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Shawn Michaels is coming back? What?!

Friday, September 21st
Cody Grant and Bart Winkler talked about the rumored return of WWE Legend Shawn Michaels. Plus, they discussed the impact of the two upcoming PPVs Super Show-...
WWE Podcast

Are Braun and Becky actually heels?

Friday, August 31st
Bumps and Banana Hammocks: A Wrestling Podcast - Cody Grant and Bart Winkler took a look at the recent changes to Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch and discussed...
WWE Podcast

PODCAST: WWE SummerSlam Pick'ms

Friday, August 17th
Bumps and Banana Hammocks Wrestling Podcast: Cody Grant and Bart Winkler went down the card for WWE SummerSlam and shared their picks to win.