Green and Gold Then and Now

Wednesday, August 14th
Steve Zautke, Jeff Orloski and Anthony Mandella discuss everything Packers before they take on the Ravens in Preseason Game #2! Hear who has stood out to us in...

Green and Gold Then and Now

Thursday, May 2nd
Steve Zautke and Anthony Mandella discuss the 2019 NFL Draft. How did the Packers do? How will this year's class impact the team's success this season? They...

Green and Gold Then and Now

Wednesday, February 6th
Steve Zautke and Jeff Orloski talk about the Super Bowl and give their latest thoughts on the Packers and their direction going forward.