The World According To Sparky

The World According To Sparky

Steve "Sparky" Fifer, fiancée Kay Bores, and colleague Andy Spitzer are
the Disney dorks of the radio station!! So instead of them talking about it
non-stop in the hallways, we figured why not let them help everyone heading
to Orlando!!These three are on top of tips and tricks that will enhance your
visit! You’ll also hear other interesting Sparky stories. New episodes
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The World According To Sparky

Disney Prices Go Up

Wednesday, June 19th
Disney Prices are going up!! Not next year...not in a couple of months....but now!! Annual passes and parking passes both on the rise and the crew has lots to...
The World According To Sparky

Sparky derails podcast

Monday, June 3rd
Sparky derails Andy's attempt to talk further about his Disneyland'll have to hear what happened!!! Tune in!!
The World According To Sparky

Another Andy family trip?

Wednesday, May 15th
The podcast was supposed to be about Andy's latest Disneyland trip but got sidetracked by a possible trip with his family you remember what...