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Ep. 19 - Are We There Yet?

Thursday, September 27th
After the Brewers clinch in St. Louis, sportswriter Andrew Wagner hitches a ride with Bart Winkler as they head back to Milwaukee. They recap their thoughts on...

Ep. 16 - The Cheesehead Origin Story

Thursday, August 30th
Bart talks with Ralph Bruno and Maggie Carter of the Original Cheesehead Factory. Find out how Ralph took an the insult of being called a "cheesehead" and...

Ep. 15 - World Cup Referee Mark Geiger

Tuesday, August 21st
The United States Men's Soccer Team didn't qualify for the World Cup, but one American still made it to the knockout stage. New Jersey native Mark Geiger joins...

Ep. 14 - Sober Summer

Friday, August 3rd
Bart took 28 days off from alcohol and think he's a hero. Riggs at KISS FM hasn't drank all summer. The two explore how different their daily lives are without...